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BORDER is a WordPress theme designed specifically for photography, offering a user-friendly interface for professional photographers to display their work. The theme features page transitions that are energetic and spirited, providing a visually captivating experience. BORDER allows users to upload slideshows and grid-based galleries, add elegantly animated text and lines to gallery cover photographs, and support videos by including movies from YouTube or Vimeo in gallery sliders or grid pictures.

AddThis’s premium support allows users to streamline their pages across over 300 social networks, increasing visibility and engagement. BORDER is fully responsive and ready for mobile devices, with an off-canvas multi-level push menu for easy navigation on iOS and Android devices. With hundreds of Google Fonts, users can customize their portfolio typography and create unique styles.

BORDER is prepared for translation into any language and maintains compatibility with the WPML plugin. Users can also use the Theme Options plugin to customize their portfolio design and feel. BORDER includes all available PSD files, allowing users to make changes to the design with just one click.

The theme offers a wide range of features, including retina-ready design, dynamic page transitions using AJAX page loading, AddThis social sharing plugin, exceptional fluid scrolling, and customizable homepage options. Over 600 Google Web Fonts are available, and users can choose any hue as the site-wide accent color.

BORDER’s features include a one-click update, backups and automated alerts, demo data import, and a mobile-ready and lightbox-responsive modal window for viewing project photos.

BORDER is a WordPress theme that is exquisitely designed for photography.

With the professional photographer and their requirements serving as the primary “focal point,” BORDER nulled Themes is a one-of-a-kind and user-friendly WordPress nulled theme designed specifically for photography demands. It comes with a user interface that has been thoughtfully created to enable you to display your amazing photographs in an easy and straightforward manner.

Are you interested in keeping a diary with your ideas and thoughts, presenting your bio and services, or photographing landscapes, people, cuisine, or weddings? BORDER has you covered in all of these activities and more!

To create a visually fascinating experience, BORDER nulled Themes has page transitions that are both energetic and spirited. These transitions are carried out in a variety of surprising but absolutely natural ways. These transitions are expressed in a design language that is both simple and elegant, allowing the photographs to take the spotlight.

Providing the appropriate instrument at the appropriate time, in the appropriate location, and at the appropriate time is what BORDER is all about.

Pictures in Galleries

Presentations in the form of slideshows and grid-based galleries are abundant in Border. Using the Media Manager, you can quickly and easily upload a few photographs.

Text for the Gallery Cover

Your gallery cover photographs may be made more interesting by adding elegantly animated text and lines, which is a feature that is exclusive to unique photos. You may choose from a wide variety of styles and Google Fonts that are unique to you.

Your portfolio will get the additional wow factor that it deserves as a result of all of this.

Projects for the Portfolio

Perfect for situations in which you need to display various types of works that need some text to accompany the photographs and videos that you have shown.

Support for Videos

If you are interested in combining your films and photographs, then you may make use of our services. Include a movie from YouTube or Vimeo in any gallery slider or grid picture you want to use.

Complete integration with society

AddThis’s premium support allows you to streamline your pages across more than 300 social networks, increasing your visibility and engagement.

With the use of strong social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, you can now effortlessly disseminate information to many people.

Fully responsive and ready for mobile devices

Your mobile users will have an easier time finding your website thanks to the off-canvas multi-level push menu that is included in BORDER.

Using a wide variety of iOS and Android devices, we conducted exhaustive testing.

Hundreds of Google Fonts

You may exercise complete command over the typography of your portfolio by using the Theme Options to customize the fonts that you use. You may design your own distinctive style by using the extensive font collection that Google provides.

Prepared for Translation

BORDER nulled Themes is prepared to be translated into any language that you may choose. In order for you to begin translating immediately using PoEdit, we will send you with the.po file.

Additionally, Border maintains complete compatibility with the WPML plugin.

An Effective Panel of Options

You have a wide variety of choices to choose from when it comes to the design and feel of your website, including a logo, a unique website accent color, and a lot more.

A Plugin for PixCodes

BORDER nulled Themes includes our very effective visual shortcodes plugin, which is incorporated directly into the editor of your WordPress publication. Add columns, rows, icons, buttons, progress bars, and a great deal more in a short amount of time.

How to make shortcodes simple!

A Plugin for PixTypes

When you change the theme, the material that you have made should not be lost since it belongs to you. Through the use of our PixTypes plugin, you will never have to be concerned about the loss of text. It is possible to construct Galleries and Portfolio Projects with the help of PixTypes.

There is no loss of your material!

Installing the Demo with Just One Click

In all seriousness!! Everything, including content pages, blog entries, menus, and sidebar widgets, may be fully configured with just a single click.

Take note that placeholders have been used in lieu of the images from the demo.

PSD files are often used.

BORDER includes all PSD files that are currently accessible. Open Photoshop and make whatever changes you want to the design. You are free to do anything you want with it.

As a result of the fact that BORDER places a great deal of importance on photography and the person who is responsible for it, we have gone to great lengths to ensure that the visual alternatives that are provided are suitable for the contemporary web and, more significantly, for the artist’s vision. It is common knowledge that every single photographer and picture series has a unique narrative to convey or convey.The reason for this is that every project has the potential to take a unique visual route via a variety of project templates and galleries.

A Comprehensive Overview of the Features
  • Design that Responds
  • Retina-ready (if you submit images with a minimum width of 900 pixels)
  • Beautiful dynamic page transitions using AJAX page loading
  • Take charge of your social sharing with the AddThis social sharing plugin (AddThis analytics included)
  • Exceptionally fluid scrolling
  • You may choose any hue to be the site-wide accent color.
  • More than 600 Google Web Fonts are available.
  • The custom made and easy to use
  • Various Gallery Cover Text animation styles using Google Fonts font customization options
  • Custom Homepage: Set any portfolio or gallery page—archive, category, or single—as your homepage.
  • Theme One-Click Update including backups and automated alerts
  • Import demo data with only one button
  • View project photos in a modal window that is mobile-ready and lightbox responsive.

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