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Blog Designer nulled plugin is a popular WordPress plugin designed for professional blog designers. It offers a user-friendly platform for designing categories and tag archives, making it suitable for all WordPress sites. The plugin comes with 50 professionally created templates, and more will be added in future updates. It offers a variety of customization options, allowing users to change the layout, colors, font, and family of their site.

Some common use cases for Blog Designer include online journals, brand-new web-based sub-sections, business and technology discussions, background narratives, event timelines, author’s life summaries, and tutorial guides. The plugin can be installed and activated from the administration panel after downloading the plugin zip file and extracting it to your computer.

Blog Designer PRO offers ten benefits, including mobile-friendly blog themes, compatibility with different browsers, support for unique post types, blog designs for export and import, archive and single post layouts, load more paging, built-in social sharing buttons, and support for Google Fonts.

By default, each template has its own unique look and settings, making it easy for users to customize their blog. The plugin also includes a variety of plugins, such as Choosen, SocialShare.js, FlexSlider, Aristo, and Typeface Awesome.

In summary, Blog Designer is a versatile and user-friendly WordPress plugin that offers a wide range of customization options for blog designers.

WordPress Plugin for Professional Blog Designer nulled plugin

Website blog pages may be easily and beautifully designed using the Blog Designer. It’s a widely used WordPress plugin for expanding a website’s reach to new customers and readers. Blog Designer improves the usability of your blog without requiring any knowledge of code. It’s user-friendly enough even for those with no prior experience managing websites.

The Blog Designer nulled plugin comes with 50 professionally created templates to get you started, and more will be added in future updates.


Blog Designer nulled plugin is the greatest option you’ve never seen before when it comes to designing a category or tag archive.


Every blog theme has a variety of customization options, allowing you to change the layout, colors, font, and family of your site.

What are some good uses for the Blog Designer Pro plugin?

All WordPress sites may benefit from the Blog Designer plugin. Here is a quick rundown of a few common use cases for the Blog Designer WordPress plugin.

Online journal or blog

Brand-new web-based sub-section.

Discussions on business and technology

The background (narrative) of your organization

Showcase (timeline) of events summarized

Summary of my accomplishments

A chronology of the author’s life

What’s New at Our Company

A Comprehensive Tutorial Guide

A blog about fashion

Recent blog trends

Blogs About Business and Entrepreneurship

Charity news and information hub

Web Log for One’s Own Use

Grid-Based Portfolio Presentation

Slideshow-style presentation of featured content

So that various categories of posts may each have their own unique layout.

Online storefront

Learning Blog Designer PRO: Where to Begin?

Learn how to embark on your blogging adventure with Blog Designer PRO.


Every blog theme and individual page in our blog design example have been fully integrated.


Blog Designer PRO may be installed and activated from the administration panel after downloading the plugin zip file, extracting it to your computer, and then selecting the plugin zip file (blog-designer-pro.zip) from the list of available plugins using the ‘Upload Plugin’ option.

Step 3: Pick a Design and a Blog Page

Pick a blog template you like, make the necessary adjustments to your blog page’s appearance, then click “Save Change” to have the changes reflected on the front end.


Simple yet striking designs will attract more readers to your site. Changing blog layouts doesn’t require knowledge of code. That’s the kind of stuff even newbies can accomplish. Have fun with Blog Designer PRO!

What are the benefits of Blog Designer PRO?

Here Are Ten Good Reasons to Use Blog Designer PRO

1. Completely mobile-friendly blog themes

All templates are totally responsive and will look great on any modern computer or mobile device.


The provided templates are compatible with all popular browsers (including Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, etc.).

Three. Support for Unique Post Types

Custom post types may also have their design set in a blog’s template.

Blog Layout Sample 4

See the finished layout in its final form before it goes live.


You may import and export your preferred layouts whenever you want and use them on any number of other websites.


You may choose from a variety of archives, including category, tag, date, author, and single post layouts.


You may choose from No Pagination, Paged, Load More, and Load on Page. Scroll for page breaks.


Each article has built-in sharing buttons and a share count. There are no extra plugins to activate or install in order to use the social sharing buttons. For mobile users, we’ve also integrated WhatsApp sharing.


Use any of the 800+ Google Fonts to improve the look of your blog’s page layout. Large font sets make it simple to take your blog design and apply it to your website.


By default, each template has its own unique look and settings. There’s no need to stress if you don’t know much about design.


Please note that the preview material (photos and videos) is not included in the final product and that you will need to contact the authors for permission to use them in your own work (whether commercial or not).

Chosen is a jQuery plugin that shortens and simplifies lengthy choice boxes.

Create your own “like” and “share” buttons with this jQuery plugin, SocialShare.js.

FlexSlider is a fantastic, mobile-friendly slider extension for jQuery.

Aristo is a jQuery UI theme adaptation of the “Aristo” theme for Cappuccino.

Iconic typeface and CSS library, typeface Awesome

Suggestions for Enhancement

Please let us know if you have any ideas for enhancing this product. We welcome any feedback and are grateful for your time and consideration. Every week, we’ll compile all of your suggestions and prioritize them to implement in the next update. Reach out to us. Here

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