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Booknetic nulled plugin is a WordPress appointment plugin designed to help companies schedule meetings with customers online without the need for phone calls. As the premier WordPress plugin for reservations, it handles everything associated with reservations, payments, alerts, and online sales. Booknetic offers a robust software for scheduling appointments, including work schedules, vacation days, and lunch breaks. It allows workers to choose their own schedules, and the in-built dashboard allows for monitoring progress. The user-friendly interface allows for customization of the appointment scheduling software to suit the specific needs of your company.

Booknetic’s integrated Form Editor allows for customization of fields, allowing multiple forms to be displayed simultaneously. It also supports connecting to virtual meetings using the native Zoom interface. Booknetic’s Google Calendar Integration plugin streamlines scheduling and allows for the integration of Google Calendar events into Booknetic. The Workflow module allows for full automation of meetings and business operations, including email, Telegram, and webhook integrations.

Booknetic also offers appointment tracking and analysis through Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, enabling businesses to connect scheduled appointments with Facebook Pixel and other applications. Overall, Booknetic is a powerful tool for companies looking to streamline their appointment scheduling and customer engagement.

Booknetic is a WordPress appointment plugin that simplifies the process of booking appointments for service workers. It offers various features, such as giftcards, multiple bookings, meeting with groups, scheduled recurrence, holding patterns, and a fully modifiable scheduling widget. The plugin allows users to design a booking interface that fits their site’s aesthetic, with options for red, green, blue, purple, and pink. Booknetic’s waiting list function allows for easy access to appointments during peak times, and customers on the waiting list can be notified via email or WhatsApp. The plugin also includes a “Continue with Facebook” option for a stress-free experience for customers.

The plugin’s integrated CRM tools help streamline customer databases, allowing for the import and export of client lists. Booknetic’s coding structure facilitates a smooth transition to a new booking service, with the ability to import and export data from Booknetice. Overall, Booknetic is a powerful tool for appointment-based businesses looking to streamline their booking process and save time for their clients.

Booknetic nulled plugin is a WordPress appointment plugin. It’s meant to enable companies to arrange meetings with customers online without ever having to pick up the phone.

Booknetic nulled plugin: What’s It All About?
We handle everything associated with your reservations since we are the premier WordPress plugin for doing so. You can concentrate on operating your company while we take care of the reservations, payments, alerts, and online sales with our completely automated solutions.


Booknetic nulled plugin is robust software for scheduling appointments that allows you to do the following:

  • Schedule appointments automatically.
  • Include a number of separate establishments.
  • Set up work schedules, vacation days, and lunch breaks.
  • Permit workers to choose their own schedules.
  • Use the in-built dashboard to monitor your company’s progress.
  • Adjust for mobile use.
  • Make as many employee and client records as you want.
  • Create unique surveys.

Our user-friendly interface makes it simple to tailor our appointment scheduling software to the specific needs of your company. Staff members may get ready for appointments faster with improved personalization capabilities like form builders and templates.

Customers also have the option of making appointments in a safe and comfortable online setting or through a mobile device.


You can adapt to the requirements of any customer base or corporate operation thanks to the extensive set of capabilities available. You can manage every aspect of your company with the help of our robust administrative dashboard.


We strive to meet the needs of our clients by continuously innovating our products. Our goal with every change we make is to raise both client happiness and your profits.

Integrated Form Editor:

Using the flexible Form Builder in conjunction with the front-end scheduling interface of the WordPress appointment plugin, you may create unique fields that are specific to your company’s needs. Multiple forms may be seen simultaneously, and you can choose a different form for each service.

Customized forms with conditional fields make it easier to handle and sort through all the many pieces of information that might be required for enrollment. Such as the name or location of the scheduled appointment.

Zoom’s Compatibility:

Zoom is now widely used as a primary means of contact for many service industries that rely on scheduled client meetings. The booking plugin dashboard now supports connecting to virtual meetings using the native Zoom interface. Zoom Integrated Appointment Booking can let you schedule and coordinate meetings in several locations.

Connecting two Google Calendars:

Booknetic’s Google Calendar Integration plugin is here to streamline your scheduling and clear up any ambiguity. Once enabled, the Booknetic-Google Calendar sync is automated and allows you to import Google Calendar events into Booknetic. Your WordPress booking calendar will automatically reflect your Google Calendar’s busiest hours.
Booknetic’s Google Calendar allows you to further personalize event descriptions using keywords.

Modulus de trabajo:

Meetings and other business operations may be fully automated using the Workflow module. When an appointment is scheduled, for instance, an email is sent to the client and a Telegram message is sent to the office manager. Send the customer and staff the Zoom meeting link through email 30 minutes before the scheduled meeting. submit the survey form to the client over WhatsApp after the meeting, then submit a POST request to EXAMPLE_URL using a webhook (Zapier, IFTTT, etc. integrations), archive it one month later, etc.

Measurement of results

Appointment-based enterprises really must monitor their customers’ actions. Booknetic allows you to monitor your booking panel’s conversion rates. Tracking, viewing, and analyzing website traffic is now easier than ever with the integration of the WordPress appointment scheduling plugin with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. Booknetic’s appointment tracking connection with Google Analytics allows you to monitor the success of various events in GA. Appointment conversion monitoring through Google Tag Manager enables you to connect your scheduled appointments with Facebook Pixel and a plethora of other applications.


Every service worker has experienced this at some point in their careers, whether they work in the beauty or fitness industries. You have a full schedule and can’t wait to meet your first customer of the day. And you continue to wait. Perhaps 15 minutes before the planned start of the session, the phone rings, and it’s the customer canceling. You have to frantically improvise now. It’s not always possible to fill a cancelled reservation, even if a waitlist is in place. You’re now in a catch-22: either enforce your cancellation and no-show policies and lose the customer, or forego the loss of daily revenue. The WordPress appointment plugin lets clients pay in advance to avoid losing money due to no-shows or cancellations.


Our WordPress appointment plugin allows you to provide gifts to clients with the help of the Giftcards add-on. If a customer books an appointment using the gift card you’ve established, the cost of the service will be deducted from the gift card’s balance.

Services for multiple bookings:

Booknetic’s multi-booking services were implemented after receiving several requests from users. Customers may now schedule several services within the same appointment. Only appointments involving several services will have access to this option. Clients may schedule appointments with numerous workers at their convenience. Multi-booking is a great tool for expanding your appointment-based company.

Meeting with the Group:

Group appointments, also known as group visits or observed appointments, may have a broad range of structures, but they always have the common goal of helping clients save money while still receiving the care they need.

Scheduled recurrence:

Booking your recurring services has never been easier than with the Booknetic appointment plugin for WordPress. All of your company’s recurring services may be easily included thanks to the system’s adaptable settings.

Holding pattern:

It may be difficult to immediately accommodate customers’ requests to change booking times due to already-booked slots. Booknetic has a waiting list tool to help you get appointments during peak times. Booknetic’s waiting list function improves your control over your schedule.

Waiting lists may be activated in Booknetic’s backend settings menu. Appointments will be sent to you as soon as the selected time becomes available. Once it becomes available, you may choose to notify clients on the waiting list through email, WhatsApp, or another method of your choosing.
Customers on the waiting list are not required to make a payment. Once the time slot is free, you may require prepayment from consumers if you so desire.

Stay on Facebook:

Booknetic also includes a Continue with Facebook option that makes signing up for the service simpler. By enabling “Continue with Facebook,” you can immediately give your customers a streamlined and stress-free experience.

Fully modifiable scheduling widget:

Keeping inactive procedures might add complexity to your reservation procedure. You may choose which fields appear and change their order. Booknetic nulled plugin also has a “selected booking panel,” where you may show consumers just the locations, employees, or services you want them to see.

The Booknetic nulled plugin is very adaptable, allowing you to design a booking interface that fits in perfectly with the aesthetic of your site or business. In addition to the standard brown theme, you may also choose from red, green, blue, purple, and pink for your booking panel. You may choose a preexisting format to use as a starting point or design your own.

You may use this function to modify the Booking panel’s CSS if you feel it’s necessary. The parameters that you can’t modify in Appearance may be modified with little effort using Custom CSS.

Module for the Client:

Thanks to our integrated CRM tools, you no longer have to juggle several unorganized customer databases. Client information and scheduled appointments may both be stored in Booknetic’s user-friendly database. In addition, our WordPress booking plugin allows for the import and export of client lists.

Import and export figures:

Our coding structure facilitates a smooth transition to a new booking service. In Booknetic, you may access an Export and Import Data option through the Settings menu. When switching systems, you may simply import the exported Booknetice data or settings.

Your booking system or data may be transferred to your new local computer.

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