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Custom Permalinks for WooCommerce nulled plugin 1.2.0

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Custom Permalinks for WooCommerce allows you to customize your store’s URLs, including product-based and category-based permalinks. This plugin is useful for migrating from another CMS, following SEO practices, and creating user-friendly URLs for products and categories. It offers featured URL options, such as removing /product-category/ from store permalinks, or creating a custom permalink structure with product slug and category slug combination. You can also manage product permalinks for each product separately, replace /product-category/ with a category slug, add or remove /shop/ base, use auto 301 redirects, and auto ‘rel = canonical’ to avoid duplicate content issues. You can also add any extension at the end of your URL, choose a SKU to replace a regular product slug, select categories to generate product permalinks, and inform search engine crawlers of your new permalinks. The plugin also includes a sitemap to inform search engine crawlers of your new permalinks.

Custom Permalinks for WooCommerce nulled plugin Permalinks for Your Store Can Be Customized
Custom Permalinks for WooCommerce allows you to create any URL for your shop. Instead of a given URL, use a custom route like site.com/category-name/product-name.

Custom Permalinks for WooCommerce are useful if you:

You’ve switched from another CMS to WooCommerce and want to preserve the same URLs.
Follow excellent SEO techniques and be aware that shorter URLs may help your rating.
Do you want URLs that are both user-friendly and informative for your items and categories?
URLs that have been highlighted

Custom Permalinks for WooCommerce nulled plugin Remove /product-category/ from shop permalinks so that the category slug comes exactly after the domain name.

Remove the /product/ component of the permalinks. You may keep the product slug alone directly after the domain name, or you can combine the product slug and category slug to create a unique permalink structure.

Manage product permalinks independently for each product.
You may pick a permalink structure for each product separately, in addition to setting up generic product permalink patterns for the whole business.



Replace /product-category/ with the name of the category.
For a product permalink, replace /product-category/ with a category slug. For example, the URL may look like this:


Make a whole product route out of the parent category (assuming the product is in the second-level category), for example:


Crawlers may find your product URL simpler to interpret as a result.


/shop/ base may be added or removed.
You may add or delete the /shop/ base from any custom URL you build for both product and category permalinks.

Automatic 301 redirects
If you are presently updating permalinks on existing goods and categories, 301 redirects may be useful. When you activate 301 redirects, everybody who visits the old URL is redirected to the new URL. You will not lose any customers.

‘rel = canonical’ auto
The code tells search engines that the URL supplied is the master copy of a page. You won’t have to worry about duplicate content concerns affecting your site’s speed if you use this code.


Put whatever extension you like at the end of your URL.
Some systems and frameworks still use traditional URLs with.html,.htm,.php,.asp, or other extensions at the end. You could wish to mimic that sort of URL so that you don’t lose any search volume or direct website traffic. You may use Custom Permalinks for WooCommerce to define any permalink extension. You are not restricted to the options given above.


Select an SKU to replace a standard product slug.
utilize an SKU instead of a product title if you don’t want to utilize the usual method for generating a product slug. You may alternate between the two techniques.


To create product permalinks, choose a category.
This functionality is compatible with the Yoast SEO plugin. You may choose whether to utilize the default category or the category from the Yoast plugin when creating the product’s URL.

Notify search engine spiders of your new permalinks. All newly created URLs are instantly included to the Yoast SEO XML Sitemap.

Make these URLs.
You may be wondering what URLs you can create using the Custom Permalinks for WooCommerce plugin. Some instances are shown below.

Yoursite.com/mackbook, yoursite.com/mackbook.html, yoursite.com/mackbook.htm, or yoursite.com/mackbook.php are examples of product-based permalinks.
yoursite.com/laptops/mackbook yoursite.com/electronics/laptops/mackbook yoursite.com/shop/laptops/mackbook yoursite.com/electronics/laptops/481923-sku.html (SKU instead of standard slug)

Permalinks organized by category
www.yoursite.com/laptops www.yoursite.com/laptops.html www.yoursite.com/laptops.htm www.yoursite.com/laptops.php
yoursite.com/electronics/laptops yoursite.com/shop/electronics/laptops yoursite.com/electronics/laptops.html yoursite.com/electronics/laptops.html

There are several different choices available under the Custom Permalinks for WooCommerce plugin settings.

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