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WooCommerce Box Office nulled plugin 1.2.2

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Box Office is a powerful tool for WooCommerce that allows you to sell tickets directly to consumers, eliminating intermediaries. It allows you to create an “event” product, provide a variety of ticket options, communicate with attendees, capture only those who have purchased tickets, export attendee CSV files, locate participants effortlessly, automate ticket stock control, and provide promotional coupons. The Box Office plugin is essential for events like WooConf, where it helped handle onsite registration, coupons, live-stream tickets, and ticket sales. By integrating Box Office into your website, you can streamline ticket sales, increase revenue, and streamline your event management.

WooCommerce Box Office nulled plugin

Get the word out about your next event, concert, fundraiser, or conference by selling tickets online.

Incorporate Box Office into your website to sell tickets for upcoming events, concerts, functions, fundraisers, and conferences.

With WooCommerce Box Office nulled plugin, you can make and sell tickets directly to consumers, eliminating the need for them to go through an intermediary. In a matter of minutes, you can begin selling tickets for your next conference or event and start bringing in more money.

WooConf, our in-person user conference, was a huge success, and we couldn’t have done it without Box Office to handle onsite registration, coupons, live-stream tickets, and ticket sales.

Just what are the benefits of the Box Office?

Ensure that ticket sales are conducted only via your website.
Create an “event” product using Box Office and sell it in-store to keep people there

Provide a variety of ticket options.
Make an infinite number of ticket kinds, assign unique prices, features, and/or secret content to each, and control inventory levels autonomously.

Communicate with those in attendance.
You can learn more about the attendees and make their experience more personalized by adding custom fields to the registration forms. Send customized mass emails to attendees and modify the emails sent following ticket purchases.

Capture just those who have purchased tickets.
Would you want to provide a live stream of your event, a private webinar, or post-event downloading materials to your attendees? With Groups and Box Office, it’s all doable.

Export of attendee CSV
Get a CSV file with all ticket holders’ information organized by ticket type.

Locate participants effortlessly.
Find an attendee by entering their name, ticket number, email address, or even business.

Ticket stock control
Make sure you don’t oversell tickets for a certain event or ticket type on your site by automating the process of establishing unique ticket limitations for each ticket you produce.

Provide promotional coupons.
Give out discount vouchers to event sponsors and partners to boost ticket sales; you can monitor who uses the codes from your WooCommerce dashboard.

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