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The discount WordPress Theme is a professional and customizable theme designed specifically for the discount industry. It offers a wide range of features to attract customers and increase sales. Coupon websites have gained popularity due to their ability to generate profits by allowing customers to share bargains or coupons on their websites.

The Coupon nulled Themes has a unique homepage design, a coupon archive, and a carousel that highlights the best discounts currently available. Users can start with local retailers and then move to international bargains to maximize profits and commissions.

General configurations include uploading the company’s logo, including a favicon, a feedburner URL, and a field for adding code. Other configurations include a floating navigation menu, a floating menu, a floating menu, a floating menu, a floating footer, a floating menu, a floating menu, a floating footer, a floating footer, a slider, tabs for each coupon category, a percentage of posts, and social icons.

Home page configuration includes the title of the carousel section, layout manager, slider, tabs, and sidebars for the coupon archive. The theme also includes post meta information, blog configuration, blog post layouts, date format, and breadcrumbs.

Contexts of social interaction include the position of buttons for social sharing, buttons for organizing social media accounts, and management of advertisements. Sidebar options include a homepage menu, single-page layouts, tag archives, date archives, author bibliography, search pages, and 404 error page sidebars.

In summary, the Coupon nulled Themes is an effective and professional theme for the discount industry. By incorporating various customizations, users can create a successful and efficient coupon website.

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The discount WordPress Coupon nulled Themes is a stunning and well crafted theme that was developed specifically for the discount industry from the very ground up. Using this extremely professional and totally configurable theme, you may wow your visitors and attract more customers to make purchases. Unquestionably the most effective theme for the sale of discounts!

Whenever you made a purchase on the internet in the recent past, you most likely looked for a discount code as soon as you noticed the opportunity for it on the page that displays the checkout process.

This is not something that just you do; in today’s world, everyone makes a purchase similar to that on the internet. If there is a possibility that you may spend a lesser amount for a purchase, then there is no need for you to pay the full price for it.

For just this reason, coupon websites have gained a lot of popularity. There are companies that are worth several billions of dollars, such as Groupon.com, that generate millions of dollars by allowing customers to share bargains or coupons on their website.

It is possible to get started with a little expenditure, and if you have a discount nulled theme to power your new website, the initial cost of getting started is reduced to an almost insignificant amount.

The Coupon nulled Themes has a look that is quite remarkable and performs above what was anticipated. In addition to having a fantastic homepage design, it also includes an even more fantastic discount information page.

It is completely ready for search engine optimization and works well with WooCommerce. Not only have we included a great custom slider, but we have also included a unique Coupon nulled Themes carousel that highlights the best discounts that are currently available.

You may either have a coupon archive for easier navigation or you can make a shop selection for coupons that will be shown on the site.

You should begin with local retailers, and after you have earned sufficient traction with the help of the tools that are included in the Coupon nulled Themes, you should relocate to international bargains in order to maximize your profit and commissions.

General Configurations

  • Upload Your Company’s Logo
  • Include a Favicon on your site
  • Icon for Touch Screens on Mobile Devices
  • Icon of the Metro should be included.
  • A space for the user’s Twitter username
  • Optional Feedburner URL for Users
  • In the header section, there is a field for adding code.
  • Footer Code Option Available
  • Pagination Options Available
  • Initiate and deactivate the AJAX Quick Search feature
  • Turnable/Deactivated A responsive posture
  • Make the Right to Left Support Available
  • Choose the Number of Offerings

Provisions for Performance

  • Turn on or turn off the prefetching feature.
  • Enable/Disable the Lazy Load feature
  • Enable JavaScript with Async Support
  • Remove all of the ver Parameters

Varieties of Styling

  • This is the Primary Color Scheme Selector.
  • The Application of Secondary Colors
  • Pick your preferred style.
  • 60 Background Image Options, or You Can Add Your Own
  • The Look of Parallax on Background Images
  • Include styling in the Custom CSS Field
  • The option to enable and disable the lightbox


  • The History of the Above Bar
  • Show the Search Form in the Header
  • Placeholder for the Header Search Field
  • Display the log-in and registration form in the header
  • The Context of Other Navigation
  • A Navigation Menu That Is Floating
  • Display the Menu or Hide It
  • Show or hide the company’s logo.

Setups for the Footer

  • Enable the widgets in the footer
  • Make the 3 or 4 Widget Layout available.
  • Select the Background for the Footer
  • The Footer BG should have Parallax enabled.
  • Additional Text for the Footer
  • Title of the Footer Text
  • Textual Content of the Footer
  • Social Icons for the Footer
  • Icon Title for the Footer of the Page
  • Social Icons for the Footer
  • A Section for Text Regarding Copyrights
  • An Overview of Creative Commons

Home Page Configuration

  • The Manager of Layout
  • The Title of the Carousel Section
  • Itmes on a Carousel Set
  • Please display the carousel on other pages.
  • Create a Slider That Is Tailored to Your Needs
  • The animation effect for the slider should be set.
  • Background for the Text on the Slider
  • The Parallax Effect for Slider should be enabled.
  • Include Tabs for Each Coupon Category
  • Select the Percentage of Posts
  • Adjust the color of the tabs’ backgrounds.
  • Tabs should have the Parallax Effect enabled.
  • Social Icons should be enabled on the homepage.
  • Include the Title of the Section
  • Set the color of the section title.
  • Include Icons with Social Media
  • The Title of the Store Section
  • Include Items That Are Frequently Purchased
  • Set the color of the store’s background.
  • Set the background color for the subscriber.
  • Context of the Participation Section
  • Title of Initiation
  • The color of the sign-up title
  • The Button to Sign Up
  • Color of the Background of the Sign Up Button
  • Text for the Sign Up Button
  • URL of the Link to Sign Up

Catalogue of Coupons

  • Reset the default tile for the coupon archive
  • Put in place a brief description
  • A Predetermined Amount of Coupons
  • Select the Sidebars for the Coupon Archive
  • We do not accept expired coupons.
  • Post Meta Information for the Coupon Archive
  • Archive of Available Coupons – Pagination Type

The Single Coupon

  • Layout for a Single Post Coupon
  • Coupon Information for a Single Post Meta
  • The Action of the “Show Coupon” Button
  • A Clickable Box for Subscribing

Configuration of the Blog

  • Categories Being Highlighted
  • The Type of Pagination
  • Articles published on the pages of blogs
  • Meta info for the blog post
  • Formate and Style of Dates
  • Turn on the Lightbox

Variations for a Single Post

  • Construction of Layouts for Single Posts
  • Select to Display Meta Information
  • Breadcrumbs may be enabled or disabled.
  • Emphasis on the Author’s Commentary
  • Date in the Comments Section

Contexts of Social Interaction

  • The Position of the Buttons for Social Sharing
  • Buttons for Social Sharing on Internet Pages
  • Buttons for organizing social media accounts

Management of Advertisements

  • Ad Listed Below the Post Title
  • Display Advertisements After XX Number of Days
  • Advertisement Section for Content Below the Post
  • Options for the Sidebar

  • Develop Your Own Tailored Sidebars
  • Select the Sidebar for the Homepage menu
  • Construct a Sidebar for a Single Post
  • Sidebars are available for single-page layouts.
  • Construct a Sidebar for the “Archive Page”
  • The Sidebar Selection for the Tag Archive
  • A Selection Within the Date Archive Sidebar
  • An Alternative Sidebar for the Author Bibliography
  • There is a distinct sidebar for search pages now.
  • 404 Error Page Sidebar for Easy Access
  • A Sidebar That Is Different for Each Shop Page
  • Create a new sidebar for pages that only include a single product.

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