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The WP Rentals nulled theme is a unique WordPress booking theme designed to save time and money when building a profitable rental business. With over 150 theme settings, 20 pricing options, and 15 pre-built samples, it allows users to register and post listings for daily or hourly rent. The theme is compatible with all phones and tablets, supports Twilio SMS notifications, and allows booking payments using any WooCommerce shop. Users can also add a unique link to the Book Now form. The theme includes the Bakery Page Builder, Revolution Slider, and Ultimate Addons, allowing for creative flexibility and customization. The theme also offers flexible booking options for all users, and selected users only have submission options for single-owner websites.

The theme allows users to set deposit amounts, admin booking fees, booking price options, minimum booking periods, taxes by percentage, extra charges per visitor, and payment by visitor number. It also supports custom periods, controls turnover days, and allows for quick booking checks. The theme supports Ical feed export and import, allowing users to sync listing availability calendars with other platforms. Users can choose one currency as the default for all site prices and payments or enable a multi-currency widget to convert default currencies to different currencies. The theme also offers two menu design options, including Maps, Properties sliders, Revolution sliders, images, or none. The Open Street Map and Places feature is also available for users to customize their booking experience.

The theme for rentals offers advanced Google Maps integration, geocoding, location search, and auto-complete fields. It supports global headers, half-map pages, listing submit forms, and single listing pages. The theme also allows users to hide property addresses and map locations until confirmed bookings are made. The theme features customized colors, an integrated caching system, and sidebars that can be added indefinitely. It is WPML and Weglot-ready, allowing for multi-language website development. The theme includes features like auto-fill check/checkout/guest, listing booking form, custom listing lightbox gallery, and Google Maps options. The theme also supports YELP API integration and turns on and off radius search on half-map pages.

WP Rentals nulled theme is a one-of-a-kind WordPress booking theme that will save you time and money while building your rental business. Rentals has you covered, whether you utilize the theme as a single owner or enable users to register and post listings (single houses or single items) for daily or hourly rent.

With over 150 theme settings, 20 pricing options, and 15 pre-built samples, this theme has everything you need to start and run a profitable rental company. Easily sync your availability calendar with other platforms like Airbnb, HomeAway, and others.

SCA Regulations for Europe Stripe Payments have been implemented in our theme. Customers may also enable WooCommerce and its merchants to accept payments for bookings made via WooCommerce. Users do not need to log in to make Instant Booking deposits using WooCommerce.

Wp Rentals nulled theme is available in any language. Third-party plugins such as WPML or Weglot may be used for multi-language support.

Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Greek, Turkish, and Romanian translations are included. Please keep in mind that translations may need to be edited.

Demo user access information:

Password = 1234    Username = user

The owner may add his own booking components to each listing and set a price per night, per guest, as a single cost, or by night and guest. This is controlled by the front-end submit form, Price Information.

You may sync your calendar availability and bookings from another platform that supports iCal using the ICalendar feed and export your listing iCal feed to other websites compatible with this system. You may specify how many ICAL feeds to import.

Admin gets money for posting new listings and/or a service charge for each confirmed booking through Paypal, Stripe, or Wire Transfer (offline payments). OR activate and utilize Woo Commerce merchants in 150+ merchants to process payments to admin.

WP Rentals nulled theme features:

Simple to Get Started:

Do you enjoy the demos that are available? With a few clicks, you can import any demo and begin altering it right away.

Responsive and retina-ready:

The theme is compatible with all phones and tablets. Provide a consistent user experience across all platforms.

Twilio SMS notifications:

SMS alerts are available in WP Rentals using the Twilio API platform. You may now send SMS to verified phone numbers by integrating your Twilio phone number and configuring the SMS text.

Make booking payments using any WooCommerce shop:

We allow you to have the option to utilize WooCommerce for payments rather than theme merchants. Over 150 retailers support WooCommerce, which is in use in over 150 countries. If Instant Booking is set, WpRentals also enables you to use WooCommerce to pay for reservations without logging in.

Add a unique link to the Book Now form:

You may now use WpRentals to promote houses for rent, but when a customer sends a booking request, he will be sent to a third-party website (a link you add as you see fit, which can be an affiliate link to Airbnb, Booking.com, HomeAway, and so on).

Included are the Bakery Page Builder, Revolution Slider, and Ultimate Addons:

Bakery Page Builder provides the tools you need to construct a page using drag and drop, even if you don’t have any sophisticated WordPress experience. Ultimate Addons extends the basic WPBakery Page Builder with a slew of new shortcodes for more creative flexibility. Revolution Slider lets you create contemporary slideshows with various effects and video backgrounds that you can use as header media.

Widgets for Elementor:

The Elementor page builder (the most popular page builder in 2019) and the new 13 WpRentals Elementor Widgets let you create contemporary pages.

Elementor Search Form Builder:

Create a custom search form with Elementor, or start with one of our examples.

Hourly and daily reservations:

Admin may enable hourly bookings for all listings or allow owners to select whether their listings should be priced hourly or daily. Users may hire things or venues by the hour using hourly booking. Price per hour, custom price per hour for weekend days, custom pricing for an hour for specified times, minimum number of hours, hours available by listing, and many more options are available.

Object Rental (hourly or daily reservations)

If you enable item rental, the guest option will be removed from the booking form. You may also turn off the guest option in the listing submission form. Create your own unique fields, personalize the advanced search, and create a versatile item rental platform.

All Users Have Flexible Booking Options:

Allow users to register, submit rental properties or items, and manage their reservations or bookings from their own account.

Selected Users Only Have Submission Options:

You may choose which people can post listings on your site in the theme settings if you want. This option makes it simple to construct a single-owner website.

Deposit Fee:

The deposit is the amount you want to collect from the user who submits the request (in percent or a fixed value) before the booking is finalized. If you simply pay a portion to confirm the booking, the remainder (remaining payment) may be paid before the booking begins (although making full payment via the site is optional).

Admin Booking Fee/Service Fee:

As the site administrator, you may charge a service fee (admin booking fee) that can be either a flat sum or a percentage of the entire invoice. The site administrator charge is withheld from the owner’s revenues, although it is paid by the person making the request as part of the deposit (which, once established, is required for the booking to be confirmed).

Booking Price Options for Daily Bookings:

Set a default price per night, a custom price per night for bookings of 7 or more days, a custom price per night for bookings of 30 or more days, a price per weekend night, a cleaning and city fee, a price for extra guests, global changeover days (check-in OR check-in and check-out days), an early-bird discount, a security deposit, extra expenses, and so on.

Early Bird Discount:

You may choose the discount percentage and the minimum number of days before the discount will be applied. The % discount is applied to the nightly rate.

Cleaning Fee:

A set amount and computation per night, per guest, or per night and guest are all options.

City Tax:

You may calculate the City Fee as a set figure or as a percentage, and you can do it per night, per guest, or per night and guest.

Minimum Booking Period:

Any booking request is subject to a minimum number of booking days. Price Adjustments allow you to change this number and establish arbitrary minimum days for a specific period. Custom periods are manually selected from a calendar (one at a time).

Taxes by percentage:

In each listing, you may provide the tax value (in%) to assist the owner in automatically calculating the taxes he owns depending on the booking invoice amount. This information appears solely on the owner’s dashboard, and the owner is responsible for paying his taxes.

Extra charge per visitor or pay based on the number of guests:

You may activate the option to invite more guests (above the default guest number setting) and define the fee for each extra visitor in each listing. The theme is not a restriction on the number of additional visitors.
You may optionally enable payment by visitor number (rather than price per night).

In the booking form, provide additional choices such as single cost, by night, by guest, or by guest and night.

The owner may add further booking choices to each listing and set the pricing as a fixed charge, by night, by a guest, or by night and guest. These optional extras may be changed or removed at any time without impacting prior booking requests.

Prices for Custom Periods:

Each listing, Price Settings, includes a calendar for managing custom prices for custom periods (you choose the start and ending days when you want the custom rates). You may specify a custom price per night, a custom price per night for 7n+ and 30n+, a custom price for a weekend night, minimum days for booking, and changeover days (check-in OR check-in and check-out days) for each custom period.

Control Turnover Days:

Allow only appointments that begin with a check-in on a certain day of the week OR only bookings that begin and end on a specific day of the week.

Weekend Evenings:

As administrator, you may clarify which nights are deemed weekend nights: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday OR Saturday and Sunday OR Friday and Saturday OR Friday and Saturday.

Owner Approval or Instant Booking:

If the quick booking check is enabled, booking requests will be approved without the need for owner permission (but only after the admin charge is paid, if established by the site administrator). If the owner does not want to allow Instant Booking, he must personally check all booking requests (he may refuse or accept each request).

Syncing of Ical Feeds:

Because the theme supports Ical feed export and import, you may sync your listing availability calendar with other platforms that accept ical feed. You can import feeds from several systems.

Widget for Multiple Currencies:

As the administrator, you choose one currency as the default for all site prices and payments. In addition, the administrator may enable a multi-currency widget (which can be used in the footer, header, or sidebar widget area). This widget converts the default currency to different currencies (but solely for informational reasons). The currency widget may communicate with an API in order to display currency conversion values depending on real-time rates.

Menu and Header Options:

There are two menu design options to pick from. You may use Maps, Properties sliders, Revolution sliders, images, or none as your header. Transparent headers may also be enabled for all or select pages.

Implementation of the Open Street Map and Places:

Use Open Street Map (a Google Maps API alternative). Launch Street Places (another option for Google Places auto-complete). Geocoding (Radius Search), Location search in Advanced Search, and Submit form city auto-complete fields are all supported by the Places solution. Open Street Map is applicable to all locations that utilize Maps: global header with Maps and all properties, half map pages, listing submit form with location field, and single listing page.

Hide the address and map location of the property:

Hide the address and map position of the property until the user has a confirmed booking. Turn this option on for all listings worldwide from the theme option. Check out this live demonstration with this option enabled: https://main.wprentals.org/properties/huge-sunny-villa-east-side/

Google Maps API optimization:

Allow your customers to look for houses on Google Maps, and they will be able to conveniently locate results near their location (through geolocation) or in other places. Each property may have its own unique picture pin on the map, making it easier for visitors to find the sort of real estate listing they want. In Half Map, the Google Maps API also provides a Radius search. Google Places autocomplete in location search; add property location based on Google Places autocomplete in submission.

Customized Colors:

The theme colors, from the header to the footer components, may be changed straight from the theme settings.

Integrated caching system:

There are built-in speed optimization features, such as caching queries and limiting the number of pins on a map. Quickly create speedy webpages.

Sidebars may be added indefinitely:

The theme has a few preset sidebars, but you can also construct your own sidebars and fill them with theme-specific widgets or other widgets using the admin settings.

Translation Ready:

Any language may be used to translate the theme.

Weglot and WPML Support and Compatibility Disclaimer:

The theme is WPML and Weglot-ready, so you can use these third-party plugins to build a multi-language website. Please keep in mind that WPML and Weglot are third-party plugins, and compatibility support is provided by the plugin developer team.


Detailed features:

  • Based on Bootstrap 3 framework
  • Fully responsive
  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • Modern, clean and intuitive design
  • Retina ready
  • Documentation included
  • Easy to customize
  • Cross-browser compatible
  • Valid HTML5 markup
  • Unique CSS3 animations
  • Includes Revolution Slider, WPBakery Page Builderand Ultimate Addons for WPBakery Page Builder plugins. Plugin updates are offered through theme updates.
  • Translate the theme to any language through poedit

General theme features:

  • Advanced Google Maps integration.
  • Auto-fill check/checkout/guest on listing page based on advanced search selections and show directly the total cost in booking form
  • Listing Booking Form supports the following: when sending a booking request see a notification that login is mandatory with login modal box to login/register, save booking check-in, check-out and guest values selected before login for easy booking.
  • Listing Booking form – min number of guests check (based on no of guests set in listing). If Vacation Rental is enabled.
  • Listing Booking form – disable guest dropdown if Object Rental is enabled.
  • Custom listing lightbox gallery for attached images

Google maps options:

  • Open Street Map for single listing page
  • Ajax search on Google Maps and Half Map page template (you can use custom search fields too)
  • Google Map color customization with snazzymaps.com from admin
  • Change map pin image for each category you add. Retina Pin support included
  • Price Pin for Google Maps listings. Show price in full or in short version
  • On/Off option for Google Places Autocomplete search for City, Area and Country which applies in location search and location submit
  • Enable or disable the option to use on demand pins when moving the map, in Listing list half map and Advanced search results half map pages
  • Set max number of listings pins to show in map (for speed management).
  • Add your own custom pins for your listings categories and types
  • Auto-detect for Google Maps if https is enabled
  • Google Places show on single Listing map (to see nearby restaurants, hospitals etc)
  • YELP API integration to show points of interest around the listing
  • NEW: Turn on/off Radius search in half map page with control for radius in miles or km, initial radius, min radius and maxim radius.


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