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MapSVG 6.2.25 NULLED Plugin

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MapSVG NULLED Plugin is a powerful mapping plugin that integrates vector, Google, and picture maps into a single database. It allows users to create and display maps of various types, including vector SVG maps, Google Maps, and image maps. MapSVG NULLED Plugin is designed for speed, editability, and seamless integration with maps, allowing users to create and customize their maps. Users can place markers, apply filters, and customize the appearance of maps using the built-in template editor and CSS editor. MapSVG can also integrate with other plugins, allowing users to create contact forms, create photo albums, and drill down into specific regions on a master map. With MapSVG, users can easily customize their maps and make them more interactive and engaging.

Make a map of whatever you want to do.
MapSVG NULLED Plugin is more than simply a mapping plugin; it also integrates vector, Google, and picture maps into a single database.

One plugin for all map types

Vectorial SVG maps (every country represented)
Google Maps (with infinite theme customization)

Your own vector overlay on top of Google Maps

Use image maps to make any PNG or JPEG picture interactive.

Make something and place it on a map.

Built-in to Map SVG is a database that has been fine-tuned for speed, editability, and smooth integration with maps. Put whatever you can imagine on a map using this tool! Exhibit your stuff.

Place markers representing your content on a map. organizes marker data into groups. If the user clicks on a marker or a section of the map, a popover, tooltip, or more detailed view will appear. Place a menu with the list of items next to your map.

Apply filters to map-based results.
Filters that may be used:
Lookup in Text
Find places close by using either an entered address or the user’s current position.
Zip code lookup
Use arbitrary filters.

Map out massive amounts of data.

Use a color gradient to show the statistical data for each map section.

Tune the map to your specifications.

Adding some JS code to the MapSVG NULLED Plugin event handler editing screen is all it takes to add any kind of custom functionality. Many other events are available, such as when the user clicks on a map area or marker or when items are downloaded from the server.

Adjust the appearance of the maps to your liking.

Just use the in-built template editor. Modify your look with the help of a built-in CSS editor.


Integrate MapSVG NULLED Plugin the shortcodes of other plugins. Example: When a user clicks on a marker, the contact form displays, and the “email_to” field receives the email address from the selected item.

Create a photo album on your map.

Put MapSVG to good use. Extension for displaying photos in a gallery, slider, and lightbox.

Aside from that…

Drill down into specific regions on a master map by clicking on them. As an example of a possible application, a floor plan may be shown with a picture of the building when a user clicks on a certain floor. An apartment’s layout may be seen by clicking on different parts of the floor plan. Incorporate settings that let the user select which things are visible or invisible.


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