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Civi is a WordPress theme designed for job boards and freelance marketplaces, offering a polished and user-friendly platform for managing hiring processes and job posts. The theme features 12+ predefined homepage templates, private messaging for employers and applicants, advanced search and filtering, application options, subscription options, job alerts and notifications, featured job listings, social login, related job ads, reviews and ratings, candidate management, application deadlines, company profiles, video and audio interviews, flexible payment options, simple data import/export, social networking posting, automatic job expiration, sophisticated reporting and analytics, custom fields, email notifications, resume and CV management, moderating job ads, responsive design, multi-language support, one-click installation, customizable branding, GDPR-compliant cookie notifications, free lifetime upgrades, extensive web documentation, Elementor Visualize Drop & Drag Page Builder, prepared for child themes, polylang and translation ready, and a giant menu with banners.

Civi allows employers to post job listings on various platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, and employers can use the theme’s company profile pages to highlight their advantages, culture, and information. It also supports video and audio interviews, flexible payment options, and customizable email notifications. The theme also offers one-click installation, customizable branding, and GDPR-compliant cookie notifications.

The theme is responsive across various devices, has customizable branding, and supports the Loco plugin for multilingual layout construction. With its extensive documentation and support staff, Civi is an excellent choice for those looking to create a polished and user-friendly job board or freelance marketplace website.

The candidate’s job search platform allows users to use Google or Facebook accounts, reset passwords, and search for jobs using keywords, location, categories, and business. It also allows users to view company profiles, share employment via social media, and message employers. The platform also provides quick access to statistics, site analytics, and allows users to change their profile, apply for positions, modify online meetings, upload resumes, send pictures and videos, modify passwords, terminate accounts, communicate privately, apply for jobs via phone, email, or internal/external applications, and receive notifications about new job posts.

Civi nulled Themes: Platform for Freelancers and Job Board WordPress Style

Civi nulled Themes is a WordPress theme designed for job boards and freelance marketplaces, ideal for anyone seeking to develop a polished and easily navigable job board listing or freelance marketplace website. With the help of this theme, it is simple to create an extensive and completely responsive employment site that makes managing hiring, hiring processes, and job posts more straightforward.

Features of the core theme
  • 12+ Various predefined homepage templates: Civi nulled Themes has 12+ fantastic homepage layouts. The sample content file includes every homepage layout.
  • Private Messaging: Employers and applicants may communicate directly via private messaging thanks to this theme. This tool streamlines the hiring process and increases engagement.
  • Advanced Search & Filter: Candidates may filter job listings by a variety of parameters, including location, job type, experience, and income range, thanks to the theme’s robust filters and advanced search features.
  • Apply Options: The nulled theme offers a variety of application methods, such as phone, email, and external applications, for applicants to choose from. There are several that don’t need a login.
  • Subscription options: For a set charge, companies may post a certain amount of job listings and highlighted opportunities on The, as well as publish job postings in real-time, thanks to their flexible subscription options.
  • Job Alerts & Notifications: This theme offers job searchers job alerts and notification capabilities. You may customize the alerts by creating them according to keywords, job categories, or geography.
  • Featured Job Listings: Utilizing the theme, companies may pay to have their job listings show up at the top of search results pages or on the website homepage.
  • Social Login: Rather of creating a new account only for the website, users may effortlessly log in using their current social network credentials like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, and more.
  • Related Job ads: Candidates may read additional job ads that are comparable to the one they are now browsing thanks to the theme’s related job listings capability.
  • Reviews and Ratings: The theme lets applicants provide reviews and ratings for businesses. This may provide employers and applicants insightful feedback and foster a sense of community around the job’s website.
  • Candidate Management: Using the theme, employers may filter, sort, download resumes, schedule meetings, and message job seekers’ profiles and applications.
  • Application Deadline: Employers may establish deadlines for individual job listings using the theme. This may guarantee that applicants are informed about the application deadline.
  • Company Profiles: Employers may use the theme’s company profile pages to highlight their advantages, culture, and information in an effort to draw in top candidates.
  • Video & Audio Interviews: The subject offers ways to combine video and audio interviews, for utilizing Zoom, Skype, or video conferencing, to conduct distant job interviews.
  • Flexible Payment Options: The theme allows companies to buy job submission packages with recurring billing options and supports a variety of payment methods, including credit cards, PayPal, and Stripe.
  • Simple Import/Export of Data: To make data transfer and backup easier, the theme offers options for the simple import and export of data, including user data, resumes, and job listings.
  • Social networking posting: To broaden the audience and exposure of job vacancies, the theme offers options for posting job listings on social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.
  • Automatic Job Expiration: To keep the job board current and relevant, the theme offers options for job postings to automatically expire after a certain amount of time, such as 30, 60, or 90 days.
  • Employers may use the topic to produce video job descriptions that more effectively depict the corporate culture, work environment, and job needs.
  • sophisticated Reporting & Analytics: The theme provides tools for sophisticated reporting and analytics, including as dashboards, charts, and graphs, to track data like user activity and the effectiveness of job listings.
  • Custom Fields: To enhance the job-matching process, the theme enables the addition of custom fields to job listings, such as experience levels and skill sets.
  • Email Notifications: Applicants and employers may customize the theme’s email layouts and notifications, which include job alerts, application confirmations, and invites to interviews.
  • Management of Resumes and CVs: The theme gives job searchers the opportunity to upload, manage, and amend their resumes and CVs and attach them to applications.
  • Moderation of Job ads: The theme offers tools to examine, alter, or reject job ads based on certain criteria in order to moderate them before they are published.
  • Responsive Design: This theme makes sure that the job board works and looks excellent across a range of devices, including tablets, smartphones, laptops, and desktop computers.
  • Multi-language Support: The theme has multi-language support, so administrators may post job ads in several languages and users can view the job board in their favorite language.
  • One-click Installation: The offers demo material and one-click installation for a simple, fast deployment of a pre-designed job board layout; no technical knowledge or modification is needed.
  • Customizable Branding: Using the theme, you may change the branding’s colors, fonts, and logos to make it more in line with the employer’s brand identity or website.
  • GDPR-compliant Cookie notifications: This theme is consistent with GDPR regulations regarding cookie notifications. It notifies users about the usage of cookies and gives them the choice to accept or reject them.
  • Free updates and support for life: when you purchase our theme. Free lifetime upgrades are in store for you. In order to ensure that you can complete personalizing your website, our fantastic support staff will take care of any support inquiries.
  • Extensive web documentation available: You can quickly and easily configure Factory with the help of comprehensive documentation guidelines!
  • The Elementor Visualize Drop & Drag Page Builder is a quick, easy-to-use tool that makes page personalization quick and simple.
  • Prepared for a child theme: With a child theme, you may quickly replace the default template files. It also makes it possible for you to safely update your theme.
  • Polylang & Translation Ready: The works with the most widely used WordPress plugin for multilingual layout construction. With the Loco plugin, you can quickly translate your website into any language.
  • giant Menu: With only a few clicks, you may switch to using the giant menu, which also supports banners on the menu.

Civi nulled Themes

  • Use a Google or Facebook account to log in and create an account, or log in the standard manner.
  • Use email to reset your password.
  • Use keywords, location, categories, and business to find jobs.
  • Sort the search results.
  • Check out the company’s profile on its website, where information is available.
  • may, if the employer adds, visit the corporate website.
  • able to share employment via social media.
  • has the ability to message the employer.
  • View every job posted by a certain company.
  • Quick access to statistics is provided via the account dashboard.
  • Site analytics for all employers who browse profiles, job seekers, and companies that follow.
  • Change your profile whenever you like.
  • Apply for the position and send the company your CV as soon as possible.
  • Examine, remove, and apply for the job invitation from the list of jobs applied and jobs wishlist.
  • The evaluated firms’ list may be read, edited, or deleted.
  • View and remove the following business list.
  • is able to modify the online meeting’s timing with the employer.
  • Upload your resume fast to the system or directly as a PDF or Word document.
  • Send in a picture and a video link.
  • able to modify the password.
  • able to terminate the account after a period of inactivity.
  • able to communicate with the employer privately.
  • able to apply for a job by phone, email, or internal/external applications.
  • Notifications and alerts about new job posts to keep job searchers informed.
  • Social networking platform integration for simple job sharing.
  • The ability to apply with only one click allows job searchers to submit their applications swiftly.

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