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Advanced Database Cleaner Pro nulled plugin 3.2.9

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The Advanced Database Cleaner Pro nulled plugin is a powerful tool for WordPress users looking to optimize their database. It helps remove remnants of plugins and themes, such as orphan tables, options, and cron tasks, which can negatively impact the website’s performance. The Professional version of the plugin offers various features to help users clean up their database, including organizing posts, cleaning up comments, eliminating orphaned metadata, and eliminating expired transients.

The plugin also allows users to view and display tables, manage options, view and manage cron tasks, and obtain an overview of activities within the database. It also automatically executes cleanups based on user preferences, minimizing the database’s size and enabling faster backups.

The primary features of the PRO version include recognizing and eliminating isolated options, identifying and deleting orphaned tables, determining and eliminating isolated cron tasks, and scanning and editing specific objects or items. The plugin also offers search and filtering options, tables, and cron tasks using criteria like “name,” “creator,” and “value.”

Technical assistance is available to help users efficiently clean their database without compromising the integrity of their critical data. The free version of the Advanced Database Cleaner Pro is available for download at wordpress.org.

Advanced Database Cleaner Pro nulled plugin

Cleansing your database can enhance the performance of your website. Are you aware that even after a plugin or theme is removed from your WordPress  website, some of its remnants may persist in your database? For example, orphan tables, orphan options, and orphan cron tasks. It is possible that you are aware that not all plugins and themes prioritize the maintenance of your WordPress nulled themes database. The efficacy of your website will be impacted by the accumulation of remnants in your database as you continue to remove modules and themes. In order to optimize the efficacy of table access and reduce the size of your database, it is recommended that you eliminate this superfluous data. Furthermore, your backup files will be compact and more efficient.
The Professional version of Advanced Database Cleaner Pro nulled plugin will assist you in eliminating all of these remnants and conducting a comprehensive database cleanup and optimization (the free version is available for download at wordpress.org).

What is the reasoning behind the use of the Advanced Database Cleaner?

Organize the Posts Table
Delete discard posts, old auto drafts, and old revisions of posts and pages. This will assist in decreasing the extent of your “posts” table.

Clean up the Comments Table
Remove pingbacks, trackbacks, spam comments, pending comments, and garbage comments. This will decrease the number of records in your “comments” table.

Eliminate orphaned metadata
Remove orphan post metadata, orphan remark metadata, orphan user metadata, orphan term metadata, and orphan relationships.

Eliminate Transients that Have Expired
Expired transients are transitory options that should not be present in your database, as they have expired. Discover additional information.

Orphaned Items: View and Display
Before conducting a database clean-up, it is imperative to review the specifics of the orphaned item in order to ensure that you are aware of the items that require cleaning.

For the past x days, retain the data.

You have the option to prevent the latest x days’ data from being cleansed and only clear data that is older than the specified number of days.

Manage and View Tables
Table information, including the number of rows and the extent of the table, is displayed. Optimize tables and rectify corrupted ones. Additionally, tables may be emptied and deleted as required.

Options Management and Viewing
List all options and their associated information, including name, value, capacity, and autoload. Adjust the autoload settings to either “no” or “yes” and remove any unnecessary options.

View and manage cron tasks
Display an inventory of active cron tasks (scheduled tasks) along with their details, including the next run and parameters. Delete and clean up scheduled duties

Obtain an overview.
The nulled plugin will assist you in gaining a comprehensive understanding of the activities occurring within your database. It will compile a list of all items that are either unused or deserted and require cleaning.

The plugin will automatically execute a cleanup/optimization based on your preferences. There is no requirement to perform the task manually on each occasion.

Minimize the extent of the database
By purging unused/orphaned items, you will have the ability to save space in your database and perform backups more quickly, as the backup file will be smaller.

The primary features are exclusively accessible in the PRO version.

Recognize and eliminate isolated options
Your website’s efficacy may be adversely affected by the presence of orphaned options in your ‘wp_options’ table… Clean up deserted options is subsequently crucial.

Identification and deletion of orphaned tables
Your database may contain obsolete tables that were generated by extensions or themes that are no longer in use. Cleaning up orphaned tables will enhance performance.

Determine and eliminate isolated cron tasks
A few of the cron duties associated with a plugin or theme may remain active after its removal, resulting in WordPress contacting functions that are not familiar to it. They ought to be cleaned up by you.

Categorization Scanning and Editing
You have the option to scan specific objects or all items in order to determine to which plugin/theme they belong. The value of “belongs to” can also be adjusted.

Anything can be searched and filtered.
Several criteria, including the “name,” “creator,” and “value,” can be used to search and filter options, tables, and cron tasks.

Technical Assistance
We will offer technical and custom support to assist you in the efficient cleanup of your database without compromising the integrity of your critical data.

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