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WooCommerce Order Status Manager nulled plugin 1.15.2

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The WooCommerce Order Status Manager is a plugin that allows users to create, edit, and delete custom order statuses, seamlessly integrating them into their order management flow. This plugin offers workflows that are fully integrated with WooCommerce order statuses, allowing for smooth integration and customization of the order process.

Custom order statuses can be used in the order list, order actions, or bulk actions, and can be triggered by new order emails. The plugin also allows for the creation of new order statuses, icons, or action buttons, and can be edited to provide customers with an explanation of the order status.

The plugin also allows for bulk actions for newly added statuses, reordering orders, updating the “Orders” list, and ensuring store reports include orders with special statuses. Customers can view order statuses marked as “Paid” to display “Pay” and “Cancel” options.

Customer status information is now provided to customers, reducing frustration when they cannot determine the location of their goods. The plugin allows for the creation of personalized emails for new orders, which can be edited and enabled in WooCommerce email lists.

In summary, the WooCommerce Order Status Manager offers a comprehensive solution for managing order statuses, enhancing the user experience and automating the order management process. By purchasing an extension from SkyVerge, users can enjoy automated emails and customized WooCommerce purchase statuses, ensuring the highest quality and reliability of their WooCommerce plugin shop.

WooCommerce Order Status Manager nulled plugin

Create, edit, and delete completely custom order statuses and integrate them seamlessly into your order management flow.

Workflows that are fully integrated with WooCommerce order statuses that are customized to your needs
You have the ability to create, update, and remove custom order statuses with the WooCommerce Order Status Manager. Additionally, you can incorporate these statuses into your WooCommerce order management flow via a smooth integration. The main order statuses may also be modified, and new order emails can be triggered depending on changes in the state of the order.

Custom order statuses will be used in your order list, and they may even be included in the order actions or bulk actions for a fulfillment process that is fully smooth.

There is also the possibility of using new order emails as a notification of a change in the order status. In order to ensure that customers and/or shop administrators are constantly kept up to speed on any changes or revisions to their orders, you have the ability to send emails depending on changes that occur between core statuses and custom values.
How Come WooCommerce Order Status Manager Is So Popular?
New order statuses should be created, and icons or action buttons should be added.
In order to provide clients with an explanation of the order status, the “View Order” page should include order status descriptions.
It is possible to establish a “next status” for new action buttons by editing the core statuses of WooCommerce.
You may establish a smooth process for order fulfillment by using “Next Statuses,” and you can also add order action buttons.
Include bulk actions for the newly added statuses in the list of orders.
You may reorder the order in which ordered statuses are shown in your admin by dragging and dropping them.
The “Orders” list should be updated to include status symbols rather than text badges.
Make sure that store reports include orders that have special statuses.
Customers may examine the order statuses that have been marked as “Paid” to include download links, purchase notes, and other features when they view these orders.
Mark order statuses as “requires payment” in order to display “Pay” and “Cancel” options to clients.
Add emails for new orders, which may be triggered depending on changes in the state of the order.
You may edit fresh email content by using new templates.
Import pre-existing custom statuses from other plugins or even from your own custom code.
Deleting custom statuses in a secure manner without deleting custom orders

Provide statuses for new orders.
There is the option to create a new order state and choose an icon to show in the orders list. This icon will take the place of the text badge that was previously used for a status name. There is also the possibility of adding action buttons in the event that this will be utilized as the “next status” by another status in your order flow. There is also the option to add subsequent statuses, which will allow you to choose which action buttons should be shown for this condition.
Modify the basic statuses.
“Next statuses” may be added to a basic WooCommerce order status via the editing process. As an example, you have the ability to set a custom status as the next status for “processing” orders. This will cause your custom status action button to be shown for each individual processing order.

Because of this, order management is made to be straightforward, quick, and simple to use. This is because the order process is totally connected with the customs status.

Create emails for new orders.
It is possible to add new order emails depending on changes in the order status, including order status modifications that include custom order statuses. When these emails are added, you have the option of editing them and enabling them in your WooCommerce email lists. Alternatively, you may override the template in your theme to have more control over the content.

Customers should be provided with status information.
Order management may be a source of frustration for customers when they are unable to determine the whereabouts of their goods. Displaying a status such as “Manufactured” or “Assembling” does not convey any information to the consumer, despite the fact that your statuses are designed to facilitate the workflow of your fulfillment process.

It is now possible to provide a description of any state, including core statuses, which will be shown to customers when they hover their mouse pointer over the order status window.

Management of the Order Status in its Totality
You may now entirely embed custom statuses into your order management scheme, which is a significant improvement over the previous practice of adding one-off statuses that do not link with the rest of your emails, statuses, or fulfillment process. Through the use of individualized symbols, action buttons, and fresh emails, you may personalize orders for your shop and assist in automating the administration of your orders.

Getting Started: A Guide
Spend money on the extension, and then download it.
Integrate the file into your WooCommerce shop and then upload it.
After going to WooCommerce > Settings > Order Statuses, you may configure new email triggers or statuses for your orders.
Modify the text of your email if necessary.
The end of it! Take it easy and take pleasure in receiving automated emails and customized WooCommerce purchase statuses!
Do you need any more convincing to make a purchase? By purchasing an extension that was built by SkyVerge, you are certain that the extensions you buy for your WooCommerce plugin shop are of the greatest possible quality. Having the knowledge that the operation of your shop is just as important to us as it is to you might provide you with a sense of peace of mind when you buy our items.

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