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Rawal eCommerce is an all-in-one Laravel e-commerce platform designed for businesses to start their online presence. It offers a variety of features, including bulk product import/export, a wallet module, point and rewards module, email templates, shipping charges by states/city, and more. The platform has been developed from scratch using the Laravel 8 framework and new database structure. It also includes new features such as POS, warehouse management, purchase, sale, and accounts modules.

Rawal’s admin panel is developed with Vuejs (SPA), allowing maximum utilization of the Laravel framework. It supports various payment gateways, including Cash on Delivery (COD), Bank Transfer (BT), PayPal, Stripe, BrainTree, Authorized.Net, Mollie, OpenPay, SagePay, RazorPay, PayTM, and more. The platform also provides separate mobile application items and a single admin panel.

Rawal’s e-commerce platform offers a wide range of features, including a POS system, quotes management, advanced inventory, accounting management, sales return management, customer management, billing management, and purchasing management. The platform allows users to add, edit, and delete customer data, manage their accounts, and track time and billing tracking.

In addition to these features, Rawal also provides recurring services and renting business billing solutions. The platform is available in two versions: 1.1.9 and 1.1.7, with the latest version being 1.1.7.

The management section of the system allows users to define their roles and access levels. It includes a Balance Sheet, Trial Balance, CashFlow, Payment Account Reports, Products Management, Expense Management, Sale Report, Purchase Report, Supplier Report, Customer Report, Stock Report, and Expense Report.

The system also offers various features such as a Balance Sheet, Trial Balance, CashFlow, Payment Report, Product Variation, Product Attributes, Product Brands, Product Category Management, Product Reviews, Product Stock Management, and Stock Transfer Management. The Profit/Loss Report summarizes revenues, costs, and expenses incurred during a specified period, while the Sale Report provides information about business sales and activities.

The Purchase Report allows users to identify items/products purchased until a specific date range, while the Supplier Report provides information about purchases and payments made from suppliers. The Customer Report allows users to know what a customer has purchased and paid for, as well as their current balance. The Stock Report provides information about inventory and stock levels.

The system also offers a login via social accounts, allowing users to access the system through their social media accounts. The product popup with a quick view button allows users to view products by hovering over the mouse cursor. The product wish list allows users to add products to their cart and purchase them soon. The product compare feature allows users to compare different products at the same time, and the product rating and reviews feature allows customers to check feedback from other customers.

The system also offers multiple news/blog pages, product card styles, and banner styles.

The Rawal platform offers a variety of features to enhance the user experience. It includes multiple pre-made banner styles, user control panels, order management, a mega menu, multiple currencies and languages, email templates, product ratings, and more. The platform is built using Sass, a mature and powerful CSS extension language, and has cross-browser compatibility.

The Mega Menu displays all e-commerce categories in one dropdown, grouping related topics into categories. The platform also provides a grid/list product options, user account, cart, checkout, contact and newsletter forms, and excellent support and documentation.

There are two ways for push notifications: Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) or One Signal. The Invoice feature allows users to generate invoices for one or multiple customers, while the Product Wishlist feature allows users to save products for future reference.

Theme settings allow users to select styles for header, slider, full-width banner, tab style, banner style, brand slider, flash sale, news slider, and footer styles. SEO content can be added to the application settings, and the platform supports multiple languages, including RTL or LTR.

The warehouse management section allows users to add warehouse information, including name, code, phone number, email, and status. Payment gateways are available for activation based on region and requirements. Shipping methods include local pickup, free shipping, shipping by weight, and flat rate. Tax settings can be defined in the tax ratio section, and coupons can be added or removed at any time.

In summary, Rawal offers a comprehensive platform for online shopping, with features such as banner management, user control panel, orders management, mega menu, email templates, product ratings, and more.


1.1.9 is the version
– Updated Nov. 28, 2022
– Import/Export of Bulk Products feature

– Pay with Wallet & Wallet Module
Module for Points and Rewards
– Templates for emails
– Delivery Fees By State/City
And a ton more.
– 1.1.7 (Large Update)
Updated April 28, 2022
– Built from the ground up using the new database structure and the Laravel 8 framework
– Additional Features (Accounts Module, Purchase, Sale, Warehouse Management, and Point of Sale)
– New Vuejs-Developed Admin Panel (SPA)
– Using the Laravel framework to its fullest potential by using its models, traits (Api Response), services, repository design pattern, resource api, soft deletion, validation of requests, observers, events, and listeners
– Passport and JWT secure API endpoints with token-based authentication
– Exception Handling in Laravel
– Appropriate Seeders and Database Migrations
– Payment Gateways: PayPal, Stripe, BrainTree, Authorized.Net, Mollie, OpenPay, SagePay, RazorPay, PayTM, Cash on Delivery (COD), Bank Transfer (BT),…
– Files Added: SASS Files and Vue Component Source Code for the Entire Item
– This is an Envato exclusive product license.
– Different Items for Mobile Applications Are Available.
– There is just one admin panel for both the website and mobile app items.
Flutter Online Store
React Online Stores
Ionic5 Online Stores
E-commerce on Android natively
All-in-One Laravel E-Commerce Script: Rawal
With Rawal eCommerce, you can start your online company with a fully functional e-commerce platform. For managing goods, classifications, orders, reports, point-of-sale (POS), and inventory management frameworks, it has an amazing administrator board.

Multi-purpose Rawal e-commerce website suitable for any kind of company. It’s an excellent way to launch your online store. Food, electronics, design goods, digital products, and shopping complexes may all be sold. Amazingly sophisticated, Rawal E-commerce offers customers the greatest possible shopping experience. For your devoted clients, Rawal assists you in developing a website that offers an amazing purchasing experience. This gives you access to a vast collection of fully functional e-commerce website templates that you can quickly integrate into your company website. It has all the cutting-edge capabilities of today that let you create a website that accurately conveys your ideas.

several distinct site headers, footers, slider styles, intriguing banner layouts, login and blog screen variants, and several language selections are all included in the item. The finest feature, however, is that it is SEO-friendly, which means more customers and revenue. We would periodically update them and are always eager to incorporate new features. You may utilize all of the components in the pack for your e-commerce website, or you can choose only the ones that you think are useful for your website.

Demos – Rawal
https://rawal.themes-coder.net/ is the fashion store.
The grocery store may be found at namal.themes-coder.net.

/admin/login at rawal-admin.themes-coder.net

Owner Login:
email address: [email protected]
Password: 123

Administrator Login:
email address: [email protected]
Password: 123

Login as the manager:
email address [email protected]
Password: 123

Buyer Login:
[email protected] is the username.
Password: 123

Login as an accountant:
[email protected] is the username.
Password: 123

Operator Login for Data Entry:
[email protected] is the username.
Password: 123

Login to your biller/POS:
email address [email protected]
Password: 123

Login to Biller2/POS:
[email protected] is the username.
Password: 123

Rawal Laravel eCommerce is a fantastic administrator board for managing things, classifications, orders, Reports, POS, and Inventory Management modules with other lot of other capabilities.

We have included a POS system in the website which can handle sales monitoring and reporting, analytics, inventory tracking, mobile connection, customer data management, personnel management, and sophisticated integrations.

A feature-rich POS software offers a vast variety of functions like as billing and order processing, sales monitoring and reporting, inventory tracking, returns, analytics, mobile connection, customer data management, personnel management, and loyalty programs.

We have designed a Quotation Management System which enables a firm to generate, submit and monitor quotations and invoices. The Quotation Management System is an open-source web-based application. You may put the following information on the website: Biller information, Purchaser information, Customer information, Warehouse, Quotation Status and, total.

We have created Advanced inventory in which you may manage numerous Warehouses at a same time. All the things that are buy sold returned in the system will be deducted and put in the warehouse that you have placed in the system.

We have added Accounting reports in our system in which you may manage the balance sheet, Trail balance, Cash flow, Expense reports, and Ledger reports.

We have implemented a new system called Sale/Returns management, which entails assisting clients with product returns and then gathering, sorting, and replenishing inventory that has been exchanged or returned. Returns management is not applied to every customer order and extends beyond the point of final delivery. Sale ID, Customer name, Warehouse name, Quantity, Payable Amount, Paid Amount, Tax Amount, Sale Date, and Due Amount are among the other fields you may provide.

You may manage the customer’s data using this functionality. Here, you may even add or delete customers. You must provide the ID, first and last name, status, and the option to edit or delete the customer’s data.

To manage time and billing tracking, as well as sending out invoices to clients for goods and services, we have implemented Billing Management. It facilitates the management of billing systems for many businesses and a chain of locations. It also offers company billing solution rentals and recurring services.

The following skills are part of purchasing management, although they are not the only ones: supplier management. Management of Cost and Cost Reduction. Increase or decrease management. The following details about Purchase Management are available for addition.
First name, Last name, City, Country, State, Address, Phone number, Mobile

You may introduce the management’s duties in this section. Other users may be granted restricted access, editing access, or administrator privileges.

We have added a feature to the balance sheet that shows the total assets of the organization as well as the financing source—either debt or equity. It may also be known as a financial situation statement or a statement of net worth.

Trial Balance:
Trial balance is an accounting worksheet that we have provided. It compiles the balances of all ledgers into equal column totals for the debit and credit accounts.

We’ve included a function called Cash Flow where you can figure out how much cash and cash equivalents are coming into and going out of a firm. Inflows are represented by cash received, while outflows are represented by cash spent. Account, Date Range, and Transaction Type are all selectable.

Reports on Payment Accounts:
We’ve included a Payment Report that shows information about Receivables and/or Payables that can be sorted using a wide range of options. Information about receivables and/or payables is sorted according to the payment status; other grouping and ranking criteria may be specified.

Management of Products:
You may add items and manage them in this area. This part has different options. There are two sorts of products: variable products and single products. This section will also include the addition of Product Units. Variations in Products. Product reviews, product stock management, product features, product brands, product category management, and stock transfer management.

A system for processing expenditure reports, approvals, and the amount paid to replace money lost or spent has been introduced: expense management. We may monitor employee spending and decide how the company will pay back incurred expenditures by using expense management. It also applies the guidelines and rules that regulate this kind of expenditure.

We now provide a profit and loss report that lists all of the income, outlays, and charges for a certain time frame—typically a fiscal quarter or year. This shows how net income or net profit is calculated from revenues. The report may be generated in accordance with your needs.

You learn about the company sale and its operations for a chosen date range of all the items or the particular chosen product that we deal in via this report. Also, it displays the popular selling goods. This report facilitates your evaluation of the items’ performance.

We have included a Purchase report where you can see what goods you have bought up to the chosen time frame. This will result in a shift in the quantity of inventory. This will provide an exhaustive list of every item you have bought from the source.

A Supplier report has been developed to provide you with information about the items you have bought from the supplier and the amount you have paid for them. Additionally, it will display the supplier’s current balance along with all of the transaction details.

You may find out what a client has bought from you and how much they have paid for it by obtaining a customer report. It included every specific transaction that took place between you and the client. Display the customer’s current balance as well.

Among the most significant reports that provide you with stock information. You may find out from this report how much stock or inventory is in your warehouse. Using the search filter, you can also verify the stock as of a certain date. It provides a stock summary, ensuring that you double-check

You are able to monitor your company expenses using this report. It covers every kind of expenditure you incurred while operating your firm. This report will assist you in better controlling your expenses by allowing you to compare the expenses of the current and prior months.

We’ve included a login via the social networking function. Enabling the social media login function from CMS is all that is required. The functionality will function if you add the Facebook, Gmail, and Apple ID login APIs.

Product pop-up including a fast-view button
Hovering your cursor over the product will allow you to see it. You may enlarge the product by using the hover method.

For our clients, we have implemented a function called “product wish list,” which allows them to add things to their carts and purchase them later if they choose not to complete the checkout process right away.

We’ve included a function called product comparison that allows you to simultaneously compare goods and determine how much they vary in price.

You give the products ratings and reviews so that buyers can see what other buyers have to say.

Parallax banners have been added to the homepage’s backgrounds. If you would like to alter the default Parallax Banners, you can add your own images.

We have given users the option to choose from a variety of styles for the blog pages.

You may choose from a variety of pre-made product card types based on your needs.

Style of Multiple Banners
You may choose from a variety of pre-made banner styles that we have included. For the various banner styles, we provide over nine alternatives. To such banners, you may also upload your own photos.

We’ve added a number of new features to the website, including the ability to see purchase history, manage accounts, upload profile pictures, and sign up using social media. The items that you have added to your wish list are also visible.

Order Management is a new feature that allows you to handle orders. You have the ability to modify the order’s status, cancel it, and see order history.

This dropdown often classifies similar subjects into groupings and typically displays all e-commerce categories in a single mega-panel.

This feature is integrated and operational to comprehend the fundamental needs of our clients. Our RTL functionality is tailored for every client.

A decent email template can make or break your campaign, but developing and constructing a template from scratch may be a highly time-intensive process. Instead of designing a template from the ground up, let us save you hours of valuable time with free email template resources.

Using product ratings is a terrific approach to highlight the popularity of your product or service and urge people to acquire these goods.

Rawal is created with Sass. Easily alter colors, typography, and much more. It is the most mature, reliable, and powerful CSS extension language in the world.

Our code is clean and properly annotated, You can quickly grasp the code and make the modification.

Every page is examined for cross-browser compatibility to ensure that it is 100% compatible with the latest versions of browsers.

The site looks amazing thanks to the jQuery dropdown. Mega Menu is completely adjustable, so you may use it anyway you see fit.

Rawal presents the product’s choices using a grid. Two distinct product styles, grids, and listings are shown.

To guarantee that your online store will provide the most seamless and interesting customer experience possible, all essential page templates are created and designed.

The dynamic contact and mailing forms used by Rawal templates are customizable to your preferences.

Links to online documentation are included in the download package. It includes all the important details on how to set up and modify templates.

We’ve added two new push notification methods. You have two options: One Signal or Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM). You must establish a Firebase project in order to access the FCM settings. For One Signal to function on the website, you must enter the One Signal App Id and Sender ID. Use it API Key, Authentication Domain, Database URL, Project ID, Storage bucket, and Sender ID.

Feature of the invoice:
We just added an invoicing feature to CMS, allowing you to create invoices for a single or numerous clients. All that’s left to do is include the invoice footer, invoice prefix, invoice address, invoice email, phone number, and invoice logo.

We’ve included a function where you may add things to your wishlist and store them for later, should you decide to purchase them.

BARCODE Feature:
We have made the product barcode settings for POS available. The product ID, Name, Continuous-Feed/Rolls, Top Margin, Sticker Heights, Sticker Width, Paper Width, and Paper Height are all necessary for the barcode to function. Sticker per page, Distance between two columns, Sticker in one row, Sticker between two rows, and Actions. You may run POS when you’ve completed this information.

The styles for the Header, Slider, Full-Width Banner, Tab Style, Banner Style, Brand Slider, Flash Sale, News Slider, and Footer Style are all selectable inside the Theme options. You may click the submit button after making your selections for the theming styles.

You may include an SEO title, SEO Meta Tag, SEO Keywords, and an SEO description in your SEO content. You may submit the SEO content after it is complete.

Rather of modifying the source code, you may control the program with CMS. Styles for the Tab Style, Brand Sliders, Banners, Header, Slider, Footer, and many more may be changed.

You will have many alternatives for all of the banners on the website to customize them to your specifications, as we have designed them for you, in this part. Simply click on the chosen banner, upload a new picture, and presto—the task is completed.

Multiple languages may be added to your system and arranged as needed. LTR or RTL

You may enter details about your warehouse in this area. You may provide details like the warehouse name, code, email address, phone number, and status (i.e., if the warehouse is closed or not).

Gateways for payments:
We’ve covered a number of built-in payment gateways in this area, which you may enable based on your needs and location. All you have to do is add the API credentials for the payment gateway you wish to use to your website when you create an account on the payment gateway website. In order to test the payment gateway before going live on the website, we have additionally included a sandbox and live environment.

Local Pickup, Flat Rate, Free Shipping, and Weight-Based Shipping. Any of the aforementioned delivery options may be chosen, and the shipping cost may be adjusted to meet your needs.

You may describe your tax ratio in this area. The tax name and the percentage that you want to deduct may be included.

In the coupon area, there are two different kinds of coupons: percentage and fixed. Any coupon may be added or removed by users at any time. Whereas the percentage coupon deducts a certain percentage from the whole purchase, the fixed coupon lets you offer a defined sum off.



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