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YITH WooCommerce Category Accordion nulled plugin 2.6.0

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What the plugin accomplishes
Display product categories as accordions to enhance your shop’s look and usability.
What you can get from it:

To make navigating simpler for your consumers, display product categories and subcategories clearly and appropriately.
make ad hoc widgets that allow people to view items with particular categories
Display widgets with custom menus and allow users to quickly access pages that may contain the information they are looking for (customer support, shipping and return policies, etc.) or promotions on specific products (“Best seller of the month,” “Top rated,” “On-sale products,” etc.); customize the style, colors, and typography of each widget;
To display accordions on any page or location in your store, utilize the shortcodes.

YITH WooCommerce Category Accordion nulled plugin Display product categories in a contemporary, user-friendly manner.
The list of product categories is one of the first things users look for when visiting an e-commerce store; it is, after all, the quickest way for them to figure out what kind of products you sell or which category they might find what they are looking for, and it’s a very useful tool for easily navigating your store.

YITH WooCommerce Category Accordion enables you to display a list of your product categories anywhere you want, improving the user experience of your e-commerce; a simple and effective plugin that gives your consumers a clear overview of the items in your shop.

You may use accordions to display categories, subcategories, or tags, making it simpler for consumers to navigate your business.

YITH WooCommerce Category Accordion nulled plugin You may display how many goods are in a category, hide empty categories, choose whether to show the menu closed or open when the page opens, and more!

There are six accordion styles to choose from.
The plugin contains six alternative accordion panels: choose your favorite and change its borders, colors, and font to obtain the look that best suits your shop’s design.

YITH WooCommerce Category Accordion nulled plugin Styles of accordions
Configuration of categories
Accordion panel configuration possibilities
You may specify the usual behavior of all accordions in the global options, such as whether to display just parent categories or also subcategories, how many levels of hierarchy and categories to show, whether to open accordions on hover or click, and numerous other possibilities.

Options for advanced customisation
Each accordion panel also has all of the sophisticated customization choices, such as background color, border color and radius, spacing, font, style and location of the opening and closing icons, and so on. You may quickly and simply experiment and establish multiple layouts depending on where you choose to position the accordion using these choices.

Options for parenthesis
Menu customization
Add a menu to the accordion panel.
Custom menus may be added to individual pages or areas of your website using accordion panels. A well-known application? Create pages with top-selling, top-rated, or discounted items, and add an accordion panel to the Shop page to provide an ad-hoc menu. It’s a simple and efficient approach to get your clients to view sites that would otherwise be overlooked!

Display categories and tags
When you put a widget or shortcode to add an accordion panel to your store, you can choose whether to display a list of WooCommerce categories or tags (items) or WordPress categories and tags. You may customize how they are sorted, exclude certain things, display or conceal the item count for each category/tag, emphasize the current category, and much more.

Display WooCommerce product categories
Display photos from the selected category
Display photographs from the selected categories in the panel
Do you want to make your accordion panel more appealing and modern? Allow the display of category pictures by utilizing original photos or icons. The end effect may be quite eye-catching and draw the attention of customers browsing your store.

Select where to display accordion panels.
The plugin offers a shortcode for each accordion panel in addition to widgets. This gives you greater flexibility since you may place the accordion on any page, article, or area of your business (such as the footer) without restriction.

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