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Team Showcase nulled plugin 2.2.6

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This Team Showcase nulled plugin is designed to showcase a variety of images and text in various formats, primarily for showcasing team members or staff within a team. It offers four options for presenting submissions: a grid, page design with thumbnails, image modifications and forms, text alignment, and composition. The plugin also allows for filter categories in JQuery, using tags to narrow results, and rearranging archived member entries. It also allows for single-page views of entries, allowing users to choose which ones to show. The Team Showcase nulled plugin also allows for future-proofing using JSON-LD structured data, making the page and member entries search engine friendly. The plugin also allows users to create their own shortcodes and PHP functions, allowing them to customize the layout and display the content in various contexts. The plugin is multi-use, allowing users to display a series of photos and text, such as a catalogue of goods and services. Overall, this plugin is a versatile tool for showcasing a team’s contributions and enhancing the user experience.

This Team Showcase nulled plugin will allow you to showcase a collection of images and text in a variety of formats. The plugin’s primary function is to showcase team or staff members, although it has further potential applications.

It’s great for showing off your whole workforce or just certain departments or teams within it. It’s also great for showcasing images and information, such as in case studies or instructional materials.

There are primarily four options for presenting the submissions.


Members will appear in a flexible grid with the number of columns you provide, with the information to the right, left, or bottom of the photograph, as you have specified.



When a member’s thumbnail is clicked, their full image and profile details will load in a separate window. It’s very similar to galleries, with their emphasis on tiny preview images for easy navigation.

With a number of available layout alternatives and in-built styles, the layout may be modified and improved.

How Many Rows Are There?

You have the option of specifying the number of columns to be shown in the grid layouts. The columns will behave responsively on mobile devices.


Image Modifications and Forms


Images may be shown with either square or rounded edges, or even a completely circular form, at your discretion. You may also provide them with supplementary styles, such as a grayscale mode, picture borders, and shadow effects.

Align Text


The text may be aligned to the centre, to the right, or to the left.



The picture may be positioned above, to the right, or to the left of the article in layouts that support this option.


Filter Categories in JQuery


You may use a Jquery Groups filter on both the grid and hover grid layouts! With just a single click, your site visitors may hide certain types of users from view.

Use tags to narrow results.

You may organise your contributions into categories and then choose which ones to show. You may organise your team or staff members by role or division using this method.

Position changes using drag and drop!
The drag-and-drop ordering feature makes rearranging the archived member entries a breeze.

Each post on its own page!

You have the option of activating a single-page view of the entries. If you’ve enabled the single page, you may decide whether or not to provide a link to it in the layout’s individual entries.
Future-proof yourself using JSON-LD.

With this plugin, you may make your page and member entries search engine friendly by using JSON-LD structured data. This is suitable for inclusion in search engine result pages with rich snippets.

Activate Widget!

Widgets are compatible with the shortcode. To have the selected layout appear in the text widget, just copy the shortcode and paste it there.

Create your own shortcodes and PHP functions!

The code required to render the entries is generated with the click of a button. Go to the shortcode generator, adjust the options as desired, and the resulting shortcode and PHP function are yours to use however you see fit. The php function is required if you wish to hard code the team showcase layout in your theme files; shortcodes are for usage in articles, pages, and widgets.

The generator will provide a preview of the layout in accordance with the parameters you choose.

Sizes of Images by Default

The options panel allows you to choose the default picture size. This will ensure that any new photographs you submit are automatically scaled to the correct proportions.
Options for a Single Page

You get to decide whether or not to use the single-page mode and what data will be shown there. For instance, you may show the most recent blog articles from a team member whose profile is linked to a WordPress account.

In Other Contexts

The size and design of the social media icons may also be customised, as can whether or not the email address information uses the mailto:email format.

Multi-use! Get imaginative!

You may use this for anything you choose, even if its primary aim is to facilitate displaying members of your team or staff in WordPress. This Team Showcase nulled plugin might be helpful if you need a solution that shows a series of photos together with some text. You may, for instance, create a catalogue of goods and services.

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