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WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro nulled plugin 2.0.14

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WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro is a powerful plugin that enhances the tracking capabilities of WooCommerce sites by providing sophisticated event tracking and better eCommerce tracking. This plugin allows users to track events in their store and send them to Google Analytics automatically, providing in-depth information on visitors and eCommerce events. The plugin is easy to install, requires advanced eCommerce tracking enabled in the GA account, and allows for precise monitoring of sales statistics and shop metrics. It also includes features like Universal Analytics and improved eCommerce tracking, which can be hidden from store managers and site administrators. The plugin also tracks checkout processes, including coupon addition/removal, cart quantity changes, and customer email openings. It also offers enhanced reports for online store promotion, allowing users to analyze shopping or checkout behavior and filter their checkout sessions based on their actions or data. The plugin also allows for customization of event names and user counts. To use the plugin, simply purchase it, add it to your WooCommerce shop, and connect it to your Google Analytics account.

WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro nulled plugin

Improve the WooCommerce site’s tracking capabilities with sophisticated event tracking and better eCommerce tracking.
Google Analytics Pro can help you understand your WooCommerce sales pipeline.
WordPress e-commerce plugin If you have a WooCommerce shop and a free Google Analytics account, you may speed up the connection with Google Analytics Pro. If you want to increase sales and optimize your sales funnel, you need in-depth information on your store’s visitors and eCommerce events.

If you own a WooCommerce plugin store, you can benefit from WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro. This add-on tracks events in your store and sends them to Google Analytics automatically. With this, you can easily see data like average order value, conversion rate, sales by product or category, and more.
Precise Monitoring with Simple Installation
Just make sure that advanced eCommerce tracking is enabled in your GA account, pick your event names (if you don’t like the defaults), and you’re good to go after installing WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro. To make it easy to view your sales statistics and other shop metrics, the plugin takes care of monitoring and transmitting all the right events to Google Analytics.

Connecting your WooCommerce shop to your Google Analytics account is as easy as clicking three buttons.

Why use analytics software by Google?
Allows for the monitoring of fundamental site metrics, including pageviews and client sessions,
Features more sophisticated event monitoring in addition to Universal Analytics and improved eCommerce tracking, all of which are included in the free version.
It gives you the option to hide store managers and site administrators from monitoring.
Ensure more precise user numbers by tracking user IDs.
Begins tracking the checkout process and other fundamental eCommerce events such as “add to cart.”
Integrates sophisticated monitoring of eCommerce events, including “coupon addition/removal” and “cart quantity changed.”
Observe orders that have been inserted by hand.
Included are events that occur when a consumer does things like sign in or out or writes a comment or review about a product.
Tracks cancellations and refunds for orders
Document the occurrence of client email openings as “Emails” category events.
It comes with complete backing for reporting on customers’ shopping and checkout habits.
Includes new checkout options to learn more about consumers’ preferences at checkout, including the payment method they used. brand new
Extensive monitoring of events
With WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro’s enhanced event monitoring, you can learn even more about your sales process. You can monitor events like “viewed account” and “coupon applied” to get a comprehensive picture of your customers’ actions on your site. You may monitor these occurrences in your buying process as well, such as order-specific coupon data and coupon conversion rates.

Enhanced Reports for Online Store Promotion
You may generate an analysis of shopping or checkout behavior with full support! Check out the Shopping Behavior report to see how your online shopping habits fit into the customer lifecycle:
If you want to see where your consumers are leaving the buying process at that stage, you may view your checkout in fine-grained detail:
You may use this plugin to filter your customers’ checkout sessions according to their actions or data, since it even supports sending checkout options:
Impressive Personalization
The plugin’s options allow you to customize and deactivate specific event names. More precise user counts may also be achieved by tracking user IDs. You may add a snippet to your theme to monitor custom events.

Beginning the Process \o

Purchase this add-on.
Get the plugin and drop it into your WooCommerce shop.
Connect this plugin to your Google Analytics account after logging in (or creating an account, which is free).
You now have better eCommerce tracking capabilities in your GA account.
I’m done! Relax and take pleasure in comprehensive site stats!
For additional information, including how to change the names of recorded events, add your own events to the list, and more, check out the plugin’s documentation!
Who needs additional justification to make a purchase? You can be certain that the WooCommerce extensions created by SkyVerge are of the highest quality when you buy them. Rest assured that we value your store’s success just as much as you do when you buy our items.

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