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One-click Switch nulled plugin 2.1.0

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short description

One-Click Subscription Switcher simplifies the process of switching between subscriptions in WooCommerce. It allows users to have all their subscription plans in one place, start or switch between them once subscribed. The plugin works with multiple subscriptions with different terms, such as monthly or yearly access to content. It works with trial periods and allows customers to switch between subscriptions without contacting the store or support team.

After installation and activation, a new tab is added to the grouped product, allowing one-click switching between subscriptions. Customers can also view essential subscription status updates, such as trial days, active subscriptions, and on-hold subscriptions. The plugin can be customized with status colors.

To use One-Click Switch, ensure your store runs both WooCommerce and WooCommerce Subscriptions. Install and activate the THSA Apps | One-Click Switch plugin, add a subscription switch option to your dashboard, and create a grouped product with all necessary subscriptions. The product page displays a new user interface for easy one-click switching, and a shortcode can be used to display the switching capacity on other pages.

The One-Click Subscription Switcher has made it easier for your consumers to move between subscriptions.
Allows you to gather all of your subscription plans for your clients in one spot, as well as start or switch between them after they have enrolled.

One-click Switch for WooCommerce nulled plugin All WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin options are configured once you install the plugin. You simply need to create the grouped product and your subscription plans, and they will be shown on the grouped product page or you can use the shortcode to deploy them anywhere with a better and improved user experience designed particularly to move between subscriptions.

Who is this plugin intended for?
Do you have numerous subscriptions for the same product or service but with various terms, such as monthly vs. annual content access?

Do you want your consumers to be able to switch between them without having to contact you or your support team?

Your client signed in but does not currently have an active subscription.

Your client has an active subscription.

When a customer’s subscription is put on hold.

It also works with trial periods!!!

You need a simple method for your clients to pick amongst Subscriptions.

This is when the WooCommerce Grouped Switching feature comes into play.

What happens now that you’ve successfully tied your basic subscriptions to a WooCommerce plugin grouped product?

You’re undoubtedly aware that you can go to subscriptions settings and enable switching between grouped items, which is fantastic!

But when you return to your grouped product page, you are unimpressed.

It’s just not the user interface you want to show.

Your consumers will be asked for a quantity that is inappropriate for a service-type product.

Then they will add their item to the basket and notify them that it has been put to the cart.

They then check out and get their membership.

The same thing happens when they log in to their account and try to change plans.

They go to the same product category, but there is no indication of their present status for that product!

You wished for an easier solution!

This is where the One-Click Switch Plugin comes in.

Following installation and activation, a new tab is introduced to your grouped product that allows you to enable one-click switching between your easy subscriptions.

Return to your grouped product page after clicking update to see a more user-friendly layout.

One-click Switch for WooCommerce nulled plugin Returning to the one-click switch settings, you’ll see a shortcode that lets you embed this subscription switching interface on any page you choose.

In case you forgot, Grouped Switching is enabled by default in your Subscriptions settings!

But that’s not all; your clients will also get important subscription status notifications such as:

1. How many days is their trial left?
2. What subscription do they have?
3. If their membership has been suspended due to nonpayment.

You may also change the status colors in the settings!

Let’s put it to the test!

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One-click Switch for WooCommerce nulled plugin Positive client retention is at your fingertips with the One-click Switch plugin.

How does it function?

To begin, ensure that your shop is running both WooCommerce and WooCommerce Subscriptions, since both are necessary to enable One-click Switch. Then:

1. Download and install the THSA Apps | One-Click Switch plugin.
2. Once installed, it will add a subscription switch option to your dashboard, which you can locate under WooCommerce > Settings > Subscriptions > Switching.
4. You will see that the plugin is only enabled Between Grouped Subscriptions.
5. Make a grouped product and connect all of the basic subscriptions you need.
6. In the grouped product, look for a tab called Subscription Switch, which allows you to enable the plugin for that particular product.
7. Once enabled, the product page for that grouped product will show the new user interface designed exclusively for one-click switching.
8. You can also acquire a shortcode in the same tab to show the switching capability on a page other than the grouped product page.

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