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Quform 2 is an advanced WordPress plugin that allows users to quickly and easily build multiple forms with total control, whether it’s a complex quote, booking form, or simple contact form. It features drag-and-drop functionality, one-click functionality, and compatibility with all major browsers. Quform 2 offers numerous features, including multi-page forms, edit entries, duplicate elements, submit button elements, unlimited emails, conditional logic on notifications, attachments to notifications, limit form entries, form scheduling, integration with other apps using the free Quform Zapier add-on, creating multilingual forms using WPML, confirmation system logic, RTL support, labeling system for form entries, trash forms and entries, migrate tool, performance enhancements, CSRF protection, Fancybox versions 1-3 and Magnific Popup, Kendo UI Timepicker and Datepicker, background images or icons on checkbox or radio elements, optgroups in the Select and Multi Select, side-by-side elements, column layout elements, export entries directly to.xls,.xlsx,.csv,.ods or.html files, 19 included element types, reCAPTCHA v3, hCatpcha integration, Cloudflare Turnstile integration, and browser autofill support. Quform 2 is fully compatible with WordPress 5.2 or later (6.4.x compatible) and includes 11 themes, 11 button styles, 3 label layouts, loaders, cool button animations, form colors, element sizes, custom device targeted CSS, file upload dropzone, FontAwesome, responsive columns, various radio and checkbox styles, Select2 enhanced multi-select and select, qTip2 tooltips, group elements, unique identifiers, and color picker.

The Quform plugin for WordPress is a robust, feature-filled, and easy-to-use form plugin that has received numerous positive customer feedback. It is considered the finest form plugin at the moment, with its clean code, customizable options, and superb support. The developers behind Quform are known for their exceptional work and customer service.

The plugin is compatible with WordPress v5.2 or later and requires no coding skills. The user reviews Quform’s support, which includes free lifetime plugin updates and 6 months of support. The extended license allows users to use Quform in larger stock items sold on Envato Market, such as included with a WordPress theme sold on ThemeForest.

Recent updates to Quform include compatibility with the Enfold theme, a subtle box shadow under focused fields in the React theme, a filter hook on default entry labels, hooks when Quform scripts and styles are enqueued, fixes for deprecated notices on PHP 8.2, form/entry table sorting indicators in WP 6.3, token replacers sometimes returning empty values, notification email table padding in some email clients, and duplicate form entry labels when a form is duplicated.

The plugin has been featured in Web Designer magazine, where it is praised for its ability to help businesses start with an enquiry and pay for itself over time. The plugin has undergone several updates, including compatibility with the Enfold theme, fixed deprecated notices on PHP 8.2, and fixed form/entry table sorting indicators in WP 6.3.

Quform – CodeCanyon Item for Sale – WordPress Form Builder
Screenshots from the Live Preview A Sneak Peek at the Video

Introduction in Quform 2 Open the Quform 2 demo. List of characteristics for Quform 2

The most sophisticated form creator
This is an essential tool if you use WordPress, need custom forms, dislike wasting time, or just don’t want to work with coding.
A comprehensive redesign has been made to Quform 2! We are pleased to finally share our concept for the best form builder for WordPress. We’ve taken the effort to make sure our plugin will satisfy the demands of our users, and years of feedback have shaped the most recent, improved version of Quform.

We appreciate you taking a look at Quform and hope you will use it for your WordPress projects.

Features of functionality
With the help of Quform, an innovative WordPress plugin, you can create several forms fast and efficiently while maintaining complete control. Without having to touch any code, Quform will enable you to create any kind of form—from a simple contact form to a sophisticated quotation or booking form. You’ll have a fully working form in a few of clicks. It really is that easy.

Drag-and-drop and one-click features, together with compatibility for all major browsers, make using the form builder a breeze. Both pros and novice users may find their desired choices and settings. Since it would be impossible to include every feature here, here are some of our favorites:

New Forms with Multiple Pages
fresh Edit entries
A new element that duplicates itself and a moveable element for the submit button
You may send new, unlimited emails with only one submission.
Updated Conditional Logic for Notifications
New: Include attachments in alerts
Fresh submissions in the Limit form
New Form Scheduling
Fresh Use our free Quform Zapier add-on to integrate with hundreds of other applications. Use WPML to create multilingual forms.
Logic of the new confirmation mechanism
New labeling system for form entries with support for RTL
Fresh entries and forms for trash
A new tool for migration
New Improvements to Performance
Improved CSRF security Supported for Magnific Popup and Fancybox versions 1-3
Timepicker and Datepicker in the New Kendo UI When adding background pictures or icons to radio or checkbox elements
New components that are side-by-side in the form builder and new optgroups in the Select and Multi Select
A new Column Layout component for intricate form designs
Fresh New 19 included element kinds; export entries straight to a.xls,.xlsx,.csv,.ods, or.html file
v3 of the new reCAPTCHA
Novel integration of hCatpcha
New Turnstile integration for Cloudflare
Support for autofill in new browsers
Make a form without any prior PHP or HTML knowledge!
Forms that respond
Form element drag and drop
Completely translateable
user interface that is simple to utilize
Examine completed form submissions inside the WordPress admin
Email the completed form’s data; use conditional logic to display or conceal fields
Form values dynamically set from the URL
uploading files, sending attachments, or saving files on the server (or both)
Examine while constructing
Progress of file upload
receivers that are conditionally configured depending on form values
Save form information in a unique database table.
Six optional filters to remove undesired data that has been supplied; fifteen possible validators to ask the user for certain information
forms for import and export between websites
Use the following five CAPTCHA alternatives to prevent spam: honeypot, image, hCaptcha, Cloudflare, reCAPTCHA (v2 checkbox, v2 invisible, and v3 supported). Turntable
Lots much assistance and backing
Fully compatible with WordPress versions 5.2 and above (compatible with 6.4.x)
Text Field Text
Email Choose an option
Check boxes
Buttons for radios
Multiple-choice File Upload
Name, Date, Time, and Password
HTML Concealed Captcha
Click the Submit button.
Layouts for columns
Features of style
enhancing the appearance of your form
The Quform not only handles the functionality, but it can also readily enhance the appearance of your form. The form theming system of Quform is unique. You have three options for themes: choose one of ours, make your own, or utilize someone else’s theme ideas.

The versatility of the Quform’s style features will not dissatisfy the more experienced user. Your form design is completely customizable, and there are many layout choices to let you customize it to your heart’s content.

There were eleven themes.
pre-made theme for Bootstrap
Make your own themes
eleven different button designs
three different label designs
Stacks of loaders
Awesome button movements
Form colors may be changed with ease.
Change element sizes with ease
Add a customized CSS device target.
Give components unique classes
Dropzone file upload
Contains FontAwesome
Columns that respond
Different checkbox and radio types
Select2 improved qTip2 tooltips for multi-select and select, with 12 featured styles
Assemble components for distinct areas or designs.
Manipulating an element is made simple by its unique identity.
Use a color picker to customize colors.
Client opinions
First of all, I have to admit that your WordPress Quform plugin is by far the best feature-rich, reliable, and user-friendly form plugin I have ever used. At any time.
Outstanding job with the Quform plugin once again. everything’s unbelievable how cheap everything was!
— Clydesanchez32

I think Quform is the best form plugin available right now: it’s completely functional, dependable, has clean code, is simple to configure, and has excellent support. I have the utmost regard and admiration for the way you operate; you are really doing things correctly.
— debelare

Fantastic plugin. Adaptable, wise, and excellent. The finest form plugin I’ve ever used, by far.
— JK Puck

Once again, thank you.fantastic app I just can’t believe how quickly and enjoyable you guys were able to turn the laborious work of form creation.enjoyable!

I always use QuForm since it’s excellent and ThemeCatcher’s support is excellent.

I don’t know where I would be without this form builder, so keep up the wonderful job!

10++ — zoot73

I’m here to inform everyone who reads this that, in addition to seemingly having everything you could possibly need for a very reasonable price, the individuals who created this form are, above all, THE BEST.

After using this form on a few websites, I expressed an issue one day with a purchase for another website and a recommendation the next day to make one of the sites I had previously installed’s software better. They got to work on the theme I was experiencing problems utilizing this product with and changed it so that this form application could function, in addition to telling me that the idea was already built in and how to utilize it. They could have simply told me that the theme was awful and that they should improve it, but instead they identified the conflicting code and fixed it, which has made me really happy and made working with them an absolute pleasure. I heartily endorse Quform, but I heartily endorse the people who created it much more. ten out of five stars!

This plugin is very amazing! It completes a great deal of the tasks we required for our project.

The assistance was similarly excellent. ThemeCatcher went above and beyond to assist us in further integrating the plugin with our theme. I heartily endorse ThemeCatcher’s plugins, including this one!

I have never purchased a better plug-in than this one from ENVATO! Experience is not necessary with the admin panel’s sophisticated and user-friendly choices.
— BusinessWdesign

We have high standards for the plugins we use. We are ecstatic that this is the best forms plugin we have ever used and have no negative things to say about it. I appreciate how wonderful you are.
— SovereignFilings

included in the magazine Web Designer
included in the magazine Web Designer

They continue, saying…

Every company begins with an inquiry, so if you can use a simple form to demonstrate to potential clients how effectively you will take care of them, you may discover that Quform quickly pays for itself—many times over. – Issue 208 of Web Designer Magazine
Support and requirements for WordPress v5.2 or later
Coding knowledge is not necessary:)
Note: Please let us know why you are not giving this product a five-star rating. Our goal is to provide you the best possible experience and maximize your use of Quform. Please get in touch with us if you need assistance.

We’ve produced comprehensive assistance throughout as well as comprehensive documentation to assist you in making any necessary adjustments to the plugin. If this isn’t sufficient for you, please use the contact form on our CodeCanyon profile page to get in touch with us if you need further assistance.

Licence Normal License
You can construct an infinite number of forms with a single license, but it can only be used on one WordPress installation at a time. Six months of support and free lifetime plugin upgrades are also included in the license.

Quform may be used in bigger stock items that are sold on Envato Market by any buyer of the Extended License (for example incorporated with a WordPress theme that is sold on ThemeForest.) For more details, refer to the theme integration guide.

An “Unlimited” or “Developer” license that may be utilized on several sites is not something we presently provide.

Latest changes (see all updates)
Note: For more details, check the migration guide and blog article. The most recent version is not backwards compatible with Quform 1.x.

2.19.0 – August 24, 2023

compatibility with the Enfold theme was added, and the React theme’s focused fields now have a faint box shadow below them.
Quform_is_uploaded_file filter hook was added.
A filter hook has been added to the default entry labels.
Added hooks for the enqueuing of Quform scripts and styles
Fixed PHP 8.2’s deprecated notice
In WP 6.3, fixed form/entry table sorting indications
Repaired the token replacer’s occasional tendency to return empty values when specific variables are utilized in the form.
Some email clients have fixed the padding of the notification email table.
When a form is duplicated, create duplicate form entry labels.



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