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Discounts for WooCommerce Subscriptions nulled plugin 3.0.0

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Discounts for WooCommerce Subscriptions is a tool that allows you to manage the pricing of recurring payments for your subscriptions plugin. It allows you to apply fixed or progressive percentage discounts to renewal prices, increase the cost of subscription renewals depending on the subscription period, specify personal discounts for various users using role-based discounts, and assign discounts for plans made with the All Products for Subscriptions extension to Simple and Variable products and Product Bundles.

Discounts work with both simple and variable subscription products, and can be assigned in two ways: fixed prices and percentage discounts. You can also display discount tables on product pages to explain discount policy, customize text explainers and discount table headings, apply discounts rules for existing subscriptions, and customize the discount table placement on product pages.

Advanced Coupon-Based Discount Sequences revolutionize the way you manage subscription discounts by integrating the discount sequence into regular WooCommerce Coupon Codes. This feature allows you to set up discount sequences that activate only when a specific coupon code is applied, adding an extra layer of customization and exclusivity to your subscription plans.

Discounts are set at the product level, allowing you to have a separate discount policy for every product and product variation with their own custom discounted periods and rates. You can use percentage discounts for subscription renewals, fixed discounts, role-based discounts, and customize product page views.

Discount management is also available through the All Products for Subscription add-on, which allows you to apply discount rates to existing subscriptions or assign discounts only for new signups. The plugin also helps you track and forecast discounts for each subscription and notify customers about their current and potential discounts in the user account, cart, checkout, and service emails.

Discounts for WooCommerce Subscriptions nulled plugin Offer discounts on subscription renewals or role-based discounts to make subscription items more lucrative, enhance customer retention rates, and increase the long-term value of your shop.
Provide subscription savings.
The first dedicated solution for managing the price of recurring payments for the WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin is Discounts for WooCommerce Subscriptions.

There are numerous techniques to alter the price:

Discounts for WooCommerce Subscriptions nulled plugin Apply fixed or progressive percentage reductions to renewal costs so that your customers spend less to remain with you.
Increase the cost of membership renewals based on the subscription term in order to generate more money with each renewal.
Using role-based discounts, provide personal discounts for different users.
Assign discounts to plans created using All items for Subscriptions, Simple and Variable items, and Product Bundles.
subscription discounts for woocommerce

Discounts for WooCommerce Subscriptions nulled plugin Discounts are applicable to both fixed and variable subscription plans.
There are two methods for assigning discounts: set pricing and percentage discounts.
Sequence of coupon codes with applicable discounts
Individual discounts are available depending on user roles.
Show discount tables on product pages to clarify the discount policy.
Create text explainers and discount table heads to highlight the advantages.
Choose whether to show or conceal discount tables on product pages.
Apply current subscription savings rules
Change the location of the discount table on product pages.
Use negative discount values to raise the cost of subscription renewals.
Current discounts and prospective discount upgrades are shown in the user account, cart, checkout, and support emails.
Changes to the wp-admin section to assist you in tracking down and forecasting subscription savings
All features are compatible with subscription plans created using the All items for Subscriptions extension as well as subscription-based items.
All Subscription Products imply the usage of Simple, Variable, or Bundled products.

You have a $100 per month membership and want your customers to pay less after six months and gain an extra discount after 12 months. You may apply a 5% discount to six-month renewals and another 5% off the initial membership price for the 12-month renewal.

Your subscribers will then pay:

$100 off the first purchase and every subscription renewal for the next five months

$95 per month after six months of subscription

$90 each month beginning with the 12th month

You may also raise your fees with each renewal and make them pay:

$100 off the first purchase

Renewal of a subscription costs $110.

$120 for the second renewal, and so on.

Alternatively, provide role-based discounts and allow anybody with a Subscriber position to get savings if they join up for another subscription product.

Coupon-Based Discount Sequences that are Advanced
This functionality transforms the way you handle subscription discounts by including the discount sequence into ordinary WooCommerce Coupon Codes, giving you more flexibility and use cases for coupon codes.


You may create discount sequences that only activate when a certain coupon code is entered, giving your membership plans an added degree of customisation and exclusivity. For renewal, your coupons may be configured as a percentage reduction or a fixed cost.

It operates as follows: Simply create a new coupon in your WooCommerce dashboard with a percentage off or a set discount for the first use, and link it to our sophisticated discount sequence. This enables you to change the subscription fee with each renewal. You may generate discounts that can either lower or increase the cost of membership renewals. There’s also the option to establish a 0% discount (or fixed cost) that would return the membership to its original price after a particular number of renewals.

How to Create Discounts
Discounts are established at the product level, allowing you to have a different discount policy for each product and product variant, each with their own individual discounted times and rates.

woocommerce subscribers are eligible for a percentage discount.

To raise the cost of subscription renewal events, use fixed discounts (or negative percentage rates) for subscription renewals.

woocommerce plugin memberships with fixed discounts

Set up role-based discounts to give discounted rates to certain user groups or current subscribers.

woocommerce subscriptions with role-based discounts

Personalize product page views
Everything in the discounts part of the product page is completely configurable.

Use templates to help clients understand your discount policy, and adjust the location of the discounts table based on your demands and theme layout.

personalize discounts woocommerce memberships

The plugin uses your theme’s default table style, so you don’t have to mess around with CSS modifications to make it seem right. You may also pick where to display a discount table on the product page or deactivate it entirely, and your customers will still be able to take advantage of discounts.

Discounts from the All items for Subscriptions add-on may be applied to Simple & Variable product categories as well as Bundles items when subscription is handled by the All Products for Subscription plugin. For plans built using All items for Subscription, you can obtain all of the features available for standard subscription items (including role-based discounts, a discount table on the product page, both percentage discounts and set pricing, and so on).


Discount administration
Discounts for WooCommerce Subscriptions also gives you the option of manually applying discount rates to any current subscriptions (using the Apply Discount option on the user subscription page) or solely assigning discounts to new signups.

We also assist you in tracking and forecasting savings for each subscription via the subscription page’s discount sequence section.

In the user account, cart, checkout, and support emails, inform your consumers about existing and prospective discounts.

Retaining existing clients is more lucrative than acquiring new ones. You don’t have to spend money on things like traffic, marketing, and user onboarding. So, why not strive to provide your current clients the finest prices available in order to retain them with you for as long as possible?

Discounts for WooCommerce Subscriptions is a simple addon to install and administer. It increases client retention and LTV.

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