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Split Orders nulled plugin 1.6.8

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The Split Orders extension allows you to process and ship parts of a customer’s order separately, with each item being split into a new order with matching shipping and billing details. This feature is useful for situations like partially ready orders, backordered products, using different couriers, or shipping to different addresses. The plugin allows you to process each order separately, ensuring prompt delivery and flexibility in accommodating customers’ shipping requirements. Simply click the Split Orders action button to start a split.

Split Orders nulled plugin With the Split Orders extension, you may process and dispatch a portion of a customer’s order separately. You may specify how many of each item should be divided into a separate order, allocated to the same client, with matching shipping and billing information.

Case studies
With split orders, you may react to a variety of order circumstances, such as:Split Orders nulled plugin When you have an order that is only partly ready to ship or includes backordered items. You don’t have to keep the client waiting with the Split Orders plugin; just move the delayed goods to a separate order and dispatch the products that are available.
When you employ different couriers for separate sections of an order and wish to attach tracking information for each shipment, you may use this method. Split the order to corresponding shipments and use shipment tracking to attach tracking information to each order.
When a consumer requests that you mail a portion of a purchase to a different address. Separate those goods into a new order, change the mailing address, and complete each purchase individually.

To begin a split, just click the Split order action button.

Determine how many of each item to add to the new order.
Having the ability to divide orders will assist you in staying on top of order management and shipping. Customers will enjoy obtaining timely delivery for the portion of an order that is ready to ship, as well as the ability to adapt their shipping needs flexibly.


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