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Acelle Mail is a self-hosted, open-source Email Marketing Web Application written in PHP/Laravel that allows users to send high-volume marketing emails via their own server or through other email service providers. It is designed as a SaaS platform, allowing users to manage and sell their email services to others. Acelle Mail 4.0 now supports Zapier, an integration service that allows users to integrate and sync with various applications. It also offers an easy integration with the REST API, allowing users to manage lists, contacts, and campaigns from other applications. The application has several updates, including support for RSS campaigns, subscription forms, a new drag and drop editor, and support for Stripe recurring billing. Acelle Mail 4.0 is now available with new features such as visual automation designer, auto/recurring billing for SaaS, and a new email builder. Spintax is now fully supported for cold emails with unique content, and the integration service Zapier allows users to connect with Gmail contacts and CRM systems.

Zapier is an online automation tool that connects various apps, such as Gmail, Slack, and MailChimp, to automate repetitive tasks. Acelle Mail, a popular email marketing tool, has released several updates, including v3.0.19, v4.0.0, and v4.0.0. It now supports Paddle and most payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, Braintree, and Credit Card.

Acelle Mail offers features such as complete lists and subscribers management, easy integration with SMTP or 3rd services, fully featured automation and auto-responder, and a custom tracking domain. It allows users to send email campaigns to their lists or individuals in response to various events, such as list subscription, list unsubscription, subscriber’s birthday, and custom criteria.

The software also provides a quick and easy RESTful API for users to manage their email campaigns. It is recommended to install Acelle Mail on a dedicated server or VPS, as shared hosting environments lack advanced features required for email work. The platform also provides detailed reports on email open, clicks, bounces, and complaints, allowing users to improve their campaigns.

Acelle is an email marketing web application that offers a RESTful API for easy integration with websites or applications. It allows users to add or import contacts from other applications, keeping their mail list synchronized and up-to-date. Acelle Mail is designed as an SaaS platform, allowing users to manage and sell their email service to users. It includes an advanced email template builder, dozens of pre-built email templates, and advanced quota and throttling management. Email verification ensures a clean and valid email list, reducing bounce back and protecting the sending reputation. Acelle Mail also provides live upgrade support, allowing users to keep themselves updated without having to back up and reinstall. The webapp is fully responsive, accessible on any device, and comes with available documentation and step-by-step guidelines for cPanel/Plesk users. Acelle supports multi-threading, auto-scheduling, and powerful language and translation support. It is written in clean PHP code based on the Laravel framework, making it easy to extend or customize any part of the webapp. The application also offers multiple themes, including dark, light, red, blue, green, pink, and brown.


Acelle Nulled Script Sending bulk emails for marketing purposes may be done using Acelle Mail, an open source, self-hosted, feature-rich, and user-friendly PHP / Laravel email marketing web application. You can use it on your own server or via other SMTP email service providers.

Acelle Mail is available as a free and open source program. By installing Acelle on your own web server, you may send unlimited promotional emails. You can stop using pricey email providers like ActiveCampaign and Mailchimp since you now have complete control over your own system. Acelle may be set up to send emails using your own SMTP servers, such as Qmail, Postfix, Exim, or Sendmail. Additionally, it may be integrated with SendGrid, Mailgun, SparkPost, ElasticEmail, and Amazon SES, among other email service providers.

Because Acelle is built as a SaaS platform, you may manage and market your email services to other companies. View the operation of Acelle Mail:

Acelle – Web Application for Email Marketing – 1

Acelle Nulled Script Now that Acelle Mail is version 4.0, you can connect and sync with almost anything thanks to Zapier, an integration service! Additionally, version 4.0 has a whole new Automation process that lets you create your marketing plan graphically.

Simple REST API Integration
Acelle’s REST API offers all the integration tools developers and sophisticated users need to handle lists, contacts, campaigns, and other data synchronization with other systems or other applications.

Acelle – Web Application for Email Marketing – 2

Acelle – Web Application for Email Marketing – 3

With the brand-new layout, you can now monitor each contact’s reaction to your marketing campaign and evaluate the overall effectiveness of your campaign by examining a variety of insight reports including user engagement, click-to-open ratio, bounce/feedback rate, etc.

Acelle – Web Application for Email Marketing – 4

Acelle – Web Application for Email Marketing – 5

Acelle – Web Application for Email Marketing – 6

Acelle – Web Application for Email Marketing – 7

Acelle: Web Application for Email Marketing – 8

Acelle: Web Application for Email Marketing – 9

Campaign manager and admin view demo
Video: Activation of Acelle Mail!
Install Acelle Mail and start your first campaign in this video!
2023 News! [23 April] The RSS campaign is now operational. To add RSS material to your email, just drag & drop the RSS widget into your email builder.

NEWS! [Apr-11] It’s now simpler than ever to create stunning subscription forms! Just click to integrate and add POPUP forms to your website or landing page!

ANNOUNCEMENT! [April 01] Acelle Mail now has a completely new Drag & Drop editor. It is now simpler than ever to create attractive emails!

NEWS! [Mar-15] Nowadays, Acelle Mail uses Laravel 8. While continuing to support customers using earlier versions of PHP, we make every effort to stay current with the most recent version of the Laravel PHP framework.

NEWS! [Jan-11] With the addition of Stripe’s recurring payment capability, Acelle Mail can now automatically charge your users’ credit cards on a monthly basis.

UPDATED: [Jan-02] Acelle Mail 4.0 is available! equipped with fantastic new features including a new email builder, auto/recurring invoicing for SaaS, and a visual automation designer.

2022 News! [January 13] With complete support for Spintax, sending cold emails with UNIQUE content will improve deliverability.

Acelle – Web Application for Email Marketing – 10

NEWS! [Dec. 20] Zapier, an integration tool that lets you connect with almost anything, from your CRM system to your Gmail contacts, is now supporting Acelle Mail. Try Zapier + Acelle Mail right now!..

Acelle – Web Application for Email Marketing – 11

What is Zapier? With Zapier, you can automate tasks online and link your preferred apps—including Gmail, Slack, MailChimp, and over a thousand others—together. Without knowing code or depending on developers to create the connection, you may link two or more applications to automate repetitive processes.

Check out our official website.

2021 NEWS! [November 12] The download for Acelle Mail v3.0.19 is now accessible. Together with bug repairs, the updated version also includes a few small adjustments. For further information, please refer to the CHANGELOG that is part of the program package.

NEWS [February 10] We are pleased to present Acelle Connect©, a WordPress plugin that keeps your mail list and WordPress contacts in sync. Acelle Mail is a new add-on. Take a look at it…

NEWS: Acelle Mail v4.0.0 may now be downloaded as of February 3. Together with bug repairs, the updated version also includes a few small adjustments. For further information, please refer to the CHANGELOG that is part of the program package.

NEWS! [Jan-11] Along with the majority of payment methods, including PayPal, Stripe, Braintree, and credit card, Acelle Mail now accepts Paddle. Making payments is now simpler than ever. If you’ve never paddled before, go check it out here.

Crucial! Installing Acelle Mail on a dedicated server or virtual private server is advised. Working with emails requires some sophisticated functions, which are not present in a shared hosting environment. Additionally, as Windows is not currently supported, a Linux environment is necessary.

Acelle: Web Application for Email Marketing – 12

Whole lists and subscriber administration
Easily manage subscriptions & lists using Acelle:

Subscribers may be bulk imported from CSV or Excel

Support for single/double opt-in

unique confirmation page for subscription and unsubscription

Autoresponder for welcome/goodbye emails sent to subscribers

List segmentation assistance

Delivery monitoring and statistical reporting
Monitor the delivery of each and every email that Acelle sends out. You may always check to see whether your emails are receiving in their inboxes. Automatically recorded events such as opens, clicks, bounces, and complaints are shown using data tables and interactive charts. The many report formats offered by Acelle provide you with a wealth of insightful data that will enable you to further enhance your future campaigns.


Acelle – Web Application for Email Marketing – 13


Quick integration with third-party services or SMTP
Acelle may be set up to send emails straight from your own SMTP server, saving you money on pricey email providers like ActiveCampaign, Mailchimp, and so forth. You may take control of the whole system, from the sendmail backend to the front-end web, by installing Acelle on your server. Any capability is available to you without restriction.

Additionally, Acelle has built-in support for delivering email from any SMTP service provider or from third-party providers such as Amazon SES, SendGrid, Mailgun, ElasticEmail, and SparkPost.

Acelle – Web Application for Email Marketing – 14 Acelle – Email Marketing Web Application – 15 – 16 – 17 – 18 – 19 Acelle – Email Marketing Web Application

Completely functional auto-responder and automation
With the help of automation and auto-responder tools, you may send email campaigns to people on your list or automatically in reaction to a variety of situations.

Subscription lists
Unsubscribe from the list
The birthdate of the subscriber
subscriber-specific requirements. For example, surpassing a quota, having a balance below the minimum, the package plan expiring, etc.
Additionally, you can set up the program to automatically follow up on emails that the recipient opens or clicks. To have emails sent automatically for you, just set up your automation or auto-responder once.

Acelle: Web Application for Email Marketing – 20

Particular Tracking Domain
Acelle Mail provides an additional delivery feature called custom tracking domain. Make sure that every email link is rebuilt using the domain of your own business, so that your sender reputation is entirely your own. This significantly raises the deliverability and reputation of your emails.

Rapid and simple RESTful API
Acelle offers a RESTful API that operates on straightforward HTTP POST/GET queries. Integrating Acelle’s sending capabilities with your own websites or apps is simple and fast with our help. Adding or importing contacts from other apps is possible using our API, allowing you to maintain your mail list current and synced.

API documentation

sophisticated email template creator
Acelle Mail has hundreds of pre-built email templates and styles for you to get started with, along with a sophisticated Email Template Builder.

Acelle – Web Application for Email Marketing – 21

Acelle – Web Application for Email Marketing – 22

intended to be a SaaS framework
Additionally, Acelle Mail is made to be a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform that lets you run and market your email service to customers.

Control service-package agreements
Oversee clients and subscriptions
Integration of the Braintree payment gateway
Integration of the Stripe payment gateway
Take PayPal or credit card payments; provide advanced quota and throttle control.
Recurring billing or charging automatically
Acelle – Web Application for Email Marketing – 23

Verification of email
Email list cleanliness and proper validation are ensured by email verification, which lowers bounce back rates and safeguards your sending reputation. You may use Acelle Mail to link to third-party services such as Emailable.com and Kickbox.io in order to validate your mailing lists. Your email addresses will be assigned the appropriate status—”Deliverable,” “Undeliverable,” or “Risky”—once they have been confirmed. Since you are only sending emails to actual people with actual mailboxes, you may feel secure.

Real-time upgrading assistance
The Upgrade Manager dashboard that Acelle Mail includes makes it simple for you to update to any newer version—we release new versions every week or month. All user data is maintained, so you can stay current without having to backup and reinstall.

complete responsiveness!
Acelle becomes completely receptive. With a PC, tablet, or smartphone, you may use any device to access the Acelle online application.

Accessible records
To install Acelle Mail on your server, see the instructions that is part of the source. We also provide detailed instructions for users of Plesk and cPanel. We provide a Getting Started section to assist you in creating your first email marketing campaign with Acelle Mail if you are new to email marketing.

Include a subscribe form on your own website.
We allow you to gather subscribers for your campaign by integrating a subscription form. In other words, after a mailing list has been created, you may create and modify the form for subscribers to sign up for the list and include it into your own website, using your own logo and style.
Acelle: Web Application for Email Marketing – 24

Sending bulk mailings is now simple!
Acelle allows you to send millions of emails every day since it supports multi-threading. Acelle allows you to schedule your email campaigns automatically.

Strong language and translation assistance
Acelle has full support for localization and internationalization. For your application, you may choose the language of your choice. We make it simple for you to alter any content that appears on the website and add your own language to personalize it with your own brand!

Possibility of personalization!
Acelle is built using the Laravel framework and clear PHP code. This facilitates the customization and extension of any webapp feature. Moreover, you may create and integrate your own PHP component.

Simple but sophisticated design!
We strive to make the work flow clear and user-relevant, drawing inspiration from Mailchimp. You’ll find great satisfaction in managing your marketing.

Acelle: Web Application for Email Marketing – 25

There are many themes to choose from!
You may choose from a variety of themes using Acelle, including dark, light, red, blue, green, pink, and brown. For each user, you may choose a unique theme. Additionally, you may create your own theme and layout by extending the basic CSS.

Acelle: Web Application for Email Marketing – 26

To learn more, see the screenshots or use our LIVE sample application.



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