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YITH WooCommerce Save Cart for Buy Later plugin 1.32.0

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Inspired by Amazon, enable your clients to store items added to their basket and buy them later.
What you can get from it:
You will be able to include one of the most intriguing Amazon alternatives into your online store. 40% of users, according to data, use the basket as a wishlist, adding and deleting things based on their current requirements.

You will improve your e-commerce usability by allowing your customers to save the products they are interested in directly on the Cart page, where they will always be visible and ready to be purchased (as opposed to products added to a wishlist, which are frequently forgotten by the user); you will allow users to temporarily remove a product from the cart and add it again with just one click without searching that product on the store to select size, color, click on the A A speedier buying procedure that boosts conversions.

YITH WooCommerce Save Cart for Buy Later nulled plugin  Increase your site’s revenues by making subsequent purchases easier.
The simplest and most efficient way to allow your customers to manage the products in their cart: with YITH WooCommerce Save for Later, if your customers decide to postpone their purchases, they will always be free to remove products from the cart and move them into a specific list available on the same page.

Anyone who shops online understands what I’m talking about: you spend a lot of time on an e-commerce site, evaluating the product tabs to find the best match for our requirements, reading reviews, and comparing costs to add “perfect” things to the basket. This is when the unexpected occurs: maybe you don’t have enough money, or maybe you want to think about it before buying. As a result, you delete things from your basket and, in a matter of seconds, you lose all time invested on precise selection.

Looking through the whole store for the things you want will be so tiresome that you will postpone your decision to a later time. Days will pass, and you will just forget about the thing you intended to purchase.
Perhaps you will purchase it somewhere, or perhaps you will realize you no longer need it. Whatever the cause, the end consequence is the same: all things removed from the basket represent lost sales.

YITH WooCommerce Save Cart for Buy Later nulled plugin Products deleted from the basket and “saved for later” will always be displayed on the same page and will be purchasable at any other time with a simple click, eliminating the need for your consumers to browse the store again, choosing type, size, color, and so on.
Every time customers add a product to the basket, even months later, the stored goods will be shown and entice them to buy. A real reminder, an unmistakable “call to action” that may significantly enhance your e-commerce conversion rate.

For each product, provide a link to the “Save for later” page.
Allow your users to put goods to a “Save for later” area on the cart page and recover them every time you visit the cart page without having to go mad trying to locate them again in the store.

Link to save for later

To add goods to the Wishlist, provide a “Add to Wishlist” link.
Give Wishlist users the option to add things to their wishlist with a simple motion.

Add single product variants
You may include any sort of goods in the list, whether it is a single item or a variety!

Product variants

Easily add things from the new list to your shopping.
A quick transfer to ease your consumers’ purchasing procedure.

Make use of the WPML compatibility.
You may quickly translate the plugin using the excellent WPML tool.

Add items from the shopping basket to the “Save for later” list.
Product management for variable products
Add items to your shopping basket from the “Save for later” section.

Use a shortcode to display a list of items that your customers have selected to store for later integration with YITH nulled plugin Wishlist

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