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Varient Nulled Script 2.2.1

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Varient is a versatile news and magazine script with a clean, user-friendly design. It features a multi-author system, with each author having their own panel for managing posts. The script is SEO optimized, has customizable layouts, and supports various ad codes. Varient also supports Progressive Web App (PWA) and AWS S3 integration. It offers unlimited editable pages, gallery pages, contact pages, search, reading lists, featured posts, emoji reactions, bulk post uploads, drafts, downloadable files, GIF support, newsletters, dynamic tags, voting polls, social login, social sharing, and social media links. It also has a database cache system, roles and permissions, email verification, sitemap.xml generator, RSS aggregator system, RSS feeds, font settings, route settings, maintenance mode, rich text editor, membership system, secure authentication, password reset, Google Analytics, and advanced settings options. It runs on PHP 7.4 and higher versions and is secure with cross-site request forgery prevention, cross-site scripting prevention, password hashing, and SQL injection prevention.


Varient Nulled Script  A versatile news and magazine script is called Varient. Its design is simple, responsive, and easy to use. Almost everything on your website may be managed with its robust Admin panel. Each author has their own panel to handle their posts in the multi-author system. You may use it as an autopilot script and it features an RSS aggregator mechanism. It’s quick, simple to use, safe, and optimized for SEO.

Important Elements
Simple and Adaptable Design
Constructed using Bootstrap
Completely Safe System
Multilingual System (Easy to Add New Language)
RTL Assistance
Optimized for search engines
Options for Layout (Light and Dark Modes)
Countless Colors for the Layout
Sortable and Editable Navigating (With a Mega Menu)
Navigational Dropdown Menu & External Link
Slider Ad Spaces That Are Both Responsive and Sortable for Any Type of Ad Code (Including Google AdSense)
Make Ad Codes
System of Author Rewards
PWAs, or progressive web apps Support JSON-LD Structured Data Integration with AWS S3
Including An Infinite Number of Editable Pages
Show & Hide Options (Enable & Disable Option) for Page, Page Title, Page Breadcrumb, Page Right Column Gallery Page
Albums and Categories in the Gallery
Add or Remove Pictures
Page of Contact (With Google Map)
Utilizing the Site Reading List Page for Search (Add & Remove from List)
Highlighted Articles
Emoji Reactions on the News Ticker
Add, Remove, and Edit Posts
Article, Gallery, Sorted List, Personality Quiz, Trivia Quiz, Video, and Audio Post Formats; Bulk Post Upload System
Posts on Time
Awaiting Posts
Downloadable Documents for Posts (DOC, ZIP, PDF, etc.)
GIF Support – Add, Delete, Update Categories Newsletter (Send HTML Email to All Registered Emails) – Add Multiple Images to a Post
Control the Subscribers
Sluggish Image Downloading
System of Dynamic Tags
Voting Poll (Infinite Add/Delete Poll)
Social Media Login: Google, Facebook, and VKontakte
Social Exchange
Links on Social Media
Add, Remove, and Update Sidebar Widgets
Popular Posts Widget
Widget: Suggested Content
Display: Array of Posts Slider Feature: Labels
Widget: Counts on the Voting Poll Page (Enable & Disable Option)
Comment System in Ajax
Facebook’s Approval System for Comments
Control Messages in Contact and Comments
Superior Post Selections
database System Roles and Permissions for Caches Framework
Follow & Unfollow Users Verification via Email
Sitemap.xml Creation Tool
RSS Aggregator System (Cron Job Updates Automatically) (Incompatible with full-text RSS)
RSS Feeds (Dividing Into Multiple Channels)
Font Settings (Easy Addition of New Google Fonts)
Route Configuration (Editable Static Routes)
Mode of Maintenance
Rich Text Editor with the ability to add images and videos
Four-role membership system (Admin, Moderator, Author, User)
Control Authenticated Users
Block User IDs
Modify the Author & Admin User Role Profile Page
Turn on and off System of Membership
Turn on and off the comment system.
Password for Secure Authentication Reset the Advanced Settings for Google Analytics
Visual Configurations
Modify the Admin Panel’s logo, favicon, site title, site description, and other elements.
Utilizing the Installation Wizard Makes Installation Simple
Comprehensive Records
Operates on PHP versions 7.4 and Upward
Forgery of Cross-Site Requests (CSRF) Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) prevention Avoidance
Hashing Passwords
Steer clear of SQL Injection
PHP 7.4+ or higher
cURL PHP Fileinfo Extension PHP Add-on
Exif PHP Mbstring Extension PHP Add-on



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