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Qixer is a multi-vendor on-demand service marketplace app that offers a variety of features to help sellers manage their services effectively. The platform has four home page variants, making it suitable for small, medium, and large service-based businesses. It is highly customizable and compatible with desktop, laptop, mobile, and major browsers.

The Seller Dashboard Info feature provides sellers with valuable insights into their performance, earnings, and overall business. This allows them to track their progress, make informed decisions, and optimize their services to enhance customer satisfaction and profitability.

The Live Chat With Buyer feature allows sellers to engage in real-time conversations with potential buyers directly within the app, promoting efficient collaboration and building trust. The Push Notification feature keeps sellers informed about important updates and events related to their account, ensuring they stay updated and can respond promptly to customer requests.

The Service Create feature allows sellers to create and publish new services, while the Service Edit feature enables sellers to make modifications to their existing service listings. The Service List feature allows sellers to manage and monitor their service offerings efficiently.

The Create/Remove Working Day feature allows sellers to set their availability for providing services on specific days, while the Create/Edit Working Schedule feature enables sellers to define their working hours and availability for providing services.

The New Available Job List displays a list of newly posted jobs sellers can apply for, while the All Available Job List presents all available jobs on the platform. Viewing job details allows sellers to make informed decisions when applying for jobs, while Apply To A Job allows sellers to submit applications for specific jobs or tasks.

The Conversation For Specific Job feature provides a dedicated space for sellers and buyers to communicate and collaborate regarding specific jobs or tasks, promoting transparency and effective communication. The Orders List feature allows sellers to track and manage their orders efficiently, while the Single Order Details Page provides detailed information about specific orders.

Qixer is a platform that allows sellers to manage their orders efficiently and effectively. It offers various features to help sellers handle order-related situations, such as a Wallet Info Page, Wallet Deposit, Subscription Option, Report List With Message With Admin, Profile Verify, Payout History, Request A Payout, Profile Edit, Password Change, OTP Password Reset, Account Delete, and 18 Payment Gateway support.

The Wallet Info Page provides sellers with an overview of their wallet balance and deposit history, while the Wallet Deposit feature allows them to securely deposit funds into their account. The Subscription Option allows sellers to maintain a plan for creating services and applying jobs, and the Report List With Message With Admin feature allows sellers to report any issues, concerns, or queries to the platform admin.

Profile Verify ensures sellers verify and authenticate their profiles, enhancing their reputation and reliability. The Payout History feature provides sellers with a detailed record of past payout transactions, while the Request A Payout feature allows sellers to request the withdrawal of their earnings.

The Profile Edit feature allows sellers to modify and update their profile information, while the Password Change feature allows sellers to change their account password. The OTP Password Reset feature provides a secure and convenient way to reset their account password.

Qixer also supports 18 payment gateways, including PayPal, Stripe, Cashfree, Flutterwave, Instamojo, Razorpay, Bank Transfer, and Cash on Delivery. The User Support Ticket feature allows sellers to create new support tickets and engage in chat-based communication with the support team to address their concerns.

Qixer, a multi-vendor on-demand service marketplace, offers a seller app called CodeCanyon.
Screenshots of the Service Marketplace mobile app.
Qixer is an on-demand service marketplace and service finder built on the Laravel platform. It offers four home page variants to meet the demands of anybody looking to display their small/medium/large service-based company website. It’s a multi-vendor service script; anybody may register and provide their services using this platform. It is very customizable and has a variety of fantastic features such as Drag & Drop Page Builder, Drag & Drop Menu Builder, Drag & Drop Form Builder, Drag & Drop Widget Builder, and many more. It is compatible with desktop, laptop, and mobile devices, as well as all major browsers.
Seller Dashboard Information

The Seller Dashboard Info function offers sellers useful insights and statistics about their performance, profits, and overall company on the site. This tool allows sellers to monitor their progress, make educated choices, and improve their services in order to increase customer pleasure and maximize profits.

Live Chat With Buyer.
The Live Chat With Buyer function allows sellers to have real-time chats with prospective buyers from within the app. It promotes efficient communication, enabling vendors to respond to customer queries, clarify details, negotiate conditions, and give individual support. This feature encourages effective cooperation, fosters trust, and improves the whole purchasing experience, resulting in improved sales and consumer happiness.

Push notifications for new orders, chat messages, job requests, order extra fees accepted/declined, and so on.
The Push Notification tool keeps sellers updated about account-related modifications and occurrences. Sellers get immediate alerts of new orders, buyer chat messages, work request acceptances, requests for accepted or denied order additional payments, and other pertinent events. These alerts keep sellers up to date, allowing them to react to client demands quickly, manage their workflow effectively, and provide a consistent service experience.

Service Create
The Service build functionality enables vendors to build and publish new services for the marketplace. Sellers may include service specifics, price, attributes, and other pertinent information. This feature enables vendors to demonstrate their knowledge, attract new clients, and broaden their service offerings in order to maximize their earnings potential.

Service Edit
The Service Edit functionality allows merchants to modify and amend their current service listings. Sellers may change service descriptions, price, qualities, and any other relevant information depending on their changing business requirements. This feature allows merchants to adjust their services to market needs, keep their listings accurate, and present prospective purchasers with up-to-date information.

Service List
The Service List feature gives merchants an orderly view of all their listed services on the marketplace. It enables vendors to manage and monitor their service offers more effectively. Sellers may simply access, amend, or deactivate services as required, ensuring that their portfolio is current and in line with their company goals.

Create/Remove Working Day.
The Create/Remove Working Day functionality enables merchants to specify their availability to provide services on specified days. This feature gives vendors more freedom in managing their workload and guarantees that they are accessible to supply services on the days that work best for them.

Create/Edit Work Schedule
The Create/Edit Working Schedule function allows merchants to specify their working hours and availability to provide services. Sellers may set a daily or weekly timetable, specifying start and finish timings. This tool enables vendors to better manage their time, communicate with consumers, and guarantee a seamless service delivery process.

New Available Jobs List
The New Available Job List feature offers a list of recently advertised positions that sellers may apply for via the site. It allows merchants to explore and discover new ways to extend their customer base and create more cash.

All Available Jobs List
The All Available Job List function provides vendors with a list of all the available jobs on the marketplace. Sellers may explore the job postings and apply for positions that match their skills. This feature enables sellers to actively seek for new work possibilities and optimize their earnings potential.

View Job Details.
The View Job Details function gives sellers information about a particular job accessible on the marketplace. Sellers may see job information. This tool allows sellers to make educated choices when applying for employment and guarantees openness in the hiring process.

Apply for A Job
The Apply To A Job function enables vendors to apply for particular jobs or activities listed on the marketplace. This feature allows vendors to actively seek work possibilities, increasing the likelihood of being chosen by prospective customers.

Conversation For A Specific Job
The Conversation For Specific project feature allows vendors and buyers to connect and cooperate on a specific project or activity on the site. It enables vendors and buyers to exchange messages, negotiate project specifics, send files or papers, and explain any job-related questions or needs. This feature encourages effective communication, transparency, and keeps all parties on the same page throughout the task process, resulting in a smoother and more successful cooperation.

Applied Job List
The Applied Job List function offers a list of the positions that sellers have applied for via the site. It offers vendors a consolidated view of their application history. This tool allows sellers to properly manage their job applications and remain up to speed on the status of their future career prospects.

Orders List
The Orders List feature provides merchants with an overview of all of their orders on the site. Sellers may see order information. This tool allows merchants to monitor and handle their orders more effectively, resulting in prompt service delivery and customer satisfaction.

Single Order Details Page
The Single Order Details Page feature allows vendors to see precise details about a particular order on the platform. Sellers may get order-specific information. This feature gives vendors a thorough grasp of the order requirements, allowing for more efficient communication and precise service delivery.

Order Cancel, Report, Request Extra Fee, Order Complete.
The Order Cancel, Report, Request Extra Fee, and Request Order Complete tools enable merchants to manage their orders on the site. Sellers may cancel orders, raise difficulties, seek additional costs for further services, and mark orders as complete. These capabilities enable sellers to manage order-related issues easily, resulting in easy communication and resolution with their consumers.

Wallet Information Page
The Wallet Info Page feature shows sellers an overview of their wallet balance and deposit history on the site. This tool provides transparency and allows sellers to keep track of their financial activities and revenues.

Wallet Deposit
The Wallet Deposit function enables vendors to fund their wallets from inside the app. Sellers may safely deposit funds into their accounts, which can be utilized for a variety of reasons, including paying platform fees. This function offers merchants ease and assures a smooth banking experience on the site.

Subscription Option
The Subscription Option feature enables platform vendors to set a limit on the amount of services that can be created and positions that can be applied for. A seller may purchase a subscription based on their needs and renew it along the way.

Report List with Message for Admin
The submit List With Message With Admin tool enables sellers to submit any difficulties, complaints, or questions they may have to the platform administrator. Sellers may provide order reports together with supporting messages that provide precise information about the unique scenario. This tool improves communication between sellers and platform administrators, resulting in rapid resolution and help when required.

Verify Your Profile
The Profile validate tool allows vendors to validate and authenticate their profile on the network. Sellers may be required to present essential documentation or go through a verification procedure to verify their reputation and reliability. This feature improves sellers’ reputation and dependability, creating trust in prospective customers and improving the likelihood of landing additional tasks or projects.

Payout History.
The Payout History tool offers sellers a full record of their previous payout transactions on the site. Sellers may access details about each payout, including the status, amount, date, and payment method utilized. This tool allows vendors to monitor their revenues and financial activities, which promotes openness and responsibility.

Request a payout.
The seek A Payout tool enables merchants to seek a withdrawal of their revenue from the site. Sellers may submit a payout request by describing the desired payout amount and chosen payment method. This option gives sellers more freedom and control over their revenues, allowing them to retrieve their monies easily and quickly.

Profile Edit
The Profile Edit tool allows merchants to change and update their profile information on the marketplace. Sellers may alter their personal information, add or update their bio, submit profile photographs, and make other adjustments as needed. This tool enables vendors to keep an up-to-date and professional profile, increasing exposure and attracting new customers.

Password Change
The Password Change function enables vendors to change their account passwords inside the app. Sellers may change their passwords on a regular basis for security reasons or to address any problems. This tool enables sellers to monitor and preserve the confidentiality of their account information, hence improving the overall security of their Qixer accounts.

OTP Password Reset
The OTP Password Reset tool offers customers a safe and quick option to reset their account password. If users forget their password, they may utilize the password reset method. The software delivers a one-time password (OTP) to the user’s registered email or phone number. After properly inputting the OTP, users may change their password and obtain access to their account, maintaining data protection and security.

Dynamic Language Translation.
The Language Management function enables app administrators to manage and regulate the languages offered in the mobile app. The administrator may add, delete, or change language choices depending on the intended audience and localization needs. This feature allows the admin to accommodate to varied language preferences and guarantee that the app’s content is correctly translated and localized. By adjusting the language settings, the administrator may ensure that the app’s content is consistent, high-quality, and relevant for the chosen language, resulting in a smooth user experience for users from diverse linguistic backgrounds.

Account Delete
The Account deactivate tool allows sellers to select whether or not to deactivate their account. Sellers may start the account deactivation procedure. This feature allows vendors to cancel their accounts permanently if they no longer want to use the site.

18 payment gateways are supported: PayPal, Stripe, Cashfree, Flutterwave, Instamojo, Razorpay, Bank Transfer, and Cash on Delivery.
The 18 Payment Gateway Support feature allows merchants to deposit funds into their wallets via a variety of payment gateways on the Qixer platform. Sellers may accept a variety of payment methods, including popular gateways such as Paypal, Stripe, Cashfree, Flutterwave, Instamojo, Razorpay, and bank transfers. This functionality benefits both merchants and buyers by allowing for smooth and secure transactions.

Support Ticket List, Create and Chat
The User Support Ticket functionality displays a list of support tickets inside the mobile app. Sellers may open new support cases to request help or fix difficulties, as well as communicate with the support staff via chat. This feature enables good communication between users and support professionals, resulting in rapid resolution of inquiries or difficulties.

Mobile App Template

Mobile App Template

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