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Live Chat Complete nulled plugin 3.4.0

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Live Chat Complete is a powerful and efficient live chat plugin designed for customer service and sales. It is compatible with WordPress, PHP, and HTML, and can be installed on a single domain for a one-time price. With a monthly talk volume of 2.001 and 5,000 monthly unique visitors, Live Chat Complete can be used on any website that supports HTML, WordPress, or PHP. It supports two operators, up to three divisions, and offers assistance for multiple languages. The plugin is compatible with every country on earth, even China. It supports uploading files up to 100 MB in size and offers email notifications. The plugin is compatible with WordPress 5.0 and PHP 7.2, and requires a Scriets account and version 5 or later of WordPress and PHP. It also supports offline file uploads and ensures GDPR compliance.

The Live Chat Complete nulled plugin is now compatible with WordPress, PHP, and HTML. Made for customer service and sales.

Install on a single domain for a one-time price.

Blazing-fast! Behind-the-scenes work to ensure the iframe doesn’t slow down your site

Monthly talk volume of 2.001

5,000 monthly unique visitors.

You may use it on any website that supports HTML, WordPress, or PHP.

Two possible operators (you and one of your favorite teammates)

As many as three divisions

Assistance for several languages (now just in WordPress)

Proven effective in every country on earth (even China).

Upload files up to 100 MB in size.

Alerts by electronic mail

Obtaining GDPR-compliance

Integrating WordPress

PHP 7.4 and PHP 8.x compatible; tested

It’s WordPress 6.1.

Total number of conversations (1)

Number of possible operators across all domains, (2).


How many domains do you intend to set up? Consider switching to the unlimited plan.


Neither HTML nor PHP require the installation of any special server software. However, the package’s associated WordPress plugin has to be activated before any WordPress-based website may be accessed. See the “Screets Cloud” section below for more information on how this service will manage your chat traffic, file uploads, and user authentications.



Create a Scriets account now.

Version 5 or later of WordPress is required.

Version 7 or later of PHP is required.


The scope of a regular license is limited to a single website. We recommend the Unlimited license ($75) if you want to use the plugin on more than three domains.


The HTML5 chat console is the bomb, and it supports offline file uploads of the brand new design. Get going now!


Privacy and security measures

Live Chat Complete nulled plugin is where all of your chats, files, and user logins live. We may provide enhancements without requiring you to make any changes.


The data you provide to us is protected by GDPR legislation and is entirely within your control. All of your information is editable, deleteable, or even forgotten entirely (upon request).


Screets Cloud is compatible with the American cloud hosting provider Linode, LLC. For updates on security, see Linode Security.

If you want to learn more about Live Chat Complete before we publish its description here, you may visit the developer’s site by clicking the link that appears immediately to the right of the title on this page.

End of Live Chat
The quickest and most intelligent version yet of the popular chat plugin The LC was created for use in business settings, such as sales or customer service.
Free and open-source software
Payment just once (1 permission = 1 website).
100 users Perform small talk at predetermined intervals (x operators, then 90 guests, for example). It is now functional inside an iframe and should not negatively impact your site’s performance. Once the page has completely loaded, your widget will load automatically.
Plugins for multiple languages (WPML and Polylang)
A really clean code
Now that instant tourism is online (optional), several operators may respond to a user’s “Email notifications” query.
Help for Secure Sockets Layer There will be no deciphering of mine or vacationer communications.
Verified compatibility with the latest version of WordPress’s GDPR agreement (source code available for inspection).
WordPress 5.0 and PHP 7.2 compatibility testing

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