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Domain Mapping nulled Themes 1.9.1

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Microsites are groups of content within a WordPress site attached to a domain, allowing users to map multiple domains to a single site and display specific posts, pages, or products for each domain. They can be created in seconds, have global category mapping, and support popular plugins like WooCommerce, WPML, and W3 Total Cache.

Map Unlimited Domains

Domain Mapping nulled Themes You may link an unlimited number of domains to any post, page, product, or other published item.
Multiple Domain Mapping nulled Themes may be linked to a single WordPress site, and you can show individual articles, pages, or goods from each domain.

Generate Microsites in Seconds

Create microsites by categorizing any published resource by domain. Your WordPress site may host numerous sites, each with its own name, merchandise, branding (favicon), and more.
Our blog has additional information about developing Microsites and how they function. Microsites are an excellent alternative to WordPress multisite in many cases.

Global Category Mapping

Automatically map complete content categories to each domain.
When you create an archive and activate Global Category Mapping, all posts in that category will be mapped.

Subdomain and Subdirectory Mapping

Do not have a distinct domain? Map a subdomain or subfolder instead. You may still need to setup your server, but you won’t have to purchase a new domain.

Powerful integrations with popular plugins.

With complete support for WooCommerce, WPML, W3 Total Cache, and many other popular WordPress plugins, you’ll have no issue reaching your domain mapping objectives.
If you have numerous languages on your site and use a Translation plugin, you can easily provide a unique domain to each language.

Multisite Supported

Tired of navigating the complexity of WordPress multisite? It might be excessive for both you and your consumers. Learn more about our multi-site integration.

WooCommerce Store Mapping

Customize your WooCommerce shop by adding as many domains as you like to the Products, Categories, Cart, Checkout, and Thank You pages.

What a Supercharged Microsite Looks Like

Domain Mapping nulled Themes Microsites are collections of information inside your current WordPress site that are linked to a domain. You may add many domains to a single WordPress site and then divide the content amongst them.
You may automatically link Blog categories or WooCommerce goods to their own domains, as well as many other WordPress features.
To learn more about Microsites, watch our entire overview.


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