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short description

WPLMS is a WordPress-based Progressive Web Application (PWA) that enables users to create and manage their own online learning management systems, such as schools, MOOCs, or Academies. This evolving web application utilizes stored information, such as photos, videos, and more, to function even when disconnected from the internet. The app can be generated with a single click from the Theme panel and can be used by administrators, teachers, and students.

WPLMS offers various features, including courses, quizzes, assignments, reports, certificates, notes, discussions, questions, surveys, and packages of study. It also supports membership-based course sales through WooCommerce, PmPro, and Restrict Content Pro. Membership plugins like ARMember, Wishlist, and others are necessary for membership-based course sales.

WPLMS allows users to create and manage their own groups, send notifications, and manage their course registrations. Users can also create custom member lists, create card memberships, and use Google Drive to save and distribute files. The platform also supports a harmonic scheduler, energy KBP, and group indexing.

In summary, WPLMS is an evolving web application that allows users to create and manage their own online learning management systems, including schools, MOOCs, and Academies. It offers a user-friendly interface, customizable membership options, and a variety of features to cater to different needs and preferences.

With WPLMS theme, you can turn your WordPress site into an online learning management system. With WPLMS, you can quickly and simply establish your own School, MOOC, or Academy. WPLMS nulled theme is a WordPress-based PWA that employs the HeadLess theme for ReactJS. From the world’s largest corporations to a handful of thriving start-ups, membership on these sites may reach the millions.

  • PWA

An evolving web application. Give them the chance to set up the Progressive Web App.

  • Offline

Uses stored information (including photos, videos, and more) to function even while disconnected from the internet. The average download time is under 200 ms!

  • Desktop/Tablet/Mobile Software

The App may be generated with a single click from the Theme panel. Any site’s administrators, teachers, and students may all use the same app.

  • Courses

Build your own lessons in WPLMS nulled theme. Include different grading choices for different parts, modules, quizzes, and assignments.

  • The real-time conversation

Live chatting with other online users is embedded right into the site.

  • Instantaneous Updates

Keep people up-to-date in real time on what’s occurring on the site. Such examples include adding a new student to a class or an instructor sending out a notice.

  • Instant Messages

Online and offline push notifications (iOS Safari is currently unsupported)

  • Course Schematics

Build your course’s layout in Elementor or Divi. Course categories may have their own unique designs, and individual courses can also have their own unique designs.

  • Activity

Student activity monitoring organized in sections for each course, exam, and assignment.

  • Reporting

Modify existing reports, set up recurring reports, and send them through email. Reports and quizzes may be generated automatically based on the courses you’re taking.

  • Certificates

Create Certificates and Give Them Out! Including Validation of Individual Students and Teachers by a Special Code.

  • Quizzes

Build Tests Using WPLM nulled theme. There are two distinct categories of quizzes: Static question pools and questions drawn at random to form dynamic question pools. Allows for three distinct quiz assessment methods: manual, automated, and reevaluation.

  • Assignments

Make your own homework in WPLMS. Like homework, assignments often include a problem statement and some kind of subjective grading. Users may submit tasks. Comments from the instructor and revised files with grades

  • Badges

Provide badges to students who successfully complete the course. Put a picture and a name on a badge.

  • Units

Make new Modules in WPLMS nulled theme. The content of a unit may include, but is not limited to:

  • Sections

Make New WPLMS Sections. The components of a section may include modules, tests, and homework.

  • Course Design Final Font

The intuitive, drag-and-drop Course builder for teachers Intuitive interface with centralized configuration.

  • Notes from the Instructor or Personal

Unit notes organizer. It is possible to archive student notes. In addition to the course material, teachers may also provide supplemental notes.

  • Discussions

Open class discussions on the Units being used

  • Inquire of the Lecturer

Students may post queries, and the teacher will be notified via their messages.

  • Students, add in masses

Enroll students in masse in a given course.

  • Questions

Make a survey in WPLMS nulled theme. Question Format #8. Test Your Knowledge: Match and Sort Pick the Menu Option, To Complete the Sentence, There are three types of multiple-choice questions: Category: Essay or Textual

  • A Bank of Questions

Create a quiz by selecting questions from a bank of possible options.

  • questions about bulk imports

Bulk question imports are possible. Questions may be imported in bulk or from a CSV file.

  • Puzzles in the Code

an introspective code test for yourself.

  • Make Money With Online classes

Make use of WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads to peddle your lessons. All of WooCommerce’s accepted payment methods are supported. We also welcome payments through check, money order, or bank transfer.

  • MemberShips

Membership-based course sales WooCommerce Memberships, PmPro, and Restrict Content Pro are all necessary membership plugins. ARMember, WishlistMember, and others

  • The Sample Test

Give the students some practice tests to complete.

  • Packages of Study

Move Course Bundles Create course packages to offer at a discount using WooCommerce or EDD.

  • Registration for Classes

Courses may be charged on a weekly, annual, or monthly basis.

  • Categories

Sort the lectures into groups. Exhibit Course Groupings and Sort Courses by Groupings.

  • Programs That Eventually Expire

Limit the time students have to finish their courses.

  • Certificates

Award Certificates to Classes and Individuals

  • Courses Must Be Added By hand

Courses must be assigned to students individually.Emails and notifications are sent out.

  • Course Registration Manual

Control the duration of your course’s subscription manually in the settings menu. Emails and notifications are sent out.

  • Notices Regarding Classes

Please notify me of the course’s announcement. Featured on the Student Profile display. There will be one course announcement. Includes email and notification alerts.

  • In the News From the Classroom

Own blog for the class. The news may be posted by the teacher, and the students will be alerted by email, push, or in-app messages.

  • Messages

Direct student-to-teacher or student-to-student texting

  • Notifications

Notifications to employees only. A user notification panel is shown.

  • Friends

A user’s friends may see his or her activity feed in the activity module.

  • Followers

Users may follow one another to get updates on their activity or internet presence.

  • Groups

Make your own groups, whether they’re for students or teachers.

  • Mass Emails for Classes

Inform all of the Course participants at once. Anyone enrolled, a subset of enrolled students, or those whose enrollment has expired

  • Academic Exercise

Document everything that goes on in the class. Course participation by students

  • Evaluations Done By Hand

Courses, quizzes, and assignments may be evaluated or re-evaluated manually, and comments can be left for the teacher each time.

  • Emails

You may modify the format and content of your emails directly from your WordPress dashboard.

  • Create Your Own Sign-Up sheets

Build customizable registration forms without limits. Different categories of members, users, and roles may all create profiles inside profiles.

  • Notes

Make and update site-wide notes. On the “Course Pursue” tab, students may make their own notes.

  • Plan Via Email

Users should be notified via email when a course they’re enrolled in is about to expire, when a new module becomes available in a drip course, or after an extended period of inactivity.

  • List of Members

customizable member list that can be filtered. Site administrators may create as many member lists as they want. Identify user groups according to Member categories. Create filtering options according to member type and profile information.

  • Types of Members

Create Member Types to organize your site’s users.

  • Card Membership

Make greeting cards for each team member. Make a Member Card, a Card for a Member Type, and a Member Card.

  • Mood Machine

The ability to save and distribute files using Google Drive Syncing with S3, Google Drive*, and DropBox is an option. [only supports version 4]

  • Harmonic Scheduler

The first occurrence of this in the Calendar is individualized timetables for your site’s customers. Google Calendar sync. Make gatherings and notify the group. Adjust the time and date at the selected location. [only supports version 4]

  • Energy KB

Piece of the knowledge base. Make articles and distribute them to a collaborative editing community. Open library of knowledge. [only supports version 4]

  • Groups Index

Groups may be sorted according to your preferences. Make as many user groups as you want on your site. Identify user groups according to Member categories. Create filtering options according to member type and profile information.

  • In a Group

Make a bunch of cards for different people. Make a group card, then a card for a subset of that group.

  • Types of Groups

Create Group Types to classify your site’s communities.

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