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YITH Easy Login & Register Popup nulled plugin 1.36.0

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What the plugin accomplishes
Reduces cart abandonment by making the login, registration, and password reset procedures simpler at the checkout.
What you can get from it:

Give your consumers a convenient, contemporary, and fast way to log in or create a new account in your e-commerce store during the checkout process.
Make the password reset procedure more simpler with a practical solution modeled after the one provided on Amazon.
Reduce cart abandonment by allowing consumers to retrieve their passwords and finish their purchases without leaving the checkout process.

YITH Easy Login & Register Popup nulled plugin 30% of consumers skip the checkout process due to an overly complicated registration or login procedure, which is complicated because they are required to submit too many information or because the interface is difficult to use.

If users need to log in but can’t remember their account password, things get even worse: they’ll have to leave the checkout to reset the password and click on a link in their inbox, and once they’ve set a new password, they’ll have to go back to the cart and begin the purchase all over again.

YITH Easy Login & Register Popup For WooCommerce simplifies everything: login (social login is supported), registration, and password recovery (via an Amazon-inspired approach). You may now provide a more favorable purchasing experience to your consumers.

A contemporary and functional modal window that you can change to your liking

YITH Easy Login & Register Popup nulled plugin Modal window size, background color, texts, icons: you can personalize the interface and adjust it to your e-commerce store layout with a few clicks.

Allow your consumers to save time by signing up using their social profiles.
Using the integration of Facebook and Google login, you can make the purchasing process smoother and quicker.

A password recovery technique inspired by Amazon to minimize cart abandonment

If consumers forget their password, they may get a code, create a new password via the modal window they are in, and then finish the transaction with a single click. A straightforward and user-friendly method that may significantly reduce cart abandonment in your store.

Allow your customers to save time by registering using their social accounts.
You can make the shopping process easier and faster by integrating Facebook and Google login.

Amazon-inspired password recovery strategy to reduce cart abandonment

If customers forget their password, they may get a code, establish a new password via the modal box, and then complete the purchase with a single click. A simple and user-friendly way for drastically reducing cart abandonment in your shop.

Provide a separate guest checkout.

Allow your users to checkout without having to login or register if they do not want to.

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