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short description

Mapplic is a WordPress plugin that offers a wide range of features for creating high-resolution, dynamic maps from static pictures and vector graphics. It features infinite landmarks with unique pins and interactions, as well as the ability to pin endless landmarks or places with unique symbols, actions, and URLs through deeplinking. Mapplic maps are fully supported on touchscreen-enabled gadgets like smartphones and tablets. The plugin is a rarely rivaled mapping add-on, offering a wide range of maps from global, continental, and national locations. Mapplic maps are designed to be adaptive and participatory, allowing users to find what they need quickly across mobile, tablet, and touchscreen kiosks. The plugin also includes free upgrades for life and six months of support with a comprehensive user manual.

When it comes to online custom map plugins, Mapplic is unrivaled. Create high-resolution, dynamic maps from static pictures and vector graphics.

Important Characteristics

Infinite landmarks: each has its own special pin and set of possible interactions.

With no restrictions on the number of floors, your building may have as many levels as you want.

Each and every place may have its own unique URL, allowing for “deeplinking.”

A design that adapts to the screen size of its viewer is called responsive design.

Touchscreen-enabled gadgets such as smartphones and tablets are fully supported.

Complete with a comprehensive user manual.

The most adaptable option possible

Mapplic nulled plugin shines when a tile-based online mapping service, such as Google Maps or OpenStreetMap, falls short. Any map or vector design, whether uploaded by the user or selected from our wide library, may be turned into an engaging, interactive presentation. The following are just a few scenarios where our adaptable, responsive map software might be an ideal tool:

Floor layouts for office towers, hotels, museums, and other public structures
Maps with drawings, whether they are ski maps, isometric diagrams, or anything else,

campsites, festival grounds, and other short-term locations

Navigational charts for ships in motion

Cartographic recreations of past environments and structures

Fictional worlds, as shown on role-playing game maps or other video game maps

Your creativity is the only limitation.


I see that you’re using WordPress; congrats! Make sure you check out Mapplic for WordPress.

A Rarely Rivaled Mapping Add-On

Mapplic stands out among its competitors because of the breadth and depth of its feature set. Mapplic is a WordPress plugin that can be used to create high-quality, professional, interactive maps and floorplans from pictures and svg vectors.
Unlimited in its ability to be personalized

This comprehensive custom interactive map plugin allows you to pin endless landmarks or places, each of which may be given its own unique symbol, action, and URL through deeplinking. Since Mapplic supports an indefinite number of stories, it is well suited for huge public structures like airports and hospitals.

Incorporated Maps

When it comes to global, continental, and national maps, Mapplic nulled plugin is without peer.

World, World Continents, Europe, United States (USA), Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom (UK), The Netherlands, Switzerland, Russia, China, and Brazil are just a few of the 15 most popular maps that are already included in the portfolio.


Our free online map collection now includes maps of Austria, Belgium, Hungary, Japan, Mexico, Poland, Romania, South Africa, and Spain, and we’re always adding more.

An Adaptive and Participatory Environment

Users may get a fully functioning, interactive experience across mobile, tablet, and even touchscreen kiosks thanks to the responsive and touchscreen-optimized nature of your Mapplic maps and floorplans. Users may quickly discover what they need, such as a certain store in a shopping mall, with the use of categories and searchable or filterable lists. This innovative map plugin enhances the standard user experience with features like zoom and pan, minimap, and tooltip.
Change Log

Free upgrades for life and six months of support are included with your purchase of Mapplic.

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