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Masterstudy is a comprehensive WordPress theme designed for online tutoring, instructors, and courses. It is compatible with WordPress 6.x and offers unlimited design choices in 16 demos, with nine languages available. The MasterStudy Pro plugin powers the Masterstudy Education WordPress Theme for Learning Management Systems (LMS), providing an ideal choice for educational enterprises.

Masterstudy’s features include an expert creator of courses, advanced tests, drip-feeding content, payments to tutors, and monetization. The theme is easy to create, modify, and maintain, with the integrated Visual Composer plugin allowing for quick page creation and customization. The theme is responsive, ensuring content appears great on any device.

The updated course builder in Masterstudy LMS simplifies the creation of fast learning resources and challenging courses. The course builder’s smart and contemporary UI makes it easier to create courses, establish their cost, and manage access. The Masterstudy LMS interface backend provides an easy-to-use and intuitive course builder, blending efficiency, elegance, and usability.

The SCORM Addon in Masterstudy Theme allows you to produce and sell courses via your LMS using various content production tools, including Adobe Captivate and Articulate Storyline 2. Related courses display related learning resources and allow users to choose courses based on their interests.

The Masterstudy Pro Plugin also includes features such as real-time quizzes, advanced tests, video conferences using Zoom, and SCORM compatibility. The theme also offers a variety of bundles for courses, integration with bbPress, GamiPress, Google Classroom, wishlist and course ratings, affiliate for Udemy, profile pages of teachers and students, bank of questions, types of lessons, grade-book, drip-fed content, trial classes, declaration, outstanding demos, student subscriptions, one-time transactions, Stripe and PayPal integration, private correspondence, certificate creation, sort courses based on categories, and more.

Masterstudy – WordPress Theme for Education

WordPress users may use Masterstudy nulled Themes as a comprehensive learning management system.

Master’s Study: Instruction The greatest option for online tutoring, instructors, and courses is a WordPress theme. It may be used for language schools, private schools, universities, and institutions.

  • In line with Elementor
  • appropriate with WordPress 6.x.
  • Unlimited design choices are available in 16 demos.
  • There are nine languages available.

Manage all of your e-learning platform’s features from one location.

  • Expert Creator of Courses
  • Advanced Tests
  • Content That Drip-Feeds
  • Payments to Tutors and Monetization
  • No additional cost, no further plugins needed.

Instruction A WordPress theme specifically created for a learning management system (LMS) is the ideal choice for your educational enterprise.

The MasterStudy Pro plugin powers the Masterstudy Education WordPress Theme for Learning Management Systems (LMS). No additional costs! This theme comes with the MasterStudy Pro plugin already installed. The only nulled theme you need to create a dynamic and engaging learning center is Masterstudy nulled Themes, regardless of whether you specialize in local seminars or online courses.

We have created a number of top-notch features that will simplify your life, save you time, and provide outstanding outcomes. These features are the product of in-depth study into the education and learning sectors.

Masterstudy is the best WordPress theme for education, making it easy to create, modify, and maintain your website. With the integrated Visual Composer plugin, you can quickly create pages using simple drag-and-drop capabilities. You have even more options to customize the appearance and feel of your website with an extensive selection of Google Fonts and an endless skin color palette. Because your WordPress theme for Masterstudy education is entirely responsive, you can be sure that your content will appear great on any device.

In order to facilitate the development of learning management systems for platforms that list courses, such as Udemy, Training Center, Courses Hub, eLearning Business, College, Academy, University, or School, Masterstudy was created.

Strong Course Builder

  • The updated course builder in MasterStudy LMS makes it very simple to construct both fast learning resources and challenging courses. The curriculum addition and course setup process is made even more efficient, fun, and potent by the new course builder’s smart and contemporary UI. The step-by-step method makes it simpler than ever to create courses, establish their cost, and manage access. For educators and course designers, this out-of-the-box builder ensures a flawless experience, boosting output and saving time. The following are the steps for creating a typical course:
  • Section on Basic Course Information
  • Curriculum
  • Type of Lessons (substance of instruction and test categories for pupils)
  • Drip Information
  • Course Characteristics
  • Drop External Course Files
  • Cost (as a one-time or subscription fee)

Builder for Pages using Elementor

You may quickly create a website thanks to its complete interoperability with the most popular page builder in the world. A drag-and-drop builder, an easier way to edit and design, professional features, real-time preview, and quick work are all included. Create a website with Elementor’s limitless design options. Using visual controls, personalize each page of your instructional website and make it responsive so that it displays well on all devices.

Builder of Certificates

A simple-to-use tool for creating unique certificate designs. Place the important content pieces on the certificate using the drag and drop tools, add high-quality photographs, choose from a variety of font choices, and save templates. Either choose the particular course category or apply the certificate to the whole website.

Integration of Zoom Video Conferences

With Zoom integration, you can link the two robust systems—Zoom Video Conferencing and MasterStudy—and communicate in real time with your students. Savor the novel format of web conferencing lessons and raise the bar for your online teamwork with Masterstudy nulled Themes!

Live streaming of videos in MasterStudy

An incredible tool for online education and e-learning is the live stream. The ability to teach and learn online will be advantageous to both teachers and students. Students will be able to follow, see, and listen to the teacher during the Live Stream courses. They will also be able to ask questions and get prompt responses in real time.

Strong MasterStudy LMS Interface Backend!

The MasterStudy LMS Backend holds the secret to creating effective courses. The LMS admin panel sets up the ideal environment for you to have the greatest experience ever. An easy-to-use and intuitive course builder, together with a comprehensive LMS configuration, effectively blend efficiency, elegance, and usability. You can easily discover everything you need and navigate and modify settings, taking only a few seconds to complete each task.

SCORM in conjunction with Masterstudy

With the help of the SCORM Addon in Masterstudy nulled Themes, you may produce and sell courses via your LMS using a variety of content production tools, including Adobe Captivate and Articulate Storyline 2. Just add classes to the LMS. You may utilize eLearning material on any learning management system, including MasterStudy, since it complies with SCORM compatibility guidelines.

Associated Courses

In the Related Courses section, display related learning resources. Turn on the courses that are shown and relevant to the user’s area of interest. Control the look design based on the level, author, or category. Give the clients more alternatives in the area of interest.

Check-out for Guests

Activate your website’s guest checkout feature. Permit your brand-new clients to make a buy and go to the checkout without creating an account. Preserve their time and streamline the shopping experience.

Features of the Masterstudy Pro Plugin:
  • There are now three kinds of lessons available in the Masterstudy Education WordPress nulled  Theme for Learning Management System (LMS): text, video, and slideshow.
  • Throughout the lectures, there are questions and answers in real time.
  • Quiz with a real-time countdown timer
  • Retake the quiz
  • Answers to the quiz, marked as correct or wrong
  • Advanced Tests
  • Video Conference using Zoom
  • Several Video Sources (Presto Player, HTML, External Video Links, Vimeo, Youtube, and Embed).
  • Personal Certificate Creator
  • Rating of courses
  • Bundles for Courses
  • Integration with bbPress
  • GamiPress incorporation
  • Google Classroom
  • Wishlist and course ratings
  • Required conditions
  • Affiliate for Udemy
  • Retake the quiz
  • The profile pages of teachers and students
  • Bank of questions
  • Question kinds in the Question Module
  • Types of Lessons
  • Grade-book
  • Content that drips sequentially
  • Trial classes
  • Declaration
  • Outstanding demos right out of the box with 1-Click Demo Import.
  • Student subscription that is renewed annually
  • One-time transaction
  • Integration of Stripe and PayPal
  • Integration of Paid Membership Pro
  • private correspondence
  • creation of certificates
  • Sort courses based on categories.
  • Desire List
  • Profile of the Instructor and Students
  • and a lot more

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