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Twilio SMS Notifications nulled plugin 1.18.1

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This text explains how to use an extension to send SMS updates to customers when their order status is updated and receive an SMS message when a customer places a new order. SMS messages have a 95% open rate and are read within 5 seconds, making them three times better than email. The extension is designed to work with Twilio, a premier cloud communications service, and supports over 40 countries. Customers can opt-in to SMS updates by checking a box during checkout, and they will receive an SMS message when their order status changes. Customization options include changing which order status changes will send updates to customers and including store name, order ID, order amount, order status, and other order data. Customized SMS messages can also be shortened using Google’s URL shortener. Customers can test their SMS messages from their Twilio settings page and view the status of every SMS sent to them. The extension is available for purchase and installation into your WooCommerce store. The full documentation can be found on the Twilio SMS Pricing page.

Twilio SMS Notifications nulled plugin Send SMS updates to customers as their order status changes, and get SMS notifications when a client submits a new order.
Keep Your Customers Happy With Automated SMS Order Notifications.
Send SMS updates to customers as their order status changes, and get SMS notifications when a client submits a new order.
Why provide SMS order updates?
Simply said, it is the most effective technique to provide clients with information about their orders. According to Frost & Sullivan, SMS messages have a 95% open rate, with the majority being read within 5 seconds. This is three times better than email and allows for significantly greater personalization. For example, you might have the “Completed” status SMS message contain a promo code for 10% off the next purchase. Get inventive and watch your sales increase!

Twilio SMS Notifications nulled plugin WooCommerce Twilio SMS Notification Example
Your WooCommerce shop can deliver these SMS messages in 5 minutes or less.
Powered by Twilio.
This addon is intended to operate with Twilio, the leading cloud communications provider with support in over 40 countries. If you don’t currently have a Twilio account, you can create one for free. In the United States, outbound SMS texts cost just one cent.
Keep Your Customers in the Loop
Text messages are read more than any other kind of communication. Ensure that clients get the information they need by providing text message order updates. Customers may opt in to SMS notifications by ticking a box at checkout. When customers opt in, they will get an SMS notification whenever their order status changes.

WooCommerce Twilio SMS Notifications Opt-In
Include an SMS opt-in option at your checkout.
You may also send notifications for bespoke order statuses generated using Order Status Manager! For example, notify consumers when an order has been upgraded to your custom “shipped” state, and you can even personalize the content for your own statuses.
Powerful customization
You may choose which order status changes will result in customer updates, as well as configure SMS messages to contain the shop name, order ID, order amount, order status, and other order data in addition to your unique content.

You may also automatically shorten URLs inside messages using Google’s URL shortener.
WooCommerce Twilio Customer Notification Settings:
Customize your SMS messages to add that unique touch.
You may simply test what consumers see when they get a message from you directly from the Twilio settings page.
WooCommerce Twilio SMS Notifications: Test Message
Send test SMS texts right from the settings page.
Gain insight into every order.
Send SMS updates to your consumers right from the Edit Order page. A useful character count is shown so you don’t exceed the 160-character limit for SMS texts. You may send an SMS to customers even if they have not opted in to receive SMS updates.

WooCommerce Twilio SMS Notification. Send Message.
Sending your consumers SMS updates can’t get much simpler than this.
View the Order Notes for a customer’s order to see the status of each SMS sent to them. Check the message that was sent and its status. Any faults will be shown here to assist with troubleshooting.

WooCommerce Twilio SMS Notification: Admin Order Note
View all SMS messages sent to a client.
Visit the Twilio SMS Pricing page to see whether Twilio is available in your country and for more information on pricing.
How To Get Started
Buy this extension! 🙂
Download and install in your WooCommerce plugin shop.
Log into your Twilio account (sign up for Twilio if you don’t already have one) and get your Account SID and Auth Code.
Enter your Twilio information into the extension settings page.
That is it! Sit back and enjoy automatic SMS updates!
Read the whole documentation to discover how to personalize SMS messages, alter order status triggers, set up new order alerts, and more!

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