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WooCommerce B2B extension is a comprehensive wholesale solution that optimizes your store for both B2B and B2C customers. It is built by integrating 5 standalone best-selling extensions worth $300 and additional B2B features, providing more freedom to B2B merchants. The extension includes features such as an extended registration form, user roles dropdown, multiple types of registration fields, manual review and approval of new B2B user registrations, enabling default registration fields, hiding products and categories based on user roles, hiding prices and add to cart buttons, and more.

The extension also offers customizable fields dependent on user roles, such as product visibility by user roles, different pricing for different user roles, product level settings, rule-based bulk price settings, tiered pricing based on user roles, customizing table text, enforcing minimum and maximum quantity, applying discounts on standard or special prices, importing prices using CSV files, and requesting a quote and hiding prices.

Customization options include enabling/disabling tiered pricing tables, allowing customers to apply discounts on standard or special prices, and importing prices using a pre-defined CSV file format. The “request a quote” feature allows customers to request quotes for multiple products and ask for price estimates. Prices and tax display can be displayed inclusive or exclusive of taxes based on user roles, and tax exemption can be enabled for specific customers and user roles.

In summary, WooCommerce B2B extension offers a comprehensive wholesale solution for optimizing your store for B2B and B2C customers. It includes features like B2B customer registration, product visibility by user roles, tiered pricing, import prices using CSV files, and tax exemption options.

The plugin offers a range of features to help merchants manage their tax exemption requests. It allows the admin to manually review and approve tax exemption requests, or auto-approve them. A custom message can be displayed on the checkout page to notify users that tax exemption is available and they can submit a request. The plugin also allows for the restriction of shipping methods by user roles, enabling or disabling these methods for B2B and B2C customers.

The plugin also allows for order amount and quantity restrictions by user roles, allowing merchants to limit customers from purchasing below or beyond the specific order amount and quantity. This feature can be applied on the cart sub-total or total amount.

The plugin also includes registration features, such as adding unlimited extra fields to registration forms, showing field data on a user’s “My Account” page and in registration emails, and selecting from auto or manual approval for user roles. It also supports multiple field types, automatic email notifications, and tiered pricing by user roles.

Tax exemption features allow all or selected user roles to claim tax exemption, display tax exemption forms in “my account,” and approve/disapprove tax exemption requests. The store admin can also review tax exemption requests from the back-office, and the plugin can display tax exemption details in admin order detail pages, customers order detail pages, and order emails.

The plugin also includes five included extensions:

1. Product visibility: Displays customizable restriction messages on the checkout page.
2. Shipping methods: Adds fields to the default WooCommerce registration form.
3. Payment methods: Limits order amount and quantity based on user roles and customers.
4. Tax exemption features: Allows tax exemption requests for all or selected user roles.

B2B for WooCommerce nulled plugin WooCommerce B2B is a comprehensive wholesale solution that enables you to optimize your shop for both B2B and B2C clients. WooCommerce team selected and trusted by thousands of clients. There’s no need to open a separate shop for your B2B and wholesale clients.
B2B for WooCommerce offers more mature features since it is designed by combining our five standalone best-selling extensions worth $300 and extra B2B capabilities. Instead than only providing basic advertising tools, this extension goes further and gives B2B sellers greater flexibility.

Because of our strong desire to serve the B2B industry, we have prioritized our B2B expansion. We are constantly developing, introducing new features and incorporating new extensions essential to B2B clients.

B2B for WooCommerce nulled plugin has the following features:
Allow B2B registrations by expanding the usual registration form.
To the usual registration form, add a user roles option and other fields.
Add a variety of registration fields (dropdown, text, multi-select, radio-button, and so on).
Review and approve new B2B user registrations manually.
Enable the registration fields by default.
Hide items and categories depending on the responsibilities of the users.
Hide the pricing and the add to cart button.
Hide for visitors, particular user roles, or specific goods and categories.
Replace the “add to cart” button with a “quote” button as an option.
Customize quotation form fields and include a mini-quote option.
Include the proposed pricing option with the quote.
Add as many fields as you like to the quotation submission form.
Convert a quotation into an order
Set different pricing for various user roles.
Configure tiered pricing depending on user roles and consumers.
Prices may be imported using a CSV file.
Include customer-specific pricing.
To special or standard rates, use role-based pricing.
Prices are shown included or exclusive of taxes dependent on user roles.
Customers and user roles who are exempt from paying taxes
Limit shipping methods based on user roles.
Limit payment methods based on user roles.
Order amount and quantity should be limited depending on user roles and customers.
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See the detailed characteristics listed below.

Customer registration for business-to-business transactions
Convert your default registration form into a B2B and B2C registration form. To gather more information from B2B (and B2C) clients, add checkboxes, radio buttons, file upload options, dropdown menus, and seven other sorts of custom fields. Maintain a clean registration form by displaying fields only when necessary, and decide whether to manually examine and accept B2B registration requests. B2B Registration is also offered as a separate product on this page.

Role-dependent Fields

Product visibility according to user roles
You may block items and categories from specified user roles and show a custom error message when someone attempts to access a restricted product or category via a direct link with the WooCommerce B2B plugin. Hide or reveal certain goods and categories to specific user roles to improve catalog visibility for B2B clients. You may also keep goods and categories hidden from non-logged-in users. Product Visibility by User Roles is also available as a separate product, which you can purchase here.

Product Visibility by User Role in B2B

Different rates for Different User Roles: You may specify different rates for different user roles and customers using the Role based Pricing functionality. For each user role, set a minimum and maximum order quantity. B2B for WooCommerce has five distinct price options, which are as follows:

Decide on a predetermined price.
Increase in percentage
drop in percentage
Increase that is fixed
Fixed reduction
As a separate role-based pricing plugin, various rates for different user roles are also available here.


Product Level Configuration:

From the product edit page, you can change the pricing of your products for each user role and client. Multiple rows may be added to add various prices for different clients, user roles, and quantity ranges (tiered pricing).

Bulk Price Setting Using Rules:

With rule-based administration, you may change pricing for certain goods and categories in bulk. Multiple rows may be added to add various prices for different clients, user roles, and quantity ranges (tiered pricing).

WooCommerce B2B plugin has a built-in tiered/volume pricing functionality that enables you to define various rates for different quantities and assign them to certain customers and user roles. The extension options allow you to activate or disable the tiered pricing table.


Customize the table, error message, and quantity enforced:

The table text may be customized by utilizing variables for minimum quantity, maximum quantity, and price. You may also specify a minimum and maximum amount so that customers cannot purchase more than what is specified. If you do nothing, the basic price will be applied to all units.


Use the following discounts on ordinary or special prices:

You may use role-based pricing on either special or normal prices. For example, if you currently have a special pricing for a product that offers a 15% discount, you may want the role-based 20% discount to be applied to the ordinary price rather than the special price.


Prices may be imported using a CSV file.
You may use a CSV file to import role-based and customer-specific pricing with the WooCommerce plugin. Use a predefined CSV file format to import pricing for each product and variant.

Requesta quote and conceal pricing
WooCommerce B2B has a robust “request a quote” functionality that allows you to hide pricing from specified user roles and replace their “add to cart” buttons with a “Add to Quote” one. Customers will be able to get quotations and pricing estimates for several goods. Request a quotation is also offered as a separate product on this page.

You may:

Hide particular product pricing and “add to cart” buttons.
Prices are replaced with personalized content.
Only show pricing to visitors and particular user roles.
Form fields for quotes may be customized.
View customer quotations submitted from the backend.

Prices and Tax show: Based on user roles, you may now show prices including or excluding of taxes. You may, for example, offer prices inclusive of taxes to regular consumers and prices excluding of taxes to wholesalers.


Tax exemption: You may exempt specified customers and user roles from paying taxes. When consumers are tax exempt, you have the option of automatically removing the tax or enabling a checkout that allows customers to remove the tax on a per-order basis. Because not all purchases placed by a single consumer are always qualified for tax relief. Tax Exempt for WooCommerce may also be purchased as a stand-alone addon.

Store administrators may additionally post a tax exemption request form on “My Account” to allow consumers to seek tax exemptions.

These requests may be manually reviewed and approved by the administrator. The admin may also opt to approve these requests automatically.

On the checkout page, a personalized message may be shown to inform consumers that tax exemption is possible and that they can submit a request. This message may be shown to visitor users and specified user roles at the discretion of the administrator.


Shipping methods may be restricted based on user roles: You can activate and disable shipping methods for each user role. You may use this functionality to manage your delivery methods for both B2B and B2C clients.

Payment methods may be restricted by user roles. You can enable/disable payment methods for each user role. You may setup alternative payment methods for B2B and B2C clients with this capability.

Order amount and quantity limits based on user roles: You may limit order amount and quantity based on user roles and customers using this functionality. This feature allows retailers to prevent clients from buying items that are less than or more than the specified order amount and quantity. Set a limit on the cart’s sub-total or total amount.

Detailed features include:
Registration options include:

Add as many additional fields as you like to your registration form.
Fill in the blanks on WordPress and WooCommerce registration forms.
Display field data on the “My Account” page of a user and in registration emails.
Choose from 14 different field kinds.
Show one or more custom fields in the admin order detail page and order email.
Select whether or not to include a “user roles” dropdown option on your registration form.
In the dropdown, show all or specified user roles.
Choose between auto and manual approval for user roles.
Approve new user registrations manually.
Send administrators and consumers automatic email alerts.
All third-party user role extensions are supported.
Add fields that are dependent on user roles.
Enable the registration fields by default.
Product visibility based on user role:

Hide goods based on user roles
Hide categories based on user roles.
For guest users, hide goods and categories.
Redirect prohibited visitors to a different URL or display a customized error message
Request a quotation and conceal the price:

Make a comprehensive quote management system.
Show the “Add to Quote” button for selected goods.
Display the quote button to visitors and specified user roles
Replace “Add to Cart” with the new “Quote” button or a custom button and link.
Option to conceal the price and replace it with custom text
Add many things to the quotation basket.
Maintain items in a little quotation basket, similar to a mini cart.
Change the wording on the Quote button
Add an infinite number of fields to the quotation submission form (New).
Fields may be sorted and made necessary or optional.
Multiple field kinds (text, email, numeric, dropdown, checkbox, and more) are supported. (New)
Email alerts sent automatically to administrators and customers
Adapt quote submission messages
Redirect after submitting the quotation form
Add a quotation to many menus.
Assign a state to the quotation (pending, in progress, canceled, etc.). (New)
Send email alerts to customers when their status changes (New)
Create backend quotations and send them to customers (New)
(New) Quote to Order Conversion
Allow consumers to make price offers (New)
The ability to display the normal pricing in the quote basket, my account, and quote emails (New)
Insert hidden quotation and price into order (New)
Disable the quotation request button for a particular product variant (New)
Override and personalize email templates, quote basket, and quote detail page (New)
Compatible with page builder plugins (for more information, read the documentation).
Pricing dependent on roles

Individual customer and user role price should be adjusted.
Set a set price for your product.
Price increase by a set or percentage amount
Price reduction by a set or percentage amount
Price changes at the product level
Add rules to adjust pricing for certain goods or categories in bulk.
Compatibility with product variants
Set the minimum and maximum order quantities.
In the event of a price rise, replace the old price.
Remove the old price and replace it with the new price as a special offer.
Set the start and end dates for each pricing rule.
Hide the price and add to cart for users who are not signed in, as well as particular user roles &
Replace the pricing with custom wording and the add to cart button with a new custom button and link.
Configure the role-based pricing application for normal or customized pricing.
Use a CSV file to import customer and role-based pricing.
Pricing tiers based on user roles:

Set up volume discounts depending on user roles and individual customers.
It is applicable to both simple and variable goods.
Display or hide the price table
Customize the language in the price table and enforce minimum and maximum quantities.
Tax Exempt Benefits:

Allow all or a subset of user roles to get tax breaks.
Show the tax exemption form in “my account”
Form fields may be customized.
Display the status of tax exemptions in “my account” – pending, rejected, or authorized.
From the back-office users’ area, the shop admin may examine tax exemption requests.
Tax exemption petitions may be approved or denied by the shop administrator.
Include an expiration date for tax exemption.
Email alerts for admin when the tax exemption form is submitted Email notifications for consumers when tax exemption requests are approved or rejected
Display tax exemption information on the admin order detail page, the client order detail page, and the order email.
Admin may provide tax exemption status to chosen clients from the back-office (no tax information is required).
Allow guests to claim tax breaks.
Personalize notification messages
Cart quantity and amount restrictions:

Order amount and quantity are limited depending on user roles and customers.
Include the minimum and maximum quantities, as well as the amount range.
Display a personalized restriction notice in the basket or at checkout.
Other characteristics include:

Limit shipping methods based on user roles.
Limit payment methods based on user roles.
Prices are shown included or exclusive of taxes dependent on user roles.
Is it possible for the plugin to store fields on my account page?

Yes, your consumer may locate these discoveries on the “My Account” tab.

Can I use this plugin to generate several registration forms?

No, this plugin merely extends the usual WooCommerce registration form with new fields.

Does the product visibility function conceal the menu’s category links?

It does not currently conceal links from the menu; we are trying to integrate this in a subsequent edition; as soon as we do, we will update this page.

List of 5 included extensions:






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