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Go Pricing is a WordPress plugin that simplifies the process of creating price lists and comparison tables. With its flexible rate tables, user-friendly admin panel, and customizable options, it offers a user-friendly interface for editing and navigating the site. The plugin also supports adding multimedia content, including audio, video, images, and maps, and offers Google’s extensive library of fonts. With 2000+ font icons from Font Awesome, Icomoon, Linecon, and Material Icons, users can customize their tables to their liking.

The plugin also offers bulk actions, column animations, adjustable responsiveness, and the ability to import and export data. It also supports automatic plugin updates, reducing resource consumption, and supports Team Viewer and Compare Tables. The setup is adaptable, allowing users to use System or any of the 650+ Google Web Fonts.

Go Pricing offers numerous responsive price list templates, including CSS-based, text-based ribbon pricing tables, and s2Member and PayPal button shortcodes. It also supports over 1900 font icons and is built with WordPress. The plugin is designed for quality and originality, and users should always use the latest version to take advantage of bug fixes, features, and enhancements.

Go Pricing NULLED Plugin: 12 Responsive Price Tables for WordPress Produce stunning Costing and Comparison Tables in WordPress.
Go Pricing makes it simple to generate price lists and comparison tables in WordPress. This product stands alone; no further purchases are necessary.

WordPress Price Tables that can display multimedia content including music, video, images, and maps Give it a go, okay? No other table plugin will ever compare to this one; we guarantee it.

Please read on for more details.

Start WP Price Calculator: Flexible Rate Tables with 21 Key Features

User-Friendly Admin Panel: Our straightforward interface makes it easy to make rapid work of editing your tables. You may easily navigate the site with the aid of the textual guides, color schemes, and symbols provided.


Add media formats like audio, video, and maps to your tables to make them more interesting and interactive.


Use Google’s extensive library of fonts to discover the perfect typeface for your website.

The 2000+ Font Icons available from Font Awesome, Icomoon, Linecon, and Material Icons provide you with fully editable, scalable vector icons that look great even on ultra-high resolution screens.


You can get a real-time glance at your Pricing Table’s final form with the help of the Live Preview feature.


Bulk Actions: The dashboard lets you clone, export, or delete numerous tables at once.


Add some life to your tables with column animations! You may customize the 39 incredible transitions for each and every column to your liking.


Adjustable Responsiveness: You may optimize your table’s performance on any device by using the available setup options.


Quickly import sample data, make and restore backups, and transfer information across servers using the import and export features.


Automatic Plugin Updates mean you’ll always have access to the most recent features and bug fixes.


Reduced Resource Consumption: Only load material when it’s needed.

Iconic and cutting-edge all in one? Yes.

If you’re looking for something similar to the standard WordPress Pricing tables but with additional features, you’ve come to the correct spot. In addition to the standard capabilities of a price table, our plugin offers optional video (YouTube, Vimeo, and Screenr) and image responsiveness. You can create beautiful tables quickly and easily using our Admin Panel and then embed them anywhere on your WordPress site. Our fully functional, but easily modified, example tables will allow you to quickly and easily discover the perfect match.

Why wouldn’t I just use Go Pricing Tables for everything? We have some suggestions.

In addition to its use in making standard Pricing Tables, this plugin also works well for making Team Viewer and Compare Tables. The bundle also includes these additional features.


How adaptable is the setup? Yes.
Your participation in this responsibility is entirely voluntary. It’s easily toggled On or Off and may be modified to fit any design scheme or CSS framework (like Bootstrap). You may use System or any of the other 650+ Google Web Fonts.


Is it possible to have several tables on my website? Yes.

Using shortcodes, you may include as many tables as you want on your site, or even all on the same page.

Go. Make Something!

Formatting and Design

Animated Columns Go Pricing: 25 Responsive Price List Templates for WordPress Go Pricing: 26-Column Transitional Pricing Tables for WordPress

Compare the cost.

CSS-based, text-based ribbon Pricing Tables for WordPress that Look Great on Any Device: 27 Templates Go Pricing: 28 Responsive Price Tables for WordPress

Limitless column colors and combinations

Rows in the Body and Footer are both infinite and customizable.

Up to ten columns are allowed.

Column width and border radius are also adjustable.

Header Designs: Circle and Regular

Height Equalization System for Advanced Rows and Columns

Options abound for both column shadows and signs.

Go Pricing NULLED Plugin – WordPress Responsive Pricing Tables: 29 Columns, Unlimited Buttons in the Body and Footer

Unlike any other help system,

The s2Member and PayPal button shortcodes are supported.

650+ Google Web Fonts

Over 1900 font icons Quick Quotes: 30 Responsive Price List Templates for WordPress Go Pricing: 31 Responsive Price List Templates for WordPress

Awesome Fonts



Icons Made of Stuff

250+ Jumpstart Documents

Aged to Perfection

Quality and originality at their finest: 43 Go Pricing: WordPress Responsive Pricing Tables

Optimal quality is our aim, but problems can arise; therefore, we work hard to address them as soon as possible. We’re always listening for comments and ideas from our clients. The newest release of this product should always be used.

Better caching of API responses has been implemented to speed up the administration page even when the API is offline.

Go Pricing: 46 Responsive Pricing Tables Built With WordPress
It is highly advised that you always use the most recent version of the plugin to take advantage of the most recent bug fixes, features, and enhancements.





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