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Easy Digital Downloads Frontend Submissions nulled plugin 2.8.1

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Frontend Submissions is a comprehensive package for transforming your Easy Digital Downloads-powered website into a multi-vendor marketplace. It allows customers to register as vendors, track commissions, and manage product moderation. It also provides email alerts, drag-and-drop form builders, vendor and customer communication, and links with the product Reviews extension. The package also offers detailed documentation for setting up your multi-vendor marketplace.

Vendor Dashboard

Easy Digital Downloads Frontend Submissions nulled plugin allows customers to register as vendors from the frontend and, once authorized, have full access to their vendor dashboard. Vendors can use the dashboard to develop new items, update current ones, see orders, check earnings statistics, contact with customers, and amend their account information.

Commission tracking

Vendors who sell things through your marketplace must be paid. Frontend Easy Digital Downloads Frontend Submissions nulled plugin works seamlessly with our Commissions extension, allowing shop owners to simply track and record vendor commissions on products sold in the marketplace. Vendors can view their earnings using their dashboard with wordpress nulled themes.

Vendor and product moderation

All outstanding marketplaces have rigorous review systems in place to ensure that the sellers and products on their site are of high quality. Frontend Submissions offers comprehensive screening processes for new vendor registration and product submissions to help maintain your marketplace stocked with high-quality merchants and products.

Email alerts.

Frontend Submissions provides comprehensive email notification options to help site managers stay on top of new product submissions and vendor registrations. Emails can be sent whenever products are entered, changed, vendors register, commissions are earned, and so on. Each email can be customized to include only the information you want.

Drag-and-drop form builders

Frontend Submissions features a complete drag-and-drop interface for creating forms for vendor registration, product submission, and vendor account profiles, allowing site administrators to completely manage the form fields displayed to vendors.

Vendor and customer communication

Communication between customers and vendors is critical to maintaining a thriving marketplace. Vendors can view comments and queries about items in their vendor dashboards. Vendors can also respond to pre-sales and support questions directly from their dashboard.

Product reviews and seller comments.

Frontend submissions is fully linked with the product Reviews extension, allowing vendors to readily access customer reviews for their items. The Reviews extension also allows users to submit reviews on vendors, providing site managers with useful information about how satisfied customers are with sellers in the marketplace.

Extensive documentation

Frontend Submissions and all associated extensions have detailed instructions to help you set up your multi-vendor marketplace. You can get additional information from our documentation portal.

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