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Contact Form Multi nulled plugin 2.7.5

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Contact Form 7 Multi-Step’s is a powerful add-on that simplifies the process of creating and modifying contact forms on WordPress. It offers a step-by-step user interface, allowing users to add polish to their forms through a series of phases. The plugin allows users to customize the functionality of each button, fill in blanks with previous responses, and customize the color scheme to match their design. The Multi-Step Add-on for Contact Form 7 Pro is a simple yet powerful tool that divides lengthy forms into manageable tabs, each showing a single step. The plugin is fully customizable, with documentation readily available to help resolve any issues. The plugin’s front-end user interface is straightforward, and it allows users to prioritize email correspondence. The plugin is an extension of the original contact form, allowing users to create and modify multiple contact forms with unique settings. The plugin is available in Russian (RU) and offers support through a support portal.

This is a great add-on for those who use Contact Form 7!

If you have a lengthy form with far too many fields, you may use Contact Form 7 Multi-Step’s step-by-step user interface.

The most effective approach to presenting your forms to site visitors looks like this:


Add polish to your form through a series of phases.

Make a step-by-step progress indicator.


With a single mouse click, you can add a step tag to your form.


It’s simple to alter each button’s function.


The number of steps is not restricted.


Fill in the blanks with your previous responses.


Beautiful and intuitive user interface.


Alter the hues to match your design.


Consistent with the Database Contact Form 7,


Take advantage of six months of premium support at no cost to you!


Intuitive interface with unlimited updates


As well as…

Multi-step for Contact Form 7 Pro allows you to add additional stages to your very lengthy quotation form. The quickest way to make the form easy to use for visitors is to use a multi-step add-on. The Multi-Step Add-on for Contact Form 7 is a little but potent piece of code that will divide your lengthy form into manageable tabs, each of which will show a single step.


Including more than one step will make your form easier to complete.

Several Steps in One Contact Form 7:


Clean up your procedure with a few simple steps.

With one click, you can add a step tag to your form.

Step-by-step buttons that may be customized

Potentially Infinite Actions

Elegant and cutting-edge UI/UX

Quite simple to employ

More awaits, after all.

How It Operates:


Completely modifiable to your specifications in any way you see appropriate.


The Contact Form Multi nulled plugin front-end user interface is straightforward, so getting started is a breeze.


Documentation to help you fix any problems you may have is readily accessible.


You may prioritize your email correspondence with the help of the readily available tags.


A new and improved user interface and user experience are presented in tabular (or “tab”) form.


Setup and Assembly


Manual setup is quick and simple, taking less than a minute to complete.


After downloading and extracting [Contact Form 7 Multi-Step], move its folder to the wp-content/plugins folder on your site’s server.


Use WordPress’s ‘Plugins’ menu to activate the add-on.


To add a step tag to your Contact Form, choose Contact from the left-hand menu in WordPress and then click the Save Changes button.


Success! Have fun with it.


This Contact Form Multi nulled plugin is an extension of the original contact form. Multiple contact forms may be created and modified in WordPress, each with their own unique settings.

Add additional contact forms to your website immediately to expand its functionality.

We’d love to hear from you if you have any ideas or suggestions for improving the plugin. Submit a feature suggestion.


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Russian (ru)

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