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AutomateWoo is a powerful automation tool that allows you to create a wide range of automated workflows within WooCommerce. It consists of Triggers, Rules, and Actions, which determine the circumstances in which the workflow will run. Triggers determine the circumstances in which the workflow will run, while Rules allow you to perform more advanced logic on your workflows. Actions define what happens when a workflow is triggered, such as sending an email or changing order statuses.

AutomateWoo features include follow-up emails, abandoned cart emails, review rewards, wishlist marketing, birthday emails, card expiry notifications, personalized coupons, subscription automation, bookings automation, referrals, and VIP status. It offers easy setup and management from your WordPress backend, allowing you to send emails immediately using the template already set up for WooCommerce transactional emails.

AutomateWoo also offers targeted, multi-step campaigns and customer incentives, tracking opens, clicks, and conversions, intelligent session tracking, pre-submit email capture, unlimited email sending, developer-friendly support, WPML support, integrations with plugins and services, and more. It can manage subscriptions, memberships, bookings, points and rewards, and wishlists.

Add-ons like AutomateWoo’s Refer A Friend add-on and birthday emails can boost word-of-mouth sales and organic sales. The platform also supports various plugins and services, making it an ideal tool for businesses looking to grow their store efficiently.

AutomateWoo nulled plugin Grow your shop and generate more money with AutomateWoo.
Using the robust, feature-rich automations provided in AutomateWoo, you can construct an almost limitless number of automated processes to help you develop your business with a fraction of the effort!

AutomateWoo nulled plugin AutomateWoo enables you to construct Workflows, which are composed of various combinations of Triggers, Rules, and Actions inside WooCommerce.
Triggers provide the situations under which the process will execute. An example trigger might be to perform something when an order is placed.
Rules enable you to apply more complex logic to your processes, ensuring that they only activate in certain scenarios. An example rule would be to only activate the process for orders totaling more than $100.
Actions specify what occurs when a process is initiated. AutomateWoo offers a variety of configurable actions, such as sending emails, updating order statuses, and, if you are a developer, defining a custom function.
Once you’ve developed your process, you may schedule it to execute at any time. Whether immediately, after a certain time, or even on a certain hour or day of the week.

AutomateWoo nulled plugin Convert and keep consumers with marketing that performs the heavy lifting for you.

Sending appealing follow-up emails may help to automate and enhance client interactions.

Set up abandoned cart emails in WooCommerce – with a 63% probability of recovering a lost transaction, sending abandoned cart emails is one of the most effective techniques to expand your shop.

AutomateWoo Features
Follow-Up Emails – Send an email to customers who purchase certain goods, asking for a review or recommending other things they would like.
Abandoned Cart – Send emails to consumers who have left things in their cart at defined intervals.
Win Back Inactive consumers: Use email marketing campaigns to target inactive consumers. Include special promotions and suggestions.
SMS alerts – Send SMS alerts to customers or administrators for any of AutomateWoo’s many triggers.
Review Rewards – Offer incentives to encourage customers to write product reviews. Limit the discount depending on the number of reviews written and the rating provided.
Wishlist Marketing – Send timed wishlist reminder emails and get notified when a desired product is on sale. Integrates with WooCommerce Wishlists and YITH Wishlist.
Birthday Emails – Use the AutomateWoo Birthdays Add-on to delight customers with a personalized WooCommerce birthday email and discount (separate purchase required).
Card Expiry Notifications – Notify clients before their stored credit or debit card expires. This may help decrease failed payments and churn when selling subscriptions.
Personalized Coupons – Create dynamic, tailored coupons for clients to increase buy rates.
Subscriptions Automation – Handle WooCommerce subscription events including status changes, failed payments, and renewal reminders.
Booking Automations – Send email notifications when WooCommerce Bookings events occur, such as booking confirmation or completion.
Increase word-of-mouth sales with the AutomateWoo Refer A Friend Add-on (separate purchase).
Automatic VIP – Reward your top clients with VIP status depending on their spending levels.
Why use AutomateWoo?
Easy setup and control directly from your WordPress backend.
Start sending emails right now, using the WooCommerce transactional email template that has already been set up. Design emails using the traditional WordPress editor, which is augmented with variables that allow you to enter items with a number of display choices as well as dynamic content.

Send customized, multi-step marketing with consumer incentives.
AutomateWoo provides you full control over your marketing. Schedule various emails to be delivered at regular intervals or upon certain client interactions, and use the tailored coupon system to give rewards.

Track openings, clicks, and conversions.
AutomateWoo enhances WooCommerce reporting – use the various reports offered in AutomateWoo to assess the effectiveness of your campaigns. You may also see a complete history of each email sent and conversion tracked.

Intelligent session monitoring and pre-submission email capture
AutomateWoo’s session tracking engine can recognize registered users even before they sign in, and it can harvest visitor emails during checkout using the standard pre-submit approach. Guest emails may be collected from any form on your website, including the newsletter signup.

Unlimited Email Sending
Many providers charge depending on email traffic, but AutomateWoo eliminates the risk of exceeding your plan.

Developer friendly.
AutomateWoo is fully expandable, and we provide code samples in our documentation to help developers get started.

WPML Support
Need to send multilingual emails? AutomateWoo includes compatibility for the popular WPML plugin.

AutomateWoo interacts with your favourite plugins and services, providing you the marketing advantage you need.

Manage subscriptions in WooCommerce plugin Subscriptions with ease. AutomateWoo allows you to construct routines based on subscription events like status changes or renewal payment failures.
AutomateWoo can help you take your WooCommerce memberships to the next level. Set up processes to send follow-up emails automatically, reward loyal clients with VIP status, and monitor membership cancelation rates.
WooCommerce Bookings: Integrate WooCommerce Bookings with AutomateWoo to enhance your customers’ experience, reduce cancellations, and even upsell them once they book with automatic booking confirmation or completion emails.
WooCommerce Points & Rewards: Use AutomateWoo to build automated processes that reward particular customer activities and allow you to quickly design complicated reward situations. Giving points is an excellent approach to increase loyalty.
Supercharge your WooCommerce Wishlists. Use AutomateWoo’s custom triggers to alert consumers when goods on their wishlist are on sale, as well as send reminders for unpurchased items at various intervals to bring them back to your site.
And many more.
Active Campaign
AgileCRM Campaign Monitor
MadMimi and Mailchimp
Twilio SMS: YITH Wishlist
AutomateWoo Add-ons
Refer a Friend. Increase your word-of-mouth sales with the AutomateWoo Refer A Friend Add-on.
Birthdays – On their special day, delight customers and increase organic sales by sending them a unique WooCommerce birthday email and discount.

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