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Google Maps nulled plugin 2.4.2

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The Google Maps nulled plugin is a powerful tool for WordPress that provides a comprehensive map of your real location, boosting lead confidence and making it easier for customers to find your establishment. With predefined layouts and increased diversity style features, this plugin allows you to customize the look and feel of your map to match your website’s style. With over twenty-five different icon styles and the ability to create your own, the plugin is a must-have for any website. It supports various functions of Google Maps, including variables, types of maps, terrain, hybrid, roadmap, and satellite maps. The plugin also supports multiple navigation mechanisms, adjustable resizing, and five layers used by Google Maps. It also supports sixty-plus languages, provides live updates, and has an easy editor that doesn’t require any code. The plugin can be easily integrated into your WordPress site, allowing you to manage sales and enhance customer support.

Google Maps nulled plugin – WordPress Map Plugin

By including information about your real location on your webpage, the Google Maps nulled plugin boosts lead confidence. A convenient list that unites all of your locations will allow your customers to pick a destination simpler, which is sure to be appreciated.

You won’t believe the Maps plugin’s predefined layouts and increased diversity style features. When implemented, our plugin will help the business achieve its goals.

  • In about 55 seconds, you can install this fantastic WP Google Maps pro plugin.
  • Make it easy for others to discover you, both online and in person.
  • Make it easier for people to reach your establishment.
  • Allows you to easily provide your complete contact information and business hours to the people visiting your website.
  • Choose from twenty-plus different icon styles AND the opportunity to make your own!
  • Customize the look and feel of your map to match the style of your website.

A new widget, a responsive WordPress map plugin with many locations and markers—is gladly presented to you by the Elfsight Team. It is our sincere wish that you would embrace it with open arms and find it to be delightful.

Your people will have an easier time finding you with this easy, effective, and completely configurable tool! Because of how easy it is to install and use, this plugin is a must-have for every website. Save a ton of time, energy, and headaches for everyone involved by installing this fantastic WordPress nulled plugin!

Full Catalog of Features

  • Different pointers to various locations on a dynamic map
  • Forty-plus place markers
  • Just type in the name, address, or coordinates of a new place to add it.
  • several kinds of marker animation
  • Size is fully customizable
  • Full functionality of Google Maps is supported: variables, kinds of maps,
    Terrain, Hybrid, Roadmap, and Satellite maps
  • 6 distinct mechanisms for navigating
  • Adjustable resizing by scrolling and dragging
  • 5 layers used by Google Maps: places-of-interest, transportation, biking, street view
  • Detailed business card with all relevant contact details
  • Automatically constructs routes based on the visitor’s current position
  • (5) color schemes that have already been specified
  • twenty or more items with color options
  • Display or conceal the location panel to display several departments
  • Choose items and edit the title of the location panel
  • Each clicked marker may either “drop” or “bounce” the user to a new URL.
  • Each marker’s information card appears separately.
  • We support sixty-plus languages.
  • Live updates provided on a regular basis
  • An easy editor that doesn’t need any code

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A WordPress site’s integration with Google Maps

It will take you less than a minute to integrate Google Maps to your WordPress website with our amazing plugin. Following the instructions for installation is all that’s required.

  • You can get the plugin on Codecanyon.
  • Navigate to the WordPress Admin Panel and install the plugin.
  • Adjust the map’s settings as needed.
  • Add the plugin’s code.

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