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The Miraculous – Online Music Store Elementor WordPress Theme is a clean, responsive, and user-friendly music website theme designed for online music stores. It offers features such as user management, multiplevendor, playlist creation, integrated payment gateways, playlists, song listings, dynamic music player, queue functionality, favorite add-ons, history management, download manager, plans and pricing, live radio stations, SEO friendly, multilingual, social share options, custom posts, bulk upload, track filtering, single track purchase, and emailchimp integration. Existing users should setup the theme on another WordPress site and backup their existing site before updating.

Miraculous nulled Themes Existing Users: If you wish to change the theme, please do it on another WordPress rather than your live site. Also, be sure to take a backup of the present site.

Miraculous: Online Music Store The Elementor WordPress Theme is a streaming music service. This allows you to play any song at any time. Miraculous Online Music Store The Elementor WordPress Theme is well-designed, sleek, and fully responsive. This music website theme is meant to be suitable for any online music shop. This music website theme has hundreds of unique features and layouts, allowing you to construct a professional music shop. Furthermore, the goal of this music shop nulled themes is to create a platform for musicians, artists, and anybody involved in the entertainment sector, such as an orchestra, a sound store, an online radio station, and so on.

Music speaks when words fail to convey meaning.”Do you feel like your melodic aptitude or music office is blurring forever? At that moment, it’s an excellent chance to hone your music skills using a delicious music website.

The Miraculous Online Music Store The Elementor WordPress Theme has a number of features that enable you to play music while surfing other sites. Basically, this music website theme comes in two versions: Light and Dark, both of which look fantastic.

Please go to the Online Documentation for further information about the theme.

Existing Users: Please create a backup of your existing website before changing the theme.

Miraculous nulled Themes Online Music Store The WordPress Theme has numerous pages. Then there are blog pages, price plan pages, profile pages, upload pages, album single pages, and several more pages. Every page is precisely designed and responsive.

The Miraculous Online Music Store WordPress Theme greets you with an awesomely designed home page. The left sidebar features a menu that allows you to browse to other pages. There is a Login and Registration button at the top that opens a stunning popup. There is a search bar at the top of the header.

On the main page, you can see the most recently played song, as well as the weekly top 15 songs list, featured artists, latest releases, featured albums, top genres, and live radio.

The Miraculous Online Music Store WordPress Theme includes an awesomely designed footer that is organized into four pieces. In the footer, you may include a link to your Android application, a newsletter block, and your contact information.

We also offer a download page where your clients may download or buy the music from our website and add it to their online playlist. You may create many playlists on this online shop and even queue the music. There is a feature that allows your consumers to modify the quality of the music they wish to listen to.

Core features:

  • User Management Multivendor
  • Create playlists and integrate four payment gateways: PayPal, Stripe, Paystack, and RazorPay.
  • Upload Tracks
  • Song listings
  • Dynamic Music Player
  • Add To Queue Functionality
  • Add to favourites.
  • History Management
  • Download Manager Plans and Pricing.
  • Live Radio Stations
  • SEO friendly.
  • Multilingual and social sharing options.
  • Custom Posts: Podcasts, Artists, Albums, and Tracks.
  • Options for bulk uploading, filtering by language, downloading, and viewing.
  • Single-Track Purchase
  • MailChimp integrated

Note: To use Elementor Demo, just install and activate the Elementor and Miraculous Elementor Widgets nulled plugin.

For Existing Users: If you wish to change the theme, please do it on another WordPress site rather than directly on your live site. Also, be sure to take a backup of the present site.

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