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YITH WooCommerce Terms and Conditions Popup nulled plugin 1.3.5

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short description

Enable a link on the checkout page that opens a modal window with the terms and conditions.
What you can get from it:
You will boost the transparency of your e-commerce’s sale conditions by providing consumers with a smooth checkout procedure.

Customers will be able to refer to and read your terms and conditions in the modal window without leaving the checkout process.

YITH WooCommerce Terms and Conditions Popup nulled plugin Terms & Conditions protect both you and your consumers. A modal window to notify them without requiring them to leave the page
Terms and conditions are an essential component of every website since they provide significant benefits in terms of liability and security to both users and administrators. Putting it in a pop-up window decreases the likelihood of people leaving the website.

YITH WooCommerce Terms and Conditions Popup nulled plugin  Including Terms and Conditions on your website is one of the finest steps a site owner can make since it protects a website, particularly an e-commerce site, from potential legal conflicts.
Adding Terms and Conditions to the checkout page, on the other hand, is very dangerous since it may force consumers to abandon the page and disrupt the transaction. WooCommerce Terms and Conditions YITH Popup allows you to show this sort of legal information in a modal window, making its consultation faster and easier, while also providing a better service to your consumers without jeopardizing the transaction itself.

Configure your style choices
And personalize your popup window down to the last detail.

Personalize the “I Agree” button
Choosing where to put it and the style to give it

Configure the size of your modal window.
As a result, it can best satisfy your demands.

ake your consumers read the whole document and scroll all the way to the finish before accepting it.

Display Privacy Policy
Whether in conjunction with the Terms or independently

expedite checkout, mark the “I have read and accept” box as previously ticked.

Choose whether or not to display the Terms & Conditions in a popup window.
Select the size, style, and animation effect of the popup.
Add a “I agree” button at the popup’s bottom.

Users must scroll the full window before accepting the Terms & Conditions.
Display a new checkbox for Privacy Policy.
Manage the Terms and Privacy checkboxes independently or as a single checkbox.
Decide whether to show the Terms and Privacy checkboxes and whether to publish them as previously checked or not.
Select the “Terms & Conditions” and “Privacy Policy” pages.
On the checkout page, reposition the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy checks.

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