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AX Social Stream is a WordPress plugin that allows users to display multiple social media pages, groups, and accounts with multiple feed options in a stylish manner. With 33 feed possibilities and 13+ types of feeds, AX Social Stream supports 13+ social networks, including Deviantart, Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Flickr, Vimeo, RSS, SoundCloud, VK, and WordPress. The plugin can be easily customized using the theme manager and/or custom CSS stylesheets.

The plugin supports 13+ social networks, including Deviantart, Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Flickr, Vimeo, RSS, SoundCloud, VK, and WordPress. Users can add their social media stream to their website using the WPBakery Page Builder panel, Elementor panel, or Cornerstone page builder panel. The plugin is fully responsive, making it suitable for mobile-friendly websites.

Feed options include wall posts on Facebook pages, pictures from Facebook albums, images from Facebook pages, videos on Facebook pages, latest tweets from Twitter users, Instagram posts, most recent uploads made by users on YouTube, and most recent public Pins from users on Pinterest.

AX Social Stream nulled plugin

For website owners who want a simple way to display all of their social networking activity in a single social stream on their website, AX Social Stream is a WordPress nulled plugin.

Using this plugin, you can display multiple social media pages, groups, and accounts with multiple feed options in an eye-catching and stylish manner. You can choose from 8 different layouts, including Wall, Grid, Carousel, Timeline, Rotating Feed, Sticky Rotating Feed, Ajax Tabbed Feed, and Sticky Ajax Tabbed

Feed. To your social stream, you can add as many Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, or Instagram profiles as you’d like.

It has roughly 33 feed possibilities and supports 13+ types of feeds that are still expanding.

The Twitter postings from your Social Stream can be favorited, retweeted, or replied to by your visitors. They can even share your messages on their social media accounts. They can even use a search term or social network to filter your social stream.

Using the theme manager and/or custom CSS stylesheets, you may further customize the look of your Social Stream to make it seem especially good on your website.

Please review all of the features that are offered, such as the sections on feed options and social API restrictions.

Principal Uses:

  • to provide your visitors with a one stream that contains all of your social network updates, images, videos, and news from various social network accounts.
  • to combine several social network accounts with different profiles into a single social stream.
  • to turn your website into a multi-network photo or video gallery.
  • to integrate several RSS feeds into a news stream that appears on your website.
  • to build a social network stream on your website from Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, or VK that is relevant to a particular hashtag or search term across various social media platforms.
  • to organize your WordPress posts into a social stream according to tags or categories.
Principal attributes:

8 DIFFERENT DISPLAY LAYOUTS: Ajax Tabbed Feed, Sticky Ajax Tabbed Feed, Rotating Feed, Grid, Carousel, Timeline, Wall (Masonry).

13 AND GROWING SOCIAL NETWORKS ARE SUPPORTED: Deviantart, Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Flickr, Vimeo, RSS, SoundCloud, VK, and WordPress.

  • Use your social media stream on a page or post.
  • Integrate your social media feed with a WordPress theme file.
  • Assign a widget to your social stream.
  • Using the WPBakery Page Builder panel, add your social stream.
  • Using the Elementor panel, add your social stream.
  • Using the Cornerstone page builder panel, add your social stream.

Because the plugin is entirely responsive, you can use it on mobile-friendly websites.

Feature for managing ads:

The ability to see a block of advertisements on your social stream next to social media posts.

SLIDESHOW PRESENTATION VIEW: This feature allows social media content to be shown on large screens during presentations in a full lightbox slideshow.

FEED OPTIONS: Wall posts on Facebook pages.

  • Pictures from Facebook albums.
  • Images from Facebook pages.
  • Videos on Facebook pages.
  • latest Tweets from a Twitter user.
  • Tweets are listed on Twitter.
  • Twitter searches for hashtagged tweets. (Refer to the section on limits)
  • Users of Instagram share both images and videos.
  • Posts on Instagram can be found by tags. (Refer to the section on limits)
  • most recent uploads made by users on YouTube.
  • public playlists uploaded on YouTube.
  • Use a phrase to search YouTube.
  • Recent posts from users on Tumblr that include regular, photo, video, audio, link, quote, and chat postings.
  • newest public Pins from users on Pinterest.
  • the most recent public Pins on Pinterest from a particular social stream.
  • most recent public photostream uploads from Flickr users.
  • Public photostream submissions from a Flickr group.
  • Public feed for Flickr Photoset/Album.
  • Users’ public feeds on Vimeo include: a. videos; b. likes; c. appeared in; d. all videos; e. subscriptions; f. albums; g. channels; and h. groups.
  • latest deviations from users on Deviantart.
  • Public feed tracks by a SoundCloud user.
  • User or communal wall feed on VK.
  • RSS feed URL most recent entries.

Additional Features

  • Automatic updates and plugin license.
  • handling several IDs on a single network.
  • handling several feeds on a single network.
  • Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, VK, and WordPress all have buttons that say “load more items.”
    endless scroll function to load additional features.
  • Lazy loading of images feature.
  • Ability to switch between photographs on the social stream loading slowly and quickly.
  • Possibility of receiving particular post sets for Facebook page feed. posts made on this page by this page, by other people, or by both.
  • the ability to view postings on Facebook at a specific time.
  • the ability to get tweets from Twitter within a specified date range.
  • letting the user add controls to the spinning feed slider so they may start and stop it.
  • The Social Stream results can be sorted either randomly or by the item’s date.
  • The ability to show the date on things in various formats.
  • limiting the maximum quantity of results that the Social Stream will show.
  • limiting the number of words that can be displayed for each item in the Social Stream’s title and description.
  • Social feeds are cached with a defined cache time to speed up downloads.
  • Long text block: click the link to read more.
  • the option to open links in a lightbox, parent, or new window.
  • Links can have their follow or nofollow status changed.
  • launching a lightbox window with pictures and movies.
  • Overlay of a video symbol on social stream video content.
  • defining the rotating feed’s direction, pace, and length of animation.
  • The ability to define the rotate delay and filter direction for Wall, as well as to enable and disable animation.
  • Possibility of modifying the wall’s column spacing.
  • One option is to allow the blocks to resize and adjust to fill the space in the wall.
  • Timeline display options include one column and browser screen width.
  • You can add a share button to your website for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn articles.
  • The ability to like, retweet, and respond to tweets from your social stream.
  • six pre-installed templates.
  • manager of themes.
  • letting choice among various themes.
  • enabling back-end theme customization.
  • putting hooks into place for theme customization.
  • Control the text label display on goods with this feature.
  • personalization of social network iconography and colors.
  • altering the post type icons.
  • customization of the background image, font color, border color, border size, and background color of the Social Stream body in all display modes.
  • Customization of the border color, border size, and background color of Social Stream items across all display modes.
  • Customization of the headline font color and background color of the Social Stream header for a revolving feed.
  • enabling the feed block opener image to be defined.
  • Choose the Social Stream’s font size.
  • On your website, place your widget in four separate places.
  • showing the amount of Facebook and Instagram likes.
  • showing the quantity of comments on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.
  • Display the most current comments on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.
  • In lightbox slideshow mode, automatically trigger show comments.
  • enabling the feed block’s width and height to be set.
  • enabling the setting of an image’s width and height for thumbnails and pictures.
  • letting users choose the height and width of videos.
  • The ability to customize the width and height of a wall layout.
  • The ability to define responsive breakpoints for wall objects according on container or browser width.
  • Choice of how each item’s image will be displayed (expanded or boxed).
  • Possibility of permitting picture loading via https.
  • the option to choose which content blocks to include in each Social Stream output item.
  • the option to set up several Social Streams on your website.
  • the ability to include several Social Streams on a single webpage.
  • having the option to pin a post to the top of the social stream.

The option to take a post down from the Social Stream

  • the option to specify how many items each slide in a carousel layout displays for a range of screen sizes.
  • A feature that allows carousel components to have a customized height.
  • enabling shortcode modifications to Social Stream properties.
  • By social network, sorting the content in the Social Stream.
  • Use a search term or tag button to filter the Social Stream content.
  • Sorting the filter network icons is possible.
  • Customization of filtering buttons is a feature.
  • The ability to turn off particular filtering buttons.
  • Multiple keyword addition is a feature of the custom filtering tabs.
  • multibyte character set languages are supported.
  • The ability to show social media stream items in a lightbox slideshow.
  • Integrated with WPBakery Page Builder and Cornerstone.
  • responsive lightbox window with auto-resizing.
  • A feature that turns shared Facebook links into embedded content.
  • The ability to show Twitter embed URLs in a personalized manner.
  • the ability to alter the grid layout’s size.
  • the ability to set up an API connection proxy.
  • online debug log.
  • Completely documented, including all instances.
  • Completely inline descriptions for plugins.
  • More than ten languages (English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Ukrainian, Danish, Thai, and Turkish) can be
  • translated over po/mo files, and Gettext translation editors allow for further extension.
  • compatible with the servers of WordPress.com.

Limitations on Social APIs

The restrictions described below are imposed by social network APIs and have limited our ability to develop this plugin further.

The feed that is available to you is limited to Facebook pages, groups, or users that you have linked to the plugin. For information on how to link your Facebook account to the plugin, see this post.

Protect my Tweets should not be enabled on your Twitter account.

Only anything published within the recent seven days can be retrieved via the Twitter hashtag search API. Put otherwise, if you receive a feed based on a hashtag or search keyword, no tweets older than a week will be found.

The picture data needed for retweets is not provided by the Twitter API.

Only the Instagram feeds that you have linked to the plugin are available to you. To find out how to link your Instagram account to the plugin, see this post.

You can query a maximum of 30 distinct hashtags on behalf of an Instagram Business or Creator Account within a rolling 7-day period on Instagram when you receive a feed by hashtag or search phrase.

The original shared item will not be included in re-posted content on Pinterest.

Technical specifications:

  • PHP 7.2.5 or later is required for the plugin to function.
  • WordPress 5.0.0 or later is required for the plugin to function.
  • PHP’s multibyte string extension AND iconv extension (which is enabled by default) are both needed for this plugin.
  • The XML extension for PHP is necessary and is enabled by default.
  • The cURL extension for PHP is advised; it is enabled by default.
  • Installable plugin for AX Social Stream is included in the package.
  • Complete files for documentation in HTML format.
  • Every asset is in the form of layered PSD files.

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