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Iconic WooCommerce Quickview Premium nulled plugin 3.9.0

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Add a product lightbox to WooCommerce to speed up buying decisions, allowing customers to preview and add items to their cart. Customize content, navigation style, and speed to suit your store. Allow customers to browse products without leaving the lightbox, and customize the quick view button to match your theme.

Add a quick view product lightbox to WooCommerce.

Iconic WooCommerce Quickview Premium nulled plugin Add a product lightbox to the WooCommerce category and store pages to help customers make purchasing choices more quickly. Allow clients to preview and add goods to their basket from inside the product lightbox.

Accelerate customer purchase decisions

Display a fast view button on the category/shop pages, which exposes a product preview lightbox, allowing users to purchase things with fewer clicks.
Customers may browse and engage with product material before adding it to their basket, all inside the fast view lightbox, boosting the likelihood of a purchase.

Customize the Product Lightbox Content for Your Store.

Iconic WooCommerce Quickview Premium nulled plugin Get complete control over what displays in the WooCommerce fast view lightbox by simply adding or deleting material such as the product description, title, price, and much more.
Customize the product picture gallery by selecting transitions, navigation style, thumbnail type, and pace.
Give buyers a targeted preview of your items, and you’ll avoid overload while increasing purchases.

 Browse Products Without Leaving the Lightbox.

Allow clients to explore your items while the quick view lightbox is active, which saves them time.
Showcase more of your items with easy navigation and boost your chances of making a sale.

 Customize the Quick View Button to match your theme.

When the consumer clicks or lingers over the button, the quick view lightbox should appear, allowing you to modify the customer experience.
Alternatively, have the button hidden and only appear when a consumer lingers over the product, keeping your business simple.
Customize the color, style, padding, and text of the button, as well as whether or not it includes an icon, to make it fit in with the design of your shop.
Change its location, alignment, and spacing to provide a better user experience.

Add WooCommerce Quick View Buttons wherever.

Iconic WooCommerce Quickview Premium nulled plugin Using a shortcode, you can add a WooCommerce quick view button to any page or post on your website, enabling consumers to make purchases from anywhere.
Visitors to your website may click, preview, and buy goods directly from the fast view button lightbox, increasing sales throughout your whole business.

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