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Email Attachments nulled plugin 3.1.2

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This plugin allows you to add various types and numbers of attachments to WooCommerce emails, including additional CC and BCC recipients. It also allows you to add a notification headline and text at the footer of the email to make recipients aware. Starting with version 3.0, the plugin recognizes all emails added by WooCommerce plugin and extensions if they use the WooCommerce email API. It is compatible with WPML and allows you to translate notification headlines and texts into all WPML languages. Attachments can be uploaded using the standard WordPress media uploader interface and can be displayed in the WordPress media library. The plugin uses WordPress standards, WooCommerce APIs, modern object-oriented programming (OOP), and ajax for high stability and reduces compatibility with other plugins. It also removes database entries and uploaded files from the server on deactivation, ensuring optimal site performance.

Email Attachments nulled plugin Attach files to your WooCommerce emails.
With this plugin, you may add any kind and any number of attachments to WooCommerce’s email communication. You may also add more CC and BCC recipients. To alert recipients to the email attachments, provide a notice headline and notification text in the email’s footer.

Screenshot of the admin/options page for email attachments (general settings)

Email Attachments nulled plugin Screenshot of the admin/settings page for email attachments (E-Mail settings)
Screenshot of the admin/settings page for email attachments (E-Mail settings)
Since version 3.0, the plugin has recognized and supported any emails added by the WooCommerce plugin. Additional emails created by WooCommerce extensions are recognized if they utilize and support the WooCommerce email API (for example, the subscription or booking extensions).

WPML Compatibility
Since version 3.0, WPML has been supported. You may translate the notification headline and notification content into any WPML language, and each email attachment can be translated into one, many, or all languages. The relevant attachment(s) and notification messages for the emails are utilized depending on the user-selected language.

The regular WordPress media uploader interface may be used to upload attachments.
They will be presented in the WordPress media library while being stored in a different location. You may also include them into blogs or other areas of your website.
You may utilize the media modal/popup window’s filter to show just the uploaded attachment files, or you can show all existing media files in your gallery.
This filter allows you to utilize pre-existing media assets from your library or rapidly locate items that you only want to use as email attachments.
There’s also no need to upload the same files more than once if they’re already in your media library.

You may also reorder the attachments using a drag’n’drop interface.

We had to update the internal structure and storage needs in version 3.0. An automated update script may be used to update older plugin versions (e.g. 2.x).

The usage of WordPress standards, WooCommerce plugin APIs, contemporary object oriented programming (OOP), and ajax assures our plugin’s high reliability and avoids the chance of conflicts with other plugins (for example, owing to same function names, etc.).

To guarantee best site performance, when you deactivate this plugin, it deletes all of its database records as well as the uploaded files from the server. If you choose, you may save all of your settings and data for later reactivation. You may also modify the upload folder to whatever location you like at any time. In this instance, all previously uploaded files are immediately relocated, ensuring that you do not lose any of them.

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