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BeDesk is a self-hosted customer service, ticketing, email management, and helpdesk software that offers features such as email conversion into tickets, alerts, and automatic reports on tickets, searches, and article views. It is user-friendly, fast, and lightweight, with an optional Envato module that includes login validation, earnings reporting, and automated item import. BeDesk also features a robust HTML editor for writing articles and organizing knowledge bases, a visual editor for managing menus, SEO tags, and more, and a translation ready feature. The platform is responsive and open source, allowing users to log in with popular third-party sites like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Envato. The software has an exquisite design, powerful search engine, and a rich text editor for ticket writing. Users can also create pages and menus using the HTML editor. The BeDesk demo site is available for demo purposes, but some features may be inaccessible due to its shared nature. Minimum standards include a PDO Extension with PHP 8.1 or later, a MySQL server, and a php nulled script.

BeDesk Nulled Script

BeDesk – Customer Support Software & Helpdesk Ticketing System

BeDesk is customer service, ticketing, email management, and helpdesk software that is self-hosted and packed with features. It does not need any knowledge of coding or server configuration in order to be set up appropriately.

Emails may be converted into tickets or answers automatically, and it can also send emails containing agent responses that were produced by BeDesk. BeDesk also allows customers to easily create tickets and respond to them from the website.

Supercharge Your Email with BeDesk’s Powerful Features! Use it as an email management program while retaining your current email account.
Emails to Tickets: Convert client emails into BeDesk tickets and get answers in your inbox.
Get alerts whenever anything happens, including a new ticket, a reply, an assigned ticket, and more, via your email, browser, or mobile device.
Setup is a breeze. Our user-friendly installer and instructions make it simple to install BeDesk in just a few minutes, even if you don’t know anything about servers or code.
Automatically produce reports on tickets, searches, article views, and more with BeDesk.
High speed: BeDesk is pre-installed with blazing-fast speed and page load time and is very lightweight.
Envato login, validation of purchase codes, earnings reporting, automated item import, and more are all part of the optional Envato module.
Management of Knowledge Bases—Use a robust HTML editor to write articles and organize your knowledge base using tags and categories.
Visual Editor: Modify text, graphics, and colors. Use the robust appearance editor to manage menus, SEO tags, and more with a live preview.
Get BeDrive ready for translation right from the admin area. No additional apps or settings files are required.
The BeDesk platform is responsive, meaning it adapts to the screen size of any device.
Being open source means that you may change it however you want (or employ a freelancer to do it) since the source code is fully accessible and not encrypted or obfuscated.
Pay once and get a license that lasts a lifetime. There aren’t any hidden costs.
The manual comes with extensive offline instructions. From setup to the various functions, it explains everything.
Allow users to log in with popular third-party sites (Google, Facebook, Twitter, Envato, etc.) with the social login feature.
Exquisite Design—a meticulously crafted design that adheres to Google’s material design criteria.
Elasticsearch, Algolia, MySQL, and many more integrated providers make this search engine powerful.
The body of the ticket is written using a rich text editor, which has many useful features such as the ability to upload files, format code, insert photos, hyperlinks, undo or redo actions, drafts, and prepare answers.
Dark Mode: BeDesk has both light and dark themes already installed. Using the appearance editor, you can make complete changes or even add new themes.
In the “User Settings,” users may alter frequently used parameters such as their timezone, language, nation, and more.
Users and agents may be assigned to teams, organizations, corporations, and more using the flexible role structure.
Pages—Use the HTML editor to create your own pages, such as a privacy policy or terms of service.
Editor for Menus—Without knowing how to code, you can simply drag and drop items to change the menus on any page of the site.
Site for Demonstrations
The BeDesk demo site is accessible at this URL.

Take into consideration that some features (such as removing people, modifying settings, sending emails, etc.) may be inaccessible or malfunctioning due to the fact that the sample site is shared by numerous users.

Every hour, the demo site will refresh, wiping out any content you may have made. You will be required to log in again.

A number of users have already been created.

User with administrative privileges: demo Password: [email protected]

Agent with limited access: [email protected], demo as the password

Customer with limited access: [email protected], demo

Minimum Standards
PDO Extension (default enabled) with PHP 8.1 or later
By default, the php_fileinfo extension is enabled.
Server for MySQL databases.

php Nulled Script
php Script

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