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Product Likes nulled plugin 1.1.3

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Product Likes is an extension that allows customers to like products within their WooCommerce store, similar to social media likes. This feature allows customers to keep a list of their liked products for future reference and purchase, increasing sales and repeat customers. The extension includes a dashboard listing all products and the amount of likes, as well as allowing non-logged in users to like products.

Product Likes allows customers to like/unlike products, display a likes total on product pages, and view a list of previously liked products in their account. It also includes search, sort, export, and print functionality.

Customers can also enable liking for non-logged in users, with the option to enable likes for non-logged in customers. The extension also allows users to display the likes button as a heart, star, or thumb icon, or disable all styling to use custom CSS.

Example usage for Product Likes is Michael, who manages a WooCommerce store selling womenswear. He can enable customers to like products and keep a list of previously liked products in their accounts, which he can use to make recommendations on similar products for purchase.

Add like buttons to your store’s items, much as you would on social media.
We’re all used to enjoying stuff on social media, so why not add likes feature to your store? This enables consumers to like things and preserve a list of their preferred products for future reference and/or buy via their account, boosting sales and returning customers.

This plugin also has its own dashboard that lists all items and the number of likes they have, as well as the things consumers liked. Customers may like goods on product sites, category pages, search pages, and other locations. You may also enable non-logged in people to like things.

Continue reading to see why you should utilize Product Likes and what features are included…

“Lets our customers like products and allows us to see which products customers like the most,” said Peter, the owner of an eCommerce shop.
Why should you utilize Product Likes?
Allow consumers to rate and dislike goods in your business.
The Likes button is shown on the majority of pages/areas where items are displayed.
Customers may see a list of previously liked goods in their account and add them to their shopping cart from there.
View the total amount of likes for each product.
See which consumers liked a product; total amount of likes per customer; items liked by a given customer
Product likes data may be searched, sorted, exported, and printed.
Allow non-logged in users to like.
Icons of the heart, star, and thumb, or none at all
Disable style so you may apply custom CSS Buy Now Features Includes the following fantastic features…

Such like buttons
Like buttons are placed on goods throughout your business, and a total number of likes may also be displayed. Choose to show on product pages, product archive pages such as store, categories, search, and so on, as well as product blocks.


My profile
Customers may examine a paginated list of items they have previously liked on the my account page, and they can even add things to cart straight from here for rapid purchases.


Totals of products
Within the dashboard, you can see the total number of likes on each product in your shop, and you can click the total number of likes to discover which customers loved the product. It also has search, sort, export, and print capabilities.


Totals for customers
You may evaluate the overall number of likes by consumers on the dashboard, and you can click the likes total to discover which goods a certain client has liked. It also has search, sort, export, and print capabilities.


The visitor enjoys
Customers who are not logged in may have the option to like items enabled. In this case, the non-logged in consumer has a cookie installed to track their preferences while browsing your shop. Guest likes contribute to the total number of likes.


Similar to icons
The likes button may be shown as a heart, star, or thumb symbol. For a text-based link, there is also a none option. If you want to use your own unique icon, you may deactivate the supplied style and apply your own custom CSS.


Watch the extension in action…

As an example,
Michael has a WooCommerce business that sells womenswear; using Product Likes, he can allow product liking on his site. Customers may like things and preserve a list of previously liked products in their accounts as a result of this. These consumers may subsequently check their list of favorite goods and add to cart straight from their account’s likes page. Michael can discover which goods are the most popular and export this information to use when determining which new things to add to his product line. If a customer calls, he may rapidly learn which things the consumer previously liked and provide suggestions on comparable new products to buy.

Additional information
View the documentation for an overview of the settings, choices, commonly asked questions, and other information.
If you have any questions, please contact us and we will gladly assist you.
Starting Over
Purchase the extension
Download, install, and activate the extension in your WooCommerce PLUGIN store* Consult the manual to discover how to customize the extensionPlease keep in mind that every new extension should be tested in a staging/development environment before being used on your production website. It is also advised that you link your shop to your Woo account; this guarantees that you get extension updates and have rapid access to support.

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