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DramaStream is a modern, fresh website designed for streamers of drama series, TV programs, movies, and anime. It features a responsive design optimized for search engine optimization, a slider Recent Update, and an optimized popular widget. The website also includes a multipart mirror feature, nighttime option characteristic, and a page for scheduling. The theme has been updated with bug fixes, improvements, and improvements over time. It includes a child theme, child motif, primary CSS, and RTL CSS. The theme has also been updated with features like a popular widget, schedule system, and video shortcodes for Google Drive, Doodstream, Mixdrop, Streamb, general iframe, and HTML5 video. The website also includes a share icon for blog posts and a clone post plugin.

The theme has undergone several enhancements, including a trending theme, integrated cache, theme interface, and CSS enhancements. The theme has been updated with Meta Box plugin v5.4.8 compatibility, total anime/episode view count, template component for episode list, AJAX-based episode view count loading, and a built-in cache. The theme has also been updated with the ability to load videos with or without JavaScript, total anime/episode view count, and a template component for episode list. The theme interface has been updated with styles 1 through 8, shortcode area, related series, and photon implementation.

DramaStream is a website designed for streamers of drama series, TV programs, movies, and anime. The theme has undergone numerous modifications, including removing hyperlinks, enhancing the popular series widget, and incorporating language files. The website has also been updated with features such as a responsive design, search engine optimization, and a multipart mirror feature. The theme has also been updated with a child theme and language file. DramaStream’s features include a mobile multipart icon, a renamed asset enqueue, and improved performance integration. The website has been updated to ensure user comfort and functionality.

Streamb, a popular streaming platform, has undergone several updates to its theme. These updates include bug fixes, improved text mode, a rating filter, and a template component for auto-complete outcomes. The theme also includes a child motif, primary CSS, and RTL CSS. The latest version, 2.1.4, requires PHP 7.4 or 8.1 to operate. The theme has also improved performance, reworked the mobile header, and added features like a popular widget, a schedule system, and a juvenile theme. Additionally, the theme has added video shortcodes for various platforms, including Streamb.

DramaStream has undergone several updates to improve its theme, including the addition of a total anime/episode view count on the admin dashboard, a template component for episode list, AJAX-based episode view count loading, and a built-in cache. The theme has also been updated with various features such as a tooltip, multifaceted styles, shortcode area, related series, and photon implementation. The language file has been updated to improve compatibility with PHP 7.4, and the theme has been updated with improvements in filter search, bookmarking, style expansion, and performance. The theme has also been updated with a dark mode option, a navigation menu, and a shortcode player for Cloudvideo and Fembed. The theme has also been optimized for SEO and has been released on May 25, 2019.

DramaStream nulled Themes

DramaStream is designed for individuals who wish to establish a website that streams drama series, TV programs, movies, and anime in a single location. The website is designed with a modern, fresh appearance and is equipped with a variety of appealing features that will ensure the comfort of your website visitors.

DramaStream Features

Design that is responsive

optimized for search engine optimization
Slider Recent Update
Produce data from MyDramaList, MyAnimeList, and IMDb (OMDb API)
Optimized Popular Widget
Widget for Genre
Widget for the New Series
Recent Films Widget Continuous Widget
AutoComplete Investigate
A multipart mirror feature
Nighttime option characteristic
Page for the catalog of series
Page for the AZ roster
Page for scheduling (automatic updating)
Bookmark the page without requiring a logon.
The color theme feature of the Box can be downloaded to modify the default hue.
Photon CDN (to expedite the loading of images)
The web load is accelerated and the server burden is reduced by the built-in cache.
Support for the WP Fastest Cache nulled plugin integration Automated optimization module
SoraLink module integration
Advertising space is prepared (Ads Management)
cURL PHP 7.4 or 8.1 Latest Ioncube loader PHP Extension fileinfo PHP Extension WordPress Version Required 5.9 and above

Changelog 2.1.6 – March 26, 2024

Resolved: Mobile multipart icon
Added: The ability to conceal floating advertisements on mobile devices
Enhancement: The enqueue of assets has been renamed to prevent overrides by other plugins.
Enhancement: Integration with widget block editor
CSS enhancement: primary RTL enhancement: CSS Revision: The “view more” button’s appearance at the bottom of the shortcode area
Revised: Child theme
Modification: language file

2.1.5 – November 20, 2023

A bug that was affecting the “Sort Episodes” feature when dealing with a series with a significant number of episodes has been resolved.
Resolved: A bug that affected the text mode of the Series List
Added: The ability to conceal “Trending This Week” Added: A rating filter
Included: Template component for auto-complete outcomes
Included: Telegram share icon
Enhancement: The question mark placeholder has been eliminated from the auto-complete results for series that lack episodes.
Enhancement: PHP 8.1 compatibility
Improved: Added support for multiple values to the [ch] and [ct] shortcodes (tutorial)
Enhancement: Internal cache
Enhancement: Theme interface
Enhancement: Primary CSS
Enhancement: RTL CSS 2.1.4 – April 11, 2023

Prerequisite: PHP 7.4 or 8.1 is necessary to operate the theme as of version 2.1.4.

Added: “Add” episode icon to series post
Integrated with W3 Total Cache, WP Rocket, and WP Super Cache
Added: the ability to establish a Series List using the AZ Heading. If this option is disabled, the Heading will extract the data from the current item in the list.
Added: the ability to periodically delete the built-in cache files. Rather than purging the entire cache at once, the cache will be gradually regenerated over the course of the first 15 minutes through periodic purging.
Enhancement: integrated cache
Enhancement: child motif
Enhancement: primary CSS
Enhancement: RTL CSS
Modification: language file

2.1.3 – November 28, 2022

Improvement: Performance 2.1.2 – November 25, 2022
Revise the mobile header.
Rating filter has been implemented.
Enhancement: child motif
Enhancement: Episode Lists for Individual Episodes
Language file enhancement:
Enhancements: Main CSS Improvement RTL CSS Improvement

2.1.1 – May 5, 2022

The problem in the view counter has been resolved.

2.1.0 – March 28, 2022

Resolved: The favicon for the file hosting service was not displayed correctly.
Rework: popular widget (included a section for the most popular items on a weekly and monthly basis)
Rework: the popular update area should be based on the most viewed series of the day or the series with the highest number of online users.
Rework: schedule system (included the capability to select modes such as auto, interval, manual (multiple days of the week), and off)
Included: a juvenile theme
Added: the ability to modify the nulled theme layout (default, boxed, full width, no sidebar) Added: the “push to latest update” feature when editing a published post Added: the sizes of the thumbnail, itemprop, and title Added: the option to deactivate the surprise me button Added: the option to disable the series score
Added: the ability to disable the search box in the header Added: the ability to conceal the view counter in the episode post
Added: Template component for playlist Added: Template component for box download Added: Template component for widget popular, ongoing, movie,

seasons, and new series

New feature: the ability to reset the view
Added: episode sorter tool Added: compatibility with the comment system’s closed status
Added: compatibility with the clone post plugin (tested with the Yoast Duplicate Post plugin)
Added: compatibility with classic widgets
The shortcode area now includes a “view more” option at the bottom.
Video shortcodes for Google Drive, Doodstream, Mixdrop, Streamb, general iframe, and HTML5 video have been included.
Added: share icon to blog posts
Convert the trailer area into a button.
Improvement: display the count on the administrator interface
Improvement: ensure that the content of new series and ongoing widgets is consistently current, even when the page is entirely cached. This necessitates the activation of the built-in cache and ajax cache.
Enhancement: currently trending in accordance with the most popular and most bookmarked series on a weekly basis
Enhancement: integrated cache
Enhancement: theme interface
CSS enhancement: primary RTL enhancement: Update: language file CSS

2.0.9 – October 21, 2021 Added: Meta Box plugin v5.4.8 compatibility 2.0.8 – April 3, 2021

Resolved: Information generation
Enhancement: Internal cache

2.0.7 – March 13, 2021

Resolved: The quantity of bookmarks cannot be configured.

2.0.6 – March 10, 2021

Added: Theme option to load video with or without JavaScript Added: Total Anime/Episode View Count on admin dashboard
Added: Template component for episode list Added: AJAX-based episode view count loading to ensure that the count is always current, even if cached
Style 9 has been included.
Enhancement: Ensure that the content of the New Series Widget and Ongoing Widget is consistently current, even if the page is entirely cached. [The built-in cache must be enabled.]
Enhancement: API for MyDramaList
Enhancement: Tooltip
Enhancement: Multifaceted
Enhancement: Styles 1 through 8
Enhancement: Shortcode Area
Enhancement: Related Series
Enhancement: Photon implementation
Enhancement: Primary CSS Revision: Language file

2.0.5 – October 15, 2020

Enhancement: Arizona List Improvement: Episode that is relevant
Enhancement: Related Series
Enhancement: Style expansion Improvement: Style of taxonomy list
Enhancement: Search autocomplete
Enhancement: Photon
Enhancement: Automatic thumbnail generation
Enhancement: Slider
Enhancement: Internal cache
Enhancement: Theme interface

Language file 2.0.4 – October 2, 2020

Resolved: The shortcode was not displayed in the appropriate location.
Added: Hot badge Added: Compatibility with PHP 7.4
Added: Sub status in episode post Added: Sub status in episode list
Change: Comment design
Enhancement: The ability to modify the meta
Autocomplete Search Improvement Filter Search Improvement Bookmark Improvement Style 1-8 Improvement Main CSS Improvement Performance Improvement Language File Update

2.0.3 – September 11, 2020 Improvement: Filter Search Improvement: AZ Improvement: Series that are recommended

Enhancement: Language file Improvement: Primary CSS
Enhancement: Styles 1 through 7
Added: Style 8 Added: Option to disable the completed label
Added: Mature warning in episode post Added: Disable option for featured image single blog Added: Disable option for share icon
Share icon has been incorporated into the series post.
Shortcode area has been included on the homepage.
Added: Shortcode for a custom series page that is based on the meta and taxonomy.

Box download for episode 2.0.2, which aired on June 3, 2020, has been included.

Added: Sub status in the episode post
Added: The default photograph series now includes a completed label.
Added: Country filter in the filter search (only visible on the series page)
Score added to the tooltip
Resolved issue: Filter type in filter search
Update: Font Awesome 5 Update: Jquery 3
Enhancement: Language file Improvement: Primary CSS

2.0.1 – 15 May 2020 Included: Dub status Included: Tooltip delay of 0.5 seconds

Bug resolved: List mode page
A problem has been resolved in the light mode player.
Bug resolved: Single series shortcode download.
Enhancement: Language file

Improvement: Main CSS 2.0.0 – 5 May 2020 Included: 7 styles for homepage thumbnail Included: series info tooltips

Meta episode title has been incorporated into the post episode. Additionally, a shortcode has been implemented to generate a catalog of genres, seasons, studios, and countries.
Added: style to download mode exclusively in the single.php area Added: warning for adult content Added: search filter widget in the sidebar
Added: Post categories for series information
Gallery on series information has been included.
Added: First Episode and New Episode to the series information Added: Breadcrumb Added: Episode list to the single episode Added: Recommendation series by genre to the homepage
Added: Disable option for related series Added: Disable option for sub status Added: Blog Added: Top Menu
Announcement has been included.
Modify the design of the anime information.
Change: the format of the episode schedule
Modify the design of the “az” list.
Modify the search filter on the series page.
Modify the thumbnail size in the information for a particular series.
Modification: Eliminate hyperlinks from the information about the series and the keywords of the
Change: Series information on a single episode’s style
Alteration: Dark mode option
Modification: The design of the popular series widget
Modification: Theme Panel
Change: link to list mode
Modification: Font Awesome replaces Dashicons
Enhancement: Primary CSS
Enhancement: Language file
Enhancement: Recommended Series (filtered by genre)
Enhancement: Schedule page
Enhancement: Performance Integration: Menu Icons plugin

1.2.5 – February 14, 2020

Bug resolved: Bookmark and Weekly Trending were not functioning as intended.
Bug resolved: Status of the censor
A problem has been resolved: The Slug movie widget does not alter.
Bug resolved: Schema

1.2.4 – 3 February 2020 Improvement: gather information (automatically generate featured image and category)

Enhancement: Internal cache
Fixed a problem in the integration of SoraLink. The SoraLink Client plugin must now be installed.
Resolved: Google Pagespeed issue
Furthermore, an ongoing widget has been implemented.

1.2.3 – November 7, 2019 Bug resolved: post (episode) meta data replaced series meta data
1.2.2 – November 7, 2019 Improvement: CSS select mirror multipart

Enhancement: The slug feature has been modified. In addition, there are now two methods for posting video embeds and download links: the input version and the shortcode version.

1.2.1 – September 5, 2019

Enhancement of the agenda page
Enhance the efficiency of the theme 1.2 – 1 September 2019
Optimizing the theme to prevent the implementation of invalid CSS enhancements
Language enhancement
Language optimization
PHP 7+ support optimization
Enhanced internal cache
Variations in the number of shares on social media platforms
Added a country filter.
Homepage has been updated to include the post time.
Added a weekly trending section adjacent to the slider Included shortcodes to display specific meta data
Shortcodes have been implemented to facilitate the display of lists that satisfy specific meta filters.

1.1 – July 27, 2019

Homepage pagination enhancement
Enhancement of the cache theme that is preinstalled
Enhancement of the release timetable
Language files have been incorporated.
Dark mode has been implemented.
A navigation menu has been incorporated.
Added the “change slug series” feature to the video mirror Added the “single info” feature for info series on single posts (episodes) Utilized the OMDb API to add the IMDb capture
Added a shortcode player for Cloudvideo and Fembed.
1.0 – May 25, 2019 DramaStream was released.

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