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LearnDash Dashboard nulled plugin 6.4.1

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The LearnDash Dashboard Plugin is a comprehensive dashboard for administrators, teachers, and students to manage their courses and lessons effectively. It offers a separate dashboard for each user, allowing them to customize their blocks, create roles, and register instructors. Key features include a separate dashboard for instructors, allowing them to analyze course progress, send messages to students, send emails, display student details, and display an activity feed. The plugin is compatible with LearnDash Notes, allowing students to create notes for courses, lessons, and subjects. The plugin also provides widgets for administrators, group leaders, and students, and supports commission computation and reporting. The plugin can be installed using the WordPress plugin installer.

Whether you’re an administrator, a course instructor, or a learner, you’ll need a clear dashboard to manage everything about your courses and lessons more effectively. It not only helps users manage their courses and lessons, but it also boosts their engagement with your e-learning website. And that is what the LearnDash Dashboard Plugin does!
The greatest alternative to LearnDash Propanel, with far more advanced features.

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The Learndash Dashboard Plugin provides a separate dashboard for administrators, teachers, and students. Using this dashboard, they may perform and alter each block according to their needs. They may effortlessly manage their courses, lessons, and contacts from their own dashboard. You may quickly disable any part using this plugin. The Learndash Dashboard plugin allows you to align, color, and reposition each block. You can also create teacher roles and register instructors using a form. It has a commission distribution function as well as interactive graphs for instructors to manage their tasks.

Key Features of Learndash Dashboard Plugin for Course Instructors and Group Leaders

1. Separate dashboard.

This nuled plugins provides a distinct dashboard for course instructors and group leaders, which shows profits, the number of courses, quizzes, completed assignments, and awaiting essays. It also indicates the number of lessons and topics, as well as the number of students enrolled in each course.

2. Course Details

The plugin allows teachers and group leaders to analyze course progress via a pie chart. They can view information on each student based on the course. This data contains total steps, completed steps, progress, and finish date.

3. Send messages to students.

This plugin lets course teachers and group leaders communicate messages to their students. It presents the message in a multi-threaded conversation, and students can respond to the conversion.

4. Email Option.

Course instructors and group leaders can send emails to students straight from their own dashboard. To send email notifications to students, they must first choose the course titles and student names from the dashboard, then add an email subject and description, and finally click send.

5. Display Student Details.

Instructors and group leaders can view all of their students’ details in one spot. These details comprise the course progress, assignment progress, and quiz progress, respectively.

6. Activity Feed.

An instructor Dashboard and Group Leader Dashboard will also show live notifications for any activity conducted by him or his pupils.

7. Dedicated Support for LearnDash Notes

The WordPress nulled themes dashboard plugin is entirely compatible with LearnDash Notes, which allows students to create notes for courses, lessons, and subjects. Course teachers and group leaders can view students’ notes on their dashboard.You may get LearnDash Notes here.

For students:

1. A separate dashboard.

Students may easily manage their courses from their LearnDash dashboard. Their dashboard will show courses, quizzes, completed assignments, and pending essays.

2. Display course details.

Students can view course progress as a graph. They may check their course, quiz, and assignment progress, as well as the number of stages they have accomplished in each course.

3. Display LearnDash notes.

Students can view the notes they contribute to their courses, modules, and subjects through their LearnDash Dashboard.

4. Display the Activity Feed

Students can see their course-related activities on their LearnDash dashboard. The plugin displays a live notification for each activity carried out by the pupils.

Instructors assign a to-do list to each course group. Students can get a summary of the to-do list on their LearnDash dashboard.

Other Feature Highlights

  • It offers a slick structure for the administrator, instructor, and student to examine all course facts in one spot.
  • It provides widgets for administrators, group leaders, and students.
  • WooCommerce and LearnDash serve as the foundation for commission computation and reporting. You
  • can also provide a default method for commission computation.
  • Private Message Option with BuddyPress Integration
  • The dashboard features the WordPress menu.
  • Installation of Learndash Dashboard Plugin.

To install the plugin, take the following steps:

LearnDash Dashboard nulled plugin Download and extract the zip file.
Upload the Learndash Dashboard folder to /wp-content/plugins.
Activate the plugin from the ‘Plugins’ menu.
Alternatively, you can utilize the WordPress plugin installer from Dashboard->Plugins.Add New to include this plugin.

We are packaging the words for this WordPress dashboard plugin. I hope the plugin was useful for your e-learning website. If you have any recommendations or feedback, please share them in the comments area below.

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