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PHP Form Builder is an advanced HTML form generator with drag & drop functionality, allowing users to program any type of form and layout them using simple functions or using its drag & drop form generator. It includes the best Javascript plugins available and allows for easy implementation in a simple and elegant way. PHP Form Builder also simplifies validation, sending emails, and records in a database. The documentation is suitable for both novice PHP users and experienced programmers, with numerous examples of code available.

Unlike most other Form Builders, PHP Form Builder does not have a built-in backend, allowing users to manage form data as they see fit. The provided PHP PDO class provides all the necessary functions for inserting/editing records in a MySQL database.

The PHP Form Builder offers 300+ prebuilt templates, including Bootstrap forms, Bulma forms, Foundation forms, Material Design forms, Tailwind forms, and uiKit forms. It generates clean HTML5 markup, with two separate functions to generate CSS and JS code. It is suitable for use with any CMS, including Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, and other CMS.

The plugins include Checkboxes, Radio Buttons & Selects, Slimselect, Select2Select2, Pretty Checkbox, iCheckiCheck, Nice Check, LC-Switch, Pickers, Material Design Datepicker, Material Design Timepicker, Pickadate Datepicker, Pickadate Timepicker, and JavaScript Validator.

This form builder is a versatile tool for creating HTML5 forms with various layout options, including horizontal, vertical, and inline. It supports various plugins, including jQuery, Tinymce, Autocomplete, Bootstrap Input Spinner, and dependent fields. The plugin allows users to easily add external plugins and activate them with a single line of code. The form can be loaded in any.html page with Ajax Loading, and the PHP code is stored in a separate PHP file.

The form builder features customizable HTML with wrappers, IDs, classes, attributes, Javascript events, and custom code. It also supports email sending with advanced options, database recording, server-side validation, and multilanguage error management. It can generate separate HTML code for plugins, with CSS, JS, and Domready code included.

The form builder comes with 20 prebuilt templates and complete documentation with examples. It is supported on Codecanyon, via email, and phone. The changelog and upgrade instructions can be found on the website.

Customer feedback is positive, with many praising the product’s clean code, excellent customer support, and flexibility. The product is highly recommended for its excellent support and the flexibility it offers when using it with Bootstrap.


PHP Form Builder Nulled Script CodeCanyon item for sale: PHP Form Builder, an advanced HTML form builder with drag and drop functionality.
Screenshots from the Live Preview
PHP Form Builder has been updated to version 5. Create Foundation, Material Design, and Bootstrap forms with the PHP Form Builder Connect to any CSS framework Ideal for use with any CMS, including WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal Agencies & Freelancers offering Maximum Security and Live Validation Prices that are progressive up to 50% off


Use the Drag & Drop Form Builder to create your forms.

very quick and fully optimized loading with LoadJs

Easy integration of potent Javascript plugins, such as

Validator for Javascript (50$ value)
Fileuploader jQuery (12$ value)
What is the PHP Form Builder?
With the help of PHP Form Builder, a comprehensive library built around a PHP class, you may program any kind of form and arrange it with the help of its drag-and-drop form generator or basic functions.

PHP programming or Drag & drop may be used to create forms.

The greatest Javascript plugins are included in PHP Form Builder and may be used in a very simple and sophisticated manner.

Sending emails, submitting entries in a database, and realtime and server-side validation are all greatly streamlined.

Both inexperienced PHP users and seasoned programmers may benefit from the documentation.

There are many code examples accessible, including function references, templates, how-tos, and more.

Guaranteed prompt and effective assistance.

Please be aware that PHP Form Builder lacks an integrated backend, in contrast to the majority of other form builders.
Users may now handle form data anyway they see appropriate.

The PHP PDO class that is given has all the methods required to add or modify entries in a MySQL database.

In search of a CRUD Generator?
Another one of our products that is accessible on Codecanyon, PHP Crud Generator, will be ideal for that need. Appropriate for both novice and expert programmers.

Principal characteristicsPrincipal characteristics
Create any form using any kind of framework.Create any form using any kind of framework.
Verify the values that are posted.Verify the values that are posted.
Use html/css templates that you may customize to send emails.Use html/css templates that you may customize to send emails.
Establish a database connection.Establish a connection to your database to add, edit, or remove entries.
More than 300 premade templates are available.More than 300 premade templates are available.
Forms using BootstrapForms Using Bootstrap 4
Forms using BootstrapForms Using Bootstrap 5
Forms using BootstrapBulma Structures
Forms using BootstrapBasis Forms
Forms using BootstrapMaterial Structures
Forms using BootstrapTailwind Formations
Form using bootstrapForms for suiKit
PHP Input Form constructor Plugin for Visual Studio Code Plugin for Visual Studio Code
Plugin for Sublime-text 3 Plugin for Sublime Text
Create any kind of form.Create any kind of form.
Form of ContactForms for Contact
Form of RegistrationForms for Registration
Form for LoginForms for Login
Form of OrderPurchase Orders
Ajax EnabledForms in Ajax
Formal ModalityForms Modal
Form of StepForms for Steps
Forming dynamic fieldsfields that are dynamic Accordion Form FormsAccordion Forms… along with a lot more…
very adaptable designvery adaptable design
Forms That Are HorizontalForms That Are Horizontal
Vertical StructuresVertical Structures
Online FormsOnline Forms
IconsHelpersHelpers Icons
Groups of inputGroups of input
Groups of buttonsGroups of buttons
Any customized HTMLAny customized HTML
PHP Input Form The W3C-validated HTML5 syntax that Builder produces has two distinct methods for generating CSS and JS code, allowing you to display each one independently.The CSS and JS files for the plugin are merged and compacted for light weight and quick loading.

Appropriate for use with any CMS
Wordpress WordPress

Joomla WordPress

Drupal WordPress

IDE add-ons and auto-completion plugins
Visual Studio Code PHP Form BuilderCode Visual Studio

PHP Form Builder Plugin for Sublime TextPlugin for Sublime-text 3

Plugin PHP Form Builder BracketPlugin Bracket

Construct Bulma, Foundation, Material Design, Tailwind, Bootstrap 4, and uiKit forms.
CSS Bootstrap 4 and Bootstrap 5CSS for Bootstrap 4 and Bootstrap 5
Use your own Bootstrap to fit the style of your website, or choose your favorite theme from the sample themes (most of them are from Bootswatch).
Adaptable to any other framework or used independently of any framework
Forms of Material DesignForms of Material Design
To produce Modern Material Forms, add the Material Design plugin.
Materialize is used to create material shapes. This implies that you may use Bootstrap themes and create Material forms at the same time.
Basis FormsBasis Forms
Make the Foundations 5 and 6 forms.
Rich integration of Javascript pluginsRich integration of Javascript plugins
Include any unique field in a single line of code.

Excellent JavaScript plugins, such as RADIO BUTTONS, SELECTS, and CHECKBOXES
Bootstrap Slimselect Slimselect Select2 Select2 Choose Bootstrap Check the Pretty box.Charming Checkbox
iCheckiCheck Good VerifyNice Verify
Pick a ColorPick a Color
Date/Daterange picker, LitepickerDate/Daterange picker, Litepicker
LaddaImage selector
Datepicker for Material DesignDatepicker for Material Design
Timepicker for Material DesignTimepicker for Material Design
Datepicker PickadateDatepicker Pickadate
Timepicker for PickadateTimepicker for Pickadate
Validator for JavascriptValidator for Javascript (50$ value)
Google Recaptcha: Recaptcha on Google
POPOVER & MODAL MODALModal OverlayOverlay
Upload of a fileUploading a jQuery File (12$ value)
Tinymce: Tinymce: Others in AgreementIn agreement
The Bootstrap Spinner for inputSpinner for Bootstrap Input
Fields That DependFields That Depend
International Phone Numbers (Intl Tel Input)International Phone Numbers (Intl Tel Input)
Ladda (spinners of buttons)Ladda (spinners of buttons)
Material Design Come to LifeCome to pass
PassfieldPassfield is a password checker and generator.
Signature padSignature pad
Word/character counterWord/character counter
You can easily add any other external plugin.

Activate any Javascript plugin with a single line of code !
Store several Javascript plugin configurations, and call them with a single line of code !
When you activate a plugin, the needed css and js files will be automatically rendered.

Complete documentation and Functional Templates online WordPress & CMS users
The forms can be loaded in any .html page with Ajax Loading.
You do not have to add any PHP code to your page, the PHP code will be in a separate php file.

Complete documentation : https://www.phpformbuilder.pro/documentation/class-doc.php

Form generation with options for layout (horizontal, vertical, inline).
Accepts any HTML5 form elements, including fieldsets, multiple selects, optgroups, button groups, …
Allows to customize HTML with wrappers, IDs, classes and attributes, Javascript events, custom code almost anywhere.
Default options ready for Bootstrap.
Email sending with advanced options.
Database recording
Server-side validation, with multilanguage errors gestion.
Powerful integration of any Javascript plugin : configure the plugin XML file, PHP Form Builder will generate all code for you (CSS includes, JS includes and JS Domready).
Can memorize several custom configurations with each plugin (as many as you want), so you can reuse them easily.
Renders separate HTML code, CSS includes code for plugins, JS includes code for plugins and JS Domready code for plugins.
Can display HTML code for debug purpose.
20 prebuilt templates included
Complete documentation with examples.
Support on Codecanyon, by e-mail at https://www.miglisoft.com/#contact or by phone.
Changelog : https://www.phpformbuilder.pro/#changelog

Upgrade instructions : https://www.phpformbuilder.pro/#upgrade-phpformbuilder

Any pre-purchase question?
Chat on https://www.phpformbuilder.pro

Customer feedback :
Not only is this form builder amazing. It comes with great customer support. I am so happy I bought this. I bought a couple other form builders before this one. I wish I would have just bought this one first!
One of the greatest PHP scripts I’ve been using for a long time! Well documented, many professional features (I’m not missing anything), super quick support, very clean coded, and, and, and,….
You have to buy this script, if you need a professional PHP form solution!!!
Absolutely love this item. Flexible, customizable as you need.
The plugin has saved me a ton of time so far. Looking forward to using it on all my projects. Good work!
Its hard to tell, between great and clean code and awesome customer support. Congratulations!
Brilliant little script, very customisable and the author support is best Ive had off envato market. Cheers Gilles, great service
This is most likely one of the best scripts out there. The customer support is phenomenal!!! I would recommend any of migli scripts to anyone who is in need of them and have no issues with support from him. I rate him and all his work and work ethics a 5 star grade. Good luck to you in the future Mr. Migli.
Gilles (aka Migli) is an absolute gentleman to do business with. A great product for us with great support…provided within an hour or two of asking on a …SATURDAY afternoon. You cant beat that!
Really awesome class for forms. I am still reviewing all of the options but I like the way it is coded.
Good author, good code, nice product.
Awesome product, and excellent customer support.
Code and design quality bundle with excellent support from the author make this product a must have !!!
Awesome code and great support, as well as lovely display.. what else could I ask for? Just great, I highly recommend it!
Gilles has been wonderful with his support, helping us set up the forms, get the paths correct and generally doing a great job either fixing things himself or pointing us in the right direction to get our issues sorted out. Thanks so much!
Clean, readable code with good documentation. The product is well supported by the author with ongoing updates. The main reason I am giving 5 stars is for the flexible possibilities you have using this code with bootstrap



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