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Olam nulled Themes is a WordPress theme designed for easy digital downloads marketplaces. It offers a wide range of digital items, including stock pictures, themes, plugins, software, audio and video files, and more. The Unyson page builder and comprehensive documentation make it easy to start selling digital products online. Olam is compatible with the most widely used Elementor extensions, allowing for more than just a store. It can be used for various applications, including audio file sales, video footage sales, photograph stock sales, typefaces and icons sales, and software downloads. Olam offers unique features such as a drag and drop page builder, a large menu, two different header styles, a dark theme, three product listing styles, customizable product preview photos, bespoke vendor shop pages, and a sticky header option. The Olam Widgets plugin simplifies the integration of Olam components into Elementor, improving the Elementor experience and creating dynamic and visually appealing sites. Olam is a single vendor theme, allowing users to install and import example data to create a single vendor shop.

This WordPress theme is called Olam nulled Themes , and it is an easy digital downloads marketplace.

Downloads of digital content that are simple Theme for WordPress that is perfect for online shops and marketplaces

When it comes to constructing an online shop or marketplace with Easy Digital Downloads, Olam is the best theme money can buy. The Olam nulled Themes platform allows you to offer a wide variety of digital items, including stock pictures, themes and plugins, software, audio and video files, and more. Beginning the process of selling your digital products on the internet can be accomplished in a matter of minutes with the assistance of the Unyson page builder and the comprehensive documentation. In addition to being loaded with features, Olam is designed to be compatible with the most widely used EDD extensions, which enables you to construct something that is more than simply a shop.

Objects that may be constructed with the Olam EDD theme

It is possible to put our Easy Digital Downloads nulled theme to use for a wide range of applications, including but not limited to the following responsibilities:

  • The sale of audio files
    The sale of video footage
    To sell photographs as stock
    The sale of typefaces and icons
    The sale of software downloads

Olam is better than other EDD themes in a lot of ways. It is packed with features that set it apart from the competition, such as:

  • Drag and drop page builder by Unyson
  • Drag and drop page builder for Elementor
  • Large Menu
  • two different header styles
  • Version with a dark theme
  • Three product listing styles that change the appearance of every website you create
  • Choose whether to display download and pricing icons on product listing pages.
  • The ability to modify the quantity of columns on product listing pages
  • Custom product preview photos may be added to listing pages.
  • Highlight goods with a slider or a list.
  • Present the most recent goods as list items, slider thumbnails, or with unique preview photos.
  • bespoke vendor shop pages
  • Several sample pictures
  • Unyson grading scheme
  • Option for sticky header
  • Personalized sidebar widgets
  • bespoke product search engine
  • Changeable preloader gif option
  • An option to add any class to the “Unyson Section Shortcode” has been added.
  • previews of videos
  • audio sneak peeks
  • specific relevant downloads plugin that displays similar goods on product pages without requiring the use of any other plugins
  • Choice to change the page, blog post, and download titles
  • The ability to conceal page titles
Olam Utilizing Elementor

Presenting “Olam Widgets,” a plugin that allows you to easily add Olam components to your websites made with Elementor. By making it simple to integrate Olam nulled Themes components, this tool improves the Elementor experience and makes it easier to create dynamic and visually attractive sites. With our intuitive plugin, “Olam Widgets,” you may enhance your Elementor PRO NULLED page-building skills and discover its diversity and efficiency.

Answers to Common Questions (FAQ)

How can I use Olam to develop a marketplace?

Olam is a digital shop that only has one merchant by default. You must install the EDD Front End Submission extension in order to turn it into a marketplace, i.e., to enable other merchants to sell their goods. Further information on the EDD FES extension is available here. Upon installing the extension and finishing the necessary configurations, your website instantly transforms into a marketplace!

Can I utilize Olam to create a single vendor shop if I just want one?

Without a doubt, Olam is a single vendor theme; all you have to do is install it and import the example data to have a single vendor shop.

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