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Templatera NULLED Plugin is a powerful add-on for the WPBakery Page Builder plugin, allowing users to manage and manage their templates. Originating with the WPBakery team, Templatera allows users to design, organize, and restrict access to their templates by user role or page post type. It allows users to create a library of content modules that can be easily incorporated into any section of their site. Templatera also features an in-built import/export feature, making it easy to import and export templates with just a few clicks.

The “Templatera” content element allows users to create a “template piece” and use it on multiple pages, ensuring that any changes made to the “template piece” will propagate to all sites. The new ‘vc_template’ post type allows for automatic migration of existing WPBakery Page Builder templates without further configuration. Templatera also offers role-based access restrictions for templates, allowing users to control template access based on content types.

The plugin works with site templates using the same intuitive WordPress interface, without the need for a new user interface or software. It allows users to easily transfer their stored templates to new sites, ensuring that they are accessible to all users.

Templatera NULLED Plugin is a robust add-on for the WPBakery Page Builder plugin that manages templates.

Originating with the WPBakery team For the most popular WordPress page builder, Page Builder provides a polished native add-on. Templatera gives you the freedom to design, organize, and restrict access to your templates however you see fit, whether by user role or page post type.

You may make changes to your templates centrally, and everyone will see the results right away. Make a library of content modules that you can drop into any section of your site. You won’t have to waste time pinging each other to update your pages anymore. Magically! Also, feel free to make changes anytime you like!

Templatera adds a new content element called “Templatera” to the WPBakery Page Builder’s element menu. The new “Templatera” content element makes it possible to insert pre-made templates into pages as standalone sections. Any time you make a change to your template, all instances of the “Templatera” block will be updated to reflect the change. Awesome!

Have you ever wished you could use the templates you created on a different website? Right now is the time to do so. Templatera’s in-built import/export feature makes it easy to import and export templates with only a few clicks.

Templatera: How to Use It

Let’s imagine you utilized a block containing your contact information across various pages on your site, including the phone number, address, email address, and contact form. If you make a change to your master template, all instances of “Templatera” will reflect that change instantly. As a result, your site will immediately reflect your changed contact information.

Specifications List

The Templatera NULLED Plugin content element allows you to create a “template piece,” then utilize that “piece” on numerous pages; any changes you make to the “template piece” will propagate to all of those sites. Using this block will change your life forever.
Introducing the new ‘vc_template’ post type for working with templates via the standard WordPress admin interface

Existing WPBakery Page Builder templates are automatically migrated, with no further configuration necessary.

Role-based access restriction for templates

Controlling template access based on content types

Transfer your personalized layouts with you by importing and exporting in XML.

Only the Templates You Want Can Be exported.

What Are People Using It For?

Simply stating that this is a great improvement to a great plugin With this plug-in, I can quickly and easily make changes to a single piece of VC content (as opposed to the complete template, which is different) that appears on several pages. In the past, I had to go through and manually change the VC element that was being reused on each page. This was the missing piece for me. – John

“Excellent work, and the latest revision is even better. We appreciate your hard work on this useful plugin. Picasa by Pixabay


Incredible physical characteristics. A solid and well-designed structure. To paraphrase Mcollins:


One of those “why isn’t this built in?” plugins that “makes the visual editor infinitely more useful.” To Prositesau


A boon from above that improves an excellent system It was the main reason I decided to get the WPBakery Page Builder. Photographer: JacobThePhotographer.com


I’m sorry I didn’t see this sooner! I’m enjoying browsing your site. SPS: Self-Publishing Services


Amazing! I had to update 20 different pages with the same information (footer, tab, etc.), and now I just have to update one! For the convenience you’ve provided, THANK YOU. It was you in my dream! – Kleio2010


“Fantastic resource; it does exactly what it says it would, and then some. Web Designer Year: 1985

The “vc_template” content type was implemented for optimal performance.

Work with site templates using the same intuitive WordPress interface you’re used to. There is no new user interface or software to master.


When you activate the plugin, it will immediately begin transferring all of your previously stored templates. Easy, no-hassle setup.
Title element: “Templatera”

You may insert a pre-built template component into any page area using the [templatera] content element, and when you alter your template, all “Templatera” content elements will be updated to reflect the new design.

Limiting entry
Certain template types have to be restricted to authorized users only. Not at all! Access to a template may now be restricted to certain user groups. Or maybe you’d want a certain template to be accessible exclusively for articles or pages. Not at all!


Want to move your stored templates to a new site but can’t figure out how? You may easily transfer your previously exported templates to your new site. Easy!


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