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Boombox is a WordPress theme designed for viral magazines, offering a high-quality style and a highly customizable layout. It is powered by a powerful viral content creator and will be trusted by over 6,000 users by 2021. The theme features a customizable layout with full-width or boxed designs, unlimited variations in behavior, a two-layer header arrangement, a two-layer footer, advanced sidebars, and customizable color schemes, styles, and fonts. It also includes a configurable post ranking system, allowing users to set trending criteria, create lists of the most viewed, shared, voted on, and discussed posts, and configure all post list parts based on specific criteria.

The theme also includes an engaging reaction voting system, allowing visitors to vote with reactions just after reading. It offers custom color options, 24 reaction emojis, and customizable navigation badges. The theme also includes a Zombify front-end uploader, enabling front-end submissions and growing the blogger community.

The theme also includes a powerful social sharing system powered by the MashShare plugin, with clear call-to-action buttons, fully customizable styles, and customizable share button positions. It supports 25+ networks via the MashShare add-on and allows users to share quizzes before seeing results with Viralpress.

The theme also offers ads everywhere with the WP QUADS plugin, allowing users to monetize with ads. The theme is fully responsive, retina-ready, has RTL support, WPML support, advanced GIF control, upvotes and downvotes, a newsletter with MailChimp subscriptions, and all social media icons from Font Awesome.

Boombox nulled theme is an all-purpose viral magazine theme with a high-quality style and highly customizable layout, packed with viral nibbles and special features, and powered by the most powerful viral content creator. Fill news, listicles, polls, or quizzes with content, then distribute it via social sharing, trending, responses, and up/down voting systems, build a blogger community, and monetize with any sort of ad. Now is the time to go viral!

BoomBox nulled theme officially trusted by 6000+ in 2021.

Extremely Customisable Layout & Design

  • WordPress Customizer options have been improved.
  • Full-width or boxed designs
  • Unlimited variations in behavior and a two-layer header arrangement
  • Footer with two layers and three widget areas
  • Patterns for the header and footer (for example, rags, clouds, grass, or none)
  • Management of advanced sidebars
  • 8-post listing kinds with infinite scroll, “load more,” or numeric pagination
  • There are two sizes of post strip sliders and three sorts of highlighted post areas.
  • Color schemes, styles, and fonts are completely customizable.
  • Any element on any page may be hidden or seen.
  • Create a BuzzFeed, BoredPanda, 9Gag, or other viral magazine prototype.

Configurable Posts Ranking System

  • Views, shares, upvotes, and comments are the four kinds of post ranking.
  • Set trending criteria based on one of the four ranking kinds.
  • Trending (in the last 24 hours), Hot (in the last 7 days), and Popular (in the last 30 days)
  • Fancy badges that are trendy, hot, and popular
  • Create lists of the most viewed, shared, voted on, and discussed posts.
  • Create pages of best post lists based on any criteria during a specified time period.
  • Configure all post list parts based on one of four criteria: featured posts, strips, and widgets.

Engaging Reaction Voting System

  • Let visitors vote with reactions just after reading
  • Highlight 2 most frequent reactions on post
  • Engage other visitors by showing fancy reaction badges
  • Custom colour options for reaction badges
  • 24 reaction emojis – 2 hand handcrafted set
  • Possibility to add custom reaction emojis (svg files)
  • Create post lists by reaction categories
  • Set minimal reaction score for classifying post under that reaction
  • Set maximal reaction types count per vote
  • Restrict voting by login or just by visitor IP

Attractive Multipurpose Badges

  • Category badges (for example, quizzes, polls, music, videos, and so on)
  • With 600+ icons, you may make whatever badge you want.
  • Text or emoji reaction badges (e.g., lol, omg, wtf, geeky, etc.)
  • 2 handmade sets of 24 reply emojis
  • Custom response emojis (svg files) may be added.
  • Badges for Trending, Hot, and Popular
  • Set unique colors for all badge types independently.
  • Make navigation badges
  • Disable all badge types.

Zombify Front-end Uploader is included

  • Enable front-end submissions and grow the blogger community.
  • Simple information and numbered lists
  • Lists that are open to the public and may be voted on
  • Personality tests, trivia tests, and polls
  • Formats for Audio and Video
  • Embeds for Social Media
  • Meme maker and more
  • System of moderation

Powerful Social Sharing System

  • Powered by MashShare plugin
  • Clear call to action buttons
  • Fully customisable styles
  • Editable buttons labels
  • Sticky sharing bar
  • Adjustable share buttons positions
  • Fake share counts for easy start
  • 25+ networks possibility via Mashshare add-on (including WhatsApp for mobile)
  • Force to share quiz before seeing result with Viralpress

Ads Everywhere with WP QUADS plugin

  • ads injected into post lists
  • ads in sidebar with sticky option
  • ad before/after the header area
  • ad before/after the content area
  • ad before the “You may also like” section
  • ad before the “More from” section
  • ad before the “Don’t miss” section
  • ad before the comments section
  • ad in footer widget area
  • ads in locations like “before the article first paragraph” etc…


  • SEO optimised
  • W3 valid / semantically correct HTML Code
  • Cross browser compatible (IE 9+, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome etc.)
  • Fully Responsive Design
  • Retina Ready
  • RTL support
  • WPML support
  • Advanced GIF control
  • Upvotes and Downvotes
  • Newsletter with MailChimp subscriptions
  • All Social Media Icons from Font Awesome
  • 600+ Google Fonts
  • Contact Form 7 support

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