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Advanced Floating Content nulled plugin 3.7.8

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Advanced Floating Content is a powerful WordPress plugin designed for streamlined advertising and customization. It offers a user-friendly interface, allowing users to easily access essential functions without the need for extra tools. The plugin allows users to create eye-catching notifications, display information using shortcodes, and incorporate third-party widgets and advertisements. It also features a sophisticated text editor for creating and displaying bespoke content. The plugin’s attributes include advertising and promotions, control impressions, video embedding, social media sharing, peak responsiveness, HTML control, content control anywhere, flexible application, easy monitoring, simple customization, user control, and an efficient code. The plugin also includes a theme builder for creating beautiful floating content themes, unlimited themes/layouts, and the ability to hide floating content on narrow screens. With Advanced Floating Content, users can easily manage their website’s performance and customize their content to suit their needs. The plugin is available for just $160, saving 40% on the Extended License.

Advanced Floating Content nulled plugin

Boost Your Website with the Best nulled WordPress Plugin for Effortless Advertising: Advanced Floating Content.

With Advanced Floating Content, the best all-in-one plugin built for adaptability, unlock the possibilities of your website. Our user-friendly interface makes it simple to access essential functions without the need for extra tools.

Our plugin can be used to create eye-catching notifications and announcements, display different types of information with the help of shortcodes like as image galleries, sliders, and contact forms, or easily incorporate third-party widgets and advertisements. With our sophisticated text editor, creating and displaying bespoke content is even easier.

You can arrange your floating material to appear and disappear automatically based on precise start and finish dates, or you can opt to just embed videos from well-known sites. The choice is entirely yours.

Save 40% right now on the Extended License by purchasing it for just $160, which is $100 less than the list price.

The administrator’s statistics make it simple to keep an eye on your floating content’s performance and make sure it satisfies your viewing needs.

Advanced Floating Content’s attributes include:

Advertising and Promotions: For your commercial promotions, make use of Advanced Floating Content.

One Plugin for Many Uses: This flexible plugin lets you easily display a variety of content kinds, such as:

Control Impressions:

From the plugin admin panel, activate the control impressions option to keep track of the impressions of your floating content or banner. The information or banner won’t reappear on the end-user’s website once they close it.

Video Embedding:

You can incorporate films straight into your website from well-known sites like Vimeo, Daily Motion, and YouTube. They are able to flow naturally into your topic.

Social media Sharing:

With just one click, you can quickly and easily integrate well-known Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn icons on your website, making social media sharing a snap.

Peak Responsiveness:

The plugin has the highest level of responsiveness, adapting to various devices—including tablets and smartphones—automatically.

HTML Control:

If you are familiar with HTML and CSS, you can use the WordPress default editor to modify your content and create beautiful floating content for your website.

Content Control Anywhere:

You are in total control of where on your website your floating content appears. Using a straightforward interface, you can decide whether to show it on every page of the website or just certain pages, posts, or categories.

Flexible Application:

You can include a number of unique or promotional advanced content pieces on your sites, posts, blog, or anyplace else you’d like.

Easy Monitoring:

From the plugin admin area, you can monitor the total impressions for any floating content element.

Simple Customization:

Use the WordPress editor to create your content and take use of the many customization possibilities available for each floating content piece.

Easy ways to display or conceal the close or cover button on content make it user-friendly.

User Control:

By pressing the close button, end users are able to close any content element.

Effortless code:

The plugin’s code is light-hearted, straightforward, and manageable.

Theme Builder:

You can now quickly and easily design beautiful floating content themes with the addition of a theme builder. It comes free of charge with the plugin.

Unlimited Themes/Layouts:

Use the theme builder to create an infinite number of nulled themes and layouts for your floating content.

Hide Floating Content on Narrow Screens:

Don’t hide floating content on screens that are too wide for all mobile devices; instead, target just a subset of them.

Control Content Visibility at Particular Screen Height: Give your website a dynamic touch by displaying floating content based on page scroll height.

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